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@newlypregnant You'll do great smile.gif Keep drinking the tea and thinking lots and lots of positive thoughts! Just know your rights in a hospital, be kind to yourself, and everything will turn out well. I'm thankful that I ended up going with a hospital birth due to what ended up happening with my birth. (Definitely not saying that other alternatives are bad—it just worked out a certain way for my individual path.) You're going to enjoy the outcome no matter what smile.gif
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I have made it into a sun tea and added cubes of fresh ginger and oranges to the jar and poured it over ice... it is much more palatable that way I have found. Coincidently I drank it regularly during my 2nd pregancy and it was my easiest delivery, by far.

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Hi, I'm so intrigued by this.  I'm TTC #1 via IVF and am currently waiting for AF to start the process.  Is there any time that is too soon to start the tea?


Thanks and happy baby to all of you!

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I'm 14 weeks pregnant with babe #2 and I've been drinking a cup of RRL tea here and there.  So far I just have the teabags from Traditional Medicinals.  I usually let it steep 10-15 minutes. 


After reading others thoughts on the taste of the tea, I'm wondering if mine isn't good - it tastes to me like a very mild black tea.  Like if you took your average plain tea and steeped it just a minute or two.  Not at all a strong flavor.  I did get the tea at a discount store, but the expiration date was fine.  I was planning to order some from Mountain Rose Herbs after I use the two boxes I bought, but now I'm wondering if mine isn't what it should be and I should just get rid of it?


I'd appreciate any thoughts...

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Mine only tastes bitter/strong when I make the actual labor drink (1 oz. tea in 2 cups water steeped for 30 minutes.) It's like the equivalent to putting 6 tea bags in your tea cup. When I use the same tea to make a regular cup to drink during pregnancy, it tastes fine.

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Sorry if this has been asked/answered.....


Where is the best place to order the bulk herb from?


Thank you!

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I get mine from www.mountainroseherbs.com .

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Originally Posted by andrea75 View Post

I get mine from www.mountainroseherbs.com .

I looked there but cannot  find just red raspberry. I am not looking for a blend.


Thank you.

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I just checked and I realized they don't call it "Red" Raspberry, it's just called Raspberry Leaf. You can look under "R" in the bulk herbs and spices section (it's the first herb listed there), search for Raspberry Leaf in the search or search for the botanical name Rubus idaeus. It looks like it's $9.00 for a pound. Raspberry Leaf is so light and fluffy that a pound is a pretty big bag.

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