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emergency visit: UPDATE number #10 or something ;)

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been up all night with severe, stabbing pain all through my belly centered around my belly button. called the midwife's office when it opened to get permission to go to the hospital...I dont know why i felt the need to do that...but i am glad i called, because i can just go to her office instead, she said. she mentioned concern about the placenta, given the vomiting (which i assumed was from the pain) and the fact that the pain isnt in my liagaments only.

I did feel the baby move a second ago, but I cant get a heart beat on the fetalscope (no biggie, its kinda hard for me to get it anyway) sent dh to work, so am taking 2 year old with me..hopefully she will be okay. the midwife mentioned doing a nst (I dont even know what that is) and an ultrasound...a bit scared about what all that means, but this pain is so bad, I am getting scared. its not labor (I am only 35-36 weeks)

i just hope everythings okay. I cant leave for 1/2 hour so I am trying to distract myself...so please think happy thoughts
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Oh poor momma! I'm sorry you're in pain. I hope everything turns out ok.
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Oh...I hope you are ok...doesn't sound very pleasant.

A nst is a very simple thing..they basically hook you up to fetal monitor and see how baby reacts to contractions.

You are doing the right thing...better to err on the side of caution. Abnormal pain is not to be ignored.

I am thinking of you

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Hope all is well with you and the babe!
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i hope all is okay with you and the babe. i'll be thinking of you.
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Thinking of you, I hope everythings alright. Hang in there.

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Let us know as soon as you can.
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Oh, yikes! I'm sorry you're dealing with a scare. I really hope everything is okay. Please let us know as soon as you're able how you're doing!
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Hope all is well! Hugs to you, mama.
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thinking of you
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thanks everyone. that really sucked.

everything is fine, though. placenta is fine, baby is great....got in a tiff with an ultrasound tech. apparently she didnt appreciate me asking to cut the ultrasound short after she was done looking at vitals and started chatting up trivia about the baby, including telling me its weight (yeah, mine as well go to the carvival and have them guess, its just as acurate :LOL ) i told her i didnt totally think ultrasound swere safe. she got mad and said she has been doin them 20 years and she is fine. thats really open to debate :LOL

I mean, I am laying on my back, in tears (the pain was so intense laying down it felt like how I would imagine a c-sec without any anesthesia) and she is telling me my 35 week fetus weighs 7 pounds. ARGH!!

so my homebirth is intact. i just need to absolutely stop lifting (guess that 20 gallon diaper pail will be dh's job the next few weeks ) and bending. um, how is that possible with a 2 year old that needs (and deserves ) constant cuddles??? and I got a presciption for a full brace, but nobody had any instock. so I am searching ebay

i am so utterly relieved. and hope to never go into that place again :
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i'm so glad to hear everything is okay. sorry about all the pain though
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Glad all is well. Take it easy!
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So glad you're okay!!!
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What a scare!! Glad everything is OK.
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