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I keep forgetting to update this thread. 


While I had a pretty fast first labor without the tea, I had an amazingly and overwhelmingly short labor with my second.  smile.gif  I started drinking the tea very late into my pregnancy, but I drank a decent amount of it.  I really am thankful that I found this thread.  I know I am probably just prone to having fast labors, but I definitely think the RRL helped and I would recommend it to anyone.


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Ladies I can say without a doubt RRL is worth your time! Ive had 3 babies (ds1 is 15, dd1 is 10 and dd2 is 6 months) and I drank RRL tea through each pregnancy. You can drink up to a quart a day. Hot or cold, sweetened or not. Mixed with another tea if you dont like the earthy flavor or just straight up. The strongest brew would be a loose tea brewed and steeped over night in a sealed mason jar. Strain in the morning and serve hot or cold. You can also add nettles and alfalfa to it as well. All 3 of my labors were under 6 hours with less than a half hour of pushing. Continue to drink after baby is born to tone uterus and lessen bleeding. Best of luck to you all!

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Has anyone heard of taking Rasberry Ketone supplements? Apparently it has the same active ingrediant as rasberry leaf tea. I am thinking about ordering some and taking it pill form (250 mgs) . It supposed to also shrink fat cells. 

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Found a blog a while back about a mom who used 4 capsules per day of Red Raspberry starting at 32 weeks and then 8 capsules per day starting at 36 weeks!! And it worked awesome!! Great encouragment for me that Red Raspberry capsules work too if you take the right dosage!! She was taking tea and capsules






Red Raspberry

I honestly think this is the most important thing I took, if I were to choose just one thing to take in preparation for labor, this would be it. It prepares your uterus for labour and can help make your contractions much more effective. My contractions were not nearly as painful this time, which I can only attribute to God’s blessing and the Red Raspberry I took. The herb also has helpful vitamins in it and an abundant supply of calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese. It is reported to increase fertility, help relieve morning sickness (I haven’t tried it for that yet), reduce pain before, during, and after the birth, and even aid in milk supply!

My recovery has been far better this time around as well. I delivered the placenta just minutes after giving birth, my uterus clamped down and worked perfect, requiring very little massaging. My midwife was impressed with how well my uterus was working! I always have postpartum bleeding for six weeks afterwards, but this time it was only a little over two weeks. I did still have after pains that were hard, but they didn’t last the full three days like normal. I’m a firm believer now in the benefits of Red Raspberry. Writing all this out reminds me I need to stop and go make a cup of tea to drink!

Based on information I read from a study done by Blackmore you can take up to 4500 mg of Red Raspberry a day. I just used the Nature’s Way brand of Red Raspberry found at the health food store. Next time around I plan on getting the Beeyoutiful’s Red Raspberry capsules as they are all organic. I started taking the capsules at 32 weeks, taking 4 a day which was 2000 mg. When I hit 36 weeks I started taking 8 a day, which would be 4000 mg. I wasn’t religious about it, there were a few days I missed but for the most part I was faithful as I wanted to give this a good try. The thought of labour pains makes you more motivated to take a supplement as well. :) I plan on doing the same routine if the Lord blesses us with another child.

I also drank the Mamas Red Raspberry Brew from the Bulk Herb Store. I am not a tea lover at all, but I could tolerate this tea and actually enjoy it depending on how I made it. Sometimes I made the tea quite strong, so it was more medicinal tasting. Other times I made it according to the directions and it was more mild, and I didn’t mind drinking it. I drank it both cold and hot with honey in it. I did not drink the tea every day, which is why I went to the capsules. I think the tea is actually a better choice if you drink a lot of it. Knowing myself I went with the capsules for my main source of the herb.

The following recommendations are commonly found online:

Tablets: Take up to 4500mg spread throughout the day-for me I took four in the morning and four at night when I was taking the 4000mg dosage.
Teabags: 1st Trimester- one cup per day (it is controversial if the tea is safe to drink in the first trimester so I never have), 2nd trimester – two cups per day, 3rd trimester – up to 4 to 5 cups a day.
Tincture- The dosage depends on the strength of the tincture.





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I'm just a week and a half away from my delivery date, so I went out and bought some red raspberry leaf (organic) from the local co-op. I've been taking red raspberry leaf capsules for the last few weeks (not a very strong dose because I seem to get itchy for some reason while on them). I'm planning to take the infusion just before labor, so I'll let everyone know how it goes! :)

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I'm 26 weeks along with my first.  I drink at least one strong cup of RRL tea a day as well as a cup of nettle tea.  This week, I'll up the teas to 2 cups each, adding lemon to the nettle tea.  

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I'm 26 weeks along with my first.  I drink at least one strong cup of RRL tea a day as well as a cup of nettle tea.  This week, I'll up the teas to 2 cups each, adding lemon to the nettle tea.  

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It's Baby Time for me and I'm wondering, how much (in terms of volume or teabags) is 1 oz of leaves? I probably should have figured this out sooner...whistling.gif

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Originally Posted by eirual View Post

It's Baby Time for me and I'm wondering, how much (in terms of volume or teabags) is 1 oz of leaves? I probably should have figured this out sooner...whistling.gif


I think an ounce of loose tea is is about a cup.  I'm not sure how many tea bags to use.   The super strong infusion worked great for me.  Only four hours of labor and 15 minutes of pushing!

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I weighed raspberry leaves on scale and 1 rounding cup of red raspberry is 1 oz

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I'm glad this post was bumped. I'm planning to start RRL tea soon, (as soon as I can manage a drive to an herb store). Both my first and second labors were under 6 hours long, so I don't really want to speed things up. However, I did have a severe hemorrhage after my 2nd and I am hoping to prevent that this time!! I'm going to add nettle now and also take alfalfa in my last trimester. (Currently 18 weeks..)


Editing to add: forgot to mention I also am anemic during pregnancy and barely got my iron levels to the lower end of normal last time. This time I'm going to take chlorophyll in addition the Floradix. I'm also hoping to exercise more. Anything to have a safe labor this time!

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Been drinking RRL with Nettle, Oat Straw, Dandelion, and Alfalfa for a couple weeks now.  I am 27w and 3d.  Wondering now after reading a couple pages if I am drinking too much of it.  I drink 2 quarts of infusion a day.  I dont feel any ill effects from it though.  I like the tea way too much actually.  I use a cup of herbs per jar, pour boiling water over loose tea, lid it and leave it over night to steep then strain it and store in fridge and drink through the day.  It isn't bitter or off tasting like I would of imagined. 


Really excited about the posibility of RRL helping with delivery.  I had a planned c-section with DS and really want a VBAC this time.  Will try the capsules the last month as I have them already. 

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I drank RRL tea (brewed myself with loose leaves) at least 16 oz. a day throughout my second and third trimester. I ended up loving the taste and my midwife said I could drink as much as I want. I would not worry about drinking too much. I added a little sweetener to it and drink it cold. 


My labor (which is my first) was only 4.5 hours of strong contractions and 20 minutes of pushing. 

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I am now 18 weeks with #2 and have been drinking RRL on and off for a few weeks, but trying to get more consistent now.  I'm still not crazy about the taste, but a spoon of honey helps.  I ordered 6 lb from Mountain Rose Herbs and that is a lot!!!!  can I freeze it for the next pregnancy (probably in 2-3 years?)  I doubt I'll use it all as I do infusions.


I was drinking nettle and planning on adding alfalfa this time, but then I've been reading some info on how they are diuretics and should never be used in pregnancy.  Even my health food store says that nettle is used as a diuretic.  Anyone know anything more about this?

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I am expecting #5 God willing, close to 16 weeks now,


and  hoping to work up to 1/4 cup red raspberry daily steeped for 4 hours  


until 28-32 weeks  then keep upping it till I am at 1 cup raspberry for 1 quart water 37 weeks ect...

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How much rrl tea is in your box tea used for labor? The rrl tea i'm using is by traditional medicinals and has 1200 mg per tea bag. How many tea bags do I need? I also have tea bags of nettle that has 2000 mg per bag. Do you use nettle as well or only the rrl?

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You need 18 bags of Traditional medicinals to make close to 1 oz of leaf put that in 2 cups of water, let steep 30 minutes that is for labor

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Wow.  This is quite a thread!  LOL  I am in my 5th pregnancy.  My 1st labor was 9 hours, 2nd was 34, 3rd was 36, and 4th was 29.  I started thinking a few weeks ago that the only real difference between  the labors is that during the 1st I was faithful with drinking Red Raspberry- and I wasn't even drinking as strong an infusion as people here recommend.  By the last trimester of that pregnancy, I was using 8 RRL tea bags to make a gallon of tea, like I would make sweet tea.  So, I started a few weeks ago, 2 tea bags per 6 oz of water each morning.  My order from Mountain Rose Herbs came in yesterday, so now I'm steeping an infusion of a little over 3/4 c. RRL with a 1/2 c of nettles in a quart jar.  Planning to continue that through the rest of the pregnancy (I'm 29 weeks), and step it up to the labor strength infusion at 37 weeks.  Here's hoping for a MUCH shorter birth this time!

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I've been drinking RRL tea since pre-conception. It regulated my periods. It's supposed to help prevent miscarriage and give nutritional support as well as tone up the uterus. I have been drinking 2 cups a day of yogi brand - which has like 1800 mg in a bag. I will up it once I reach the third trimester to 3 and then 4 a day and then try doing the labor infusion this time around. I do think it helps. I took it with my last pregnancy and labor went well and wasn't that long. If I did the labor infusion, it maybe would have gone even better. :)

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Quantum Raspberry Tincture  - How much should I take daily, and how much at the third trimester?



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