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what is your baby's personality/ is s/he doing neat things?

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My DD is a grump!

But she rolled over before she was a week old (front to back). I think she will be a "superbaby." :LOL

She smiled her first smile yesterday (2 1/2 weeks).

Otherwise she is a sourpuss and still seems very annoyed about being "earthside."
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Hmm my baby just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.. tell me this is normal? he never cries unless he is wet or hungry.. I feel paranoid! all my other kids have been THE definition of "high needs" he literally wakes up.. eats passes out on the breast and then hes out again till the next feed.. he does have the odd awake time.. but is just quiet and looks around, he does respond if you talk to him ect.. he smiled the other day.. just seems QUIET... I am used to these kids that scream my house down!
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We have a a mirror all along the length of our changing table and Greer enjoys looking at herself during changes. It's very cute!

She wriggles and moves around alot more than our first baby too.

She also nurses like crazy for what seems like hours at a time (but then she sleeps for hours too, which is nice). She was 8 pounds when she was born, went down to 7 pounds, 9 ounces, and today at 2 weeks she is 8 pounds, 13 ounces.

Also, we can tell that she responds to people--she gets a little look of recognition when we get up close to her.

She's fussing, I better go get her!
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Oh yes I should add we weighed Mav the other day hes at 11 pounds now.. not bad I dont think he was born at 9'14 21 days ago.
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My ds is a bit of a grump, too! So much for my second one being the good sleeper and easier kid! LOL He's smiled a few times - he's got some great expressions and is starting to look at us like he can see us now. I forgot how boring the first month is! :LOL I feel like I'm waiting for him to do SOMEthing! Don't get me wrong, I love the cuddling and such, but I'm so used to having a 2 year old around that it's hard to downshift into newborn mode!
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Ian is very vocal, very loud when he cries. It actually hurts my ears. Like right now he has a bubble but I think it hurts me more than him! Gas doesn't make him smile, makes him scream. But hes so cute, he smiles all the time, since he was 2 days old and laughs! He laughs in his sleep alot. I wonder what hes dreaming about. He likes sound, he likes music and the tv. He'll turn his head to the sound. Hes pretty good at night but hes not consistent at all. One night will nurse twice the next every hour.

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Coren is a sleepy, hungry, curious, happy baby! He's been smiling since day 2 and laughs in his sleep. He's VERY animated in his sleep and pretty laid back when he's awake! :LOL He's very particular about nursing and pottying - if he's awake, he wants to be attached to the breast for the most part, and he hates being wet/dirty, which is why we're ECing (or at leat trying to! ).

Coren loves the water (he was waterborn, then the midwife floated him for a while using a technique to help him transition and to help his body adjust itself) and will sleep through a shower/bath or fall asleep in the shower/bath.

I have no idea how much he weighs - I guess we'll find out on Friday at our 2 week midwife visit. (He was 10 lbs 14 oz at birth!)
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Miles just sleeps and eats. He has one awake period a day and he is very chill. He even lets us set him down when he is awake if Maddox needs something. Very easygoing! My favorite part, though, is that he looks just like dh!
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He always has a goofy smile on his face. I know it's not a "true" smile, but he's definately feeling good when he does it!

For the most part he's a pretty laid back baby. He fusses when he's hungry (which is quite often) and when he's cold.
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Kate is just too much! Eventhough she has her days and nights a bit mixed up (last night was almost perfect btw!)

She likes to make her mouth an "O" like the gerber baby, and it is SO CUTE. I wish we could get a good picture of her doing it, I'd send it to gerber...maybe lol.

She adores baths and showers! When she was 2 days old she was really pissed for some reason, but wasn't hungry or dirty (maybe just tired) and dh and I really wanted a good shower. Plus little missy still had meconium on her. Turned on the shower, dh handed her to me and went to get towels and clothes for everyone, and I washed her....and she fell asleep!!!!!!!!! She also slept through her bath on Saturday!
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Gavin is mellow and easy. He sleeps a lot and is a very efficient nurser. He is curious and his eyes get huge when he has his awake times. Not much of a crier at all. He definitely has gas, but it doesn't make him cry he just grunts, squirms and makes funny faces. He has a very cute content smile and has quite the array of cute and funny/grumpy faces. Desmond has been very needy lately and it really helps that Gavin is so chill.

No idea how much he weighs now. He was born 7lbs 8oz went down 7lbs and was only at 7lbs 6oz at a 10 day old appt. They had him come back 5 days later to see if he was back to birth weight and he was up to 8lbs 5oz. Seems to have been growing well since then. Can't believe he's over four weeks old already!
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Emily isn't doing anything spectacular yet except for sleeping she is a wonderful sleeper. Nothing like my boys they were both pretty high maintanence this one is a lil doll absolutley perfect in every way I know I must sound like I am completley enamored with this beautiful little one........ Ok I confess I am just GaGa over her :LOL
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I swear Meilana really smiles! It's not just gas...she truly looks content. It just melts our hearts when she does it...

marsupialmama...I also have a sleeper. Shes out cold right now in fact and only really cries when she has gas. She's very peaceful.
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My girl still sleeps alot, though now that she is over a month old she has more periods of wakefulness. She loves to practice her smiles in her sleep. I love that I will get one of those smiles when I kiss her cheek. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She doesn't do any tricks for me yet, except be very protective of her soothie. She gets her hands up in front of it to protect it from her brother and sister. They like to steal it from her and that pisses her off.

Otherwise she is pretty much a very mellow baby. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she stays kind of mellow as she gets older since dd1 so isn't! :LOL
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Where's the jealous smilie? I was so hoping for one of those babies that sleep! LOL. Guess I didn't check the right box when I placed my order. :LOL

Anyone else's baby just make lots of noise? Not crying, but more moaning and groaning? Preston is so noisy, even when he sleeps, that I'm constantly checking on him and trying to soothe him before he cries, because I'm afraid that's next!
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Geoff makes all sorts of squeaks and moans in his sleep. When I see his legs moving, that's when he's also pooping or peeing in his sleep.

Of course, he's still sleeping about 20 hours a day, so he pretty much has to do almost everything in his sleep!

I'm glad for such a mellow child as DS1 is a bundle of energy. We had a rough time this morning when DS1 climbed up onto the change table, but fell down and had a bad bump -- while I was getting ready to nurse the baby! So Geoff got put down and had to wiggle and entertain himself for quite a while until DS1 was fully hugged and kissed and felt good enough to go and find the next toy to play with.

I'm afraid to jinx myself, however. The last time I posted about Geoff's great sleep habits, he then wailed for an hour that night and I still don't know why. (Could have been the raw garlic clove that I had eaten a few hours earlier -- I caught DH's cold and I'm trying to ward it off.)
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my baby sleeps! that alone brings tears to my eyes after my dd who was high needs in that department!! now she is an absolute angel in so many ways but it was tough times in the beginning. avram gets gas but that is the big issue and i KNOW what is going on so it makes it a bit easier. he goes to sleep pretty consistently around 9 pm. sigh. i know it will probably all change anyways but i am loving my mellow baby right now.

the other great thing is that i can put him down. he will sleep a bit on his own or he will sit in the swing and be content or sleep. i feel a bit neglectful but with a toddler i dunno what i would do if i couldnt put him down. i know, i know in a perfect world we just sling them all the time BUT he is heavy and my back is still sore from adjusting to nursing and co-sleeping. my dd could NOT be put down at all ever and then she started to crawl once we were able to put her down!!!!! it was exhausting. i have no regrets but i was going crazy trying to figure out how i would parent 2 if i had another babe like that so i am sooooooo glad everyday that he is different. i swear i almost cried on saturday when i had them both out at the italian bakery and sat and had a coffee and a brioche!!!!!!!! life is good.
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I have to amend my statement that my dd2 doesn't really do any tricks. She pulled them ALL out of the bag tonight!!! I swear that she is trying to catch up with my other kids. We put her on her tummy for a little bit this evening and she was scooting across the floor using dh's hands for leverage, she was kind of fussing while doing it though. That is because earlier dh was sitting her up in his lap and lifted her up to adjust her and she stiffened up her legs and was practicing her standing and walking. So I think I will have to keep a close eye on my baby girl so she doesn't think she is gonna start walking at like 4 months! :LOL
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My boys overall have been soooo good!

Byron looks more like a little old man and makes the funniest faces when he is awake. He is more neady and wants to be held more and never set down unless he is really asleep. He was 7lb 15oz at birth and today at 2.5 weeks he weighs 9lb 6oz.

Miles is a little more easy going and doesn't mind being set down as much. He loves to cuddle and be held also, but it is not in as neady a way as Byron. He was 8lb 2oz at birth and was 9lb 12oz today.

They both sleep most of time and almost never cry. They are awake from 7 or 8 am until around 12 and then sleep the rest of time except when they are eating. They both love to nurse and do it constantly and are both gaining weight so well. I am so happy they are gaining so well, everyone tells you you can not nurse twins without supplementing and there is just not much support for it and it is so nice to be able to tell people how well they are gaining and to see the doctor be so surprised at how well they are gaining. They have not really done anything too special yet, mostly just sleeping!
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