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Phenergan ??????

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Has anyone taken this while they were pregnant? I had the flu and couldn't stop vomiting so I went to my regular doctor and they gave me phenergan in my IV. My doctor knows I am pregnant and so did all the nurses.......so I don't think they would give me anything that could be harmful to the baby. I am asking because I told my friend and she said that when she was pregnant she ask for phenergan and was told she couldn't take it because of the baby.

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Our doctors give it to mamas who are having problems with morning sickness or hyperemesis all the time. It is very commonly used to treat nausea/vomitting. Ideally no medication should be used in the first trimester. But when the benefit of taking it outways the risk, you're better off taking it. In other words, it is sometimes more dangerous for the baby for you to be vomitting excessively than any risk of taking the drug. And from what I know, Prenergan is safe to take.
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I've been dealing with hyperemesis... I was first given Zofran (in the ER, and then as a prescription), but it was giving me HORRENDOUS constipation (and my nursing toddler loose stools, ironically), so I was switched to Phenergan, after a lengthy discussion with a pharmacist and the nurse at my OB's office. Technically, both are class C, I believe, which means that "not enough research" has been done to determine whether they are safe. However, if you google Phenergan, you'll be able to see some of the preliminary research that has been done, and it looks good.

From what I understand, Phenergan is a bit "older" than Zofran, more is known about it, etc.

Unfortunately, Phenergan doesn't seem to work for me (it actually seems to make my tummy feel worse? : ). So I'm just going to take the Zofran when it seems like it's that or head to the ER. (I've pooped 3 days in a row for the first time in *weeks* and it feels great. )

I agree that sometimes, you're really between a rock and a hard place with the barfing and there are no easy choices. I hope you're feeling better.
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I took it during my last pg a time or two (suppository though). as far as I know it's safe during pg.

ETA- I did not know it was class C. but I know it's regularly given to pg women who have hyperemesis. at the time I took it I was about 12 weeks pg and was desperate to avoid being admitted to the hospital for dehydration (couldn't eat or drink for a few days) so it was definitly my preferred choice.
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Thanks ladies for the replies.......you really made me feel a lot better. I started thinking that I had done something that was going to hurt my baby.
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Rainbowmooon, I didn't know it was class C, either, till I looked it up. All class C means is that for pregnant (and I think nursing) moms, "not enough research" has been done. I think with everyone so paranoid these days about lawsuits, no one wants to find out which drugs are safe for pregnant women, nursing moms, and even babies.

My Phenergan has a big "don't use while breastfeeding" sticker on it, even though, as I said, I discussed the situation with a pharmacist and a nurse, they consulted the drug manual, etc. and decided that it was the best option for me to try next.

After a pretty horrific weekend, my m/s seems a tiny bit better yesterday and today, so maybe things are looking up around here.
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I took phenergan with my first pregnancy and again with this one. I prefer the suppositories to the pills because... well, if I need phenergan, I can't really take the pills. :LOL My BeanBoy is fine, and I think that this boy is fine too.
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I think the reason it is bad for nursing is because it can decrease your milk supply. It dries up everything (you may have noticed a very dry mouth and eyes after taking it). I've taken it during each pregnancy with no problems. I prefer Zofran though - as it doesn't sedate you.
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