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Sophia Rose is here too!

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I thought I'd be going way over my due date, but Sophia arrived only one day "late." It was an extremely fast hospital birth on Sunday night. Everything didn't go exactly as planned, but we got home today and I just can't believe that I have 3 girls now!!


Mom to Alyssa (5), Catriona (2), and Sophia (2 days old!)
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Post the story if you get a chance...welcome to the world, little Sophia!
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Congratulations! I love the name you chose.
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Congratulations! Welcome to the world Sophia Rose!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome Baby Sophia!!!
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Congratulations, Mama Marsha!!!

Baby Sophia!!!!
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CONGRATS MAMA!!!! I'm glad all is well. Can't wait to here the birthstory!!!
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