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Ultrasound today, they are talking induction UPDATE: NOW THEY WANT TO DO A C-SECTION - Page 5

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Mama, it sounds like you have made a thoughtful and informed decision about what is best for you and your baby. I hope you have a wonderful birth experience!
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You have made an informed decision, that's what is most important. You looked for the reasons why, asked for info, found someone to respectfully sit with you and discuss...and made a choice that is right you you.

Blessings to you as you become a family, not long from now!!
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Hi, as a fellow c-sec mom, I just want you to know that you can have a good c-sec. Please come check out the support thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=336680
Hope you have a wonderful birth!
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I wish you all the best. I'm glad that they waited until Mon. to schedule the section. Like you said, if it's meant to happen you've given her plenty of time to come. I wish you all the best and I hope you have a wonderful babymoon when your sweet little girl gets here!!
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I think if anyone were to say something against your choice, it would not be out of disdain for you, but out of concern. I, too, hope that it all turns out for the best and that you can come to a place of peace about your experience, whatever that may be.
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i understand your concerns, and you certainly have made an Informed decision, even if it is not what you wanted. I did want to reassure you that even a baby grown "extra-big" by diabetes can be healthy and happy, becaise mine is!! I have type 2 diabetes (PCOS-related) and i was completely unable to keep my sugars down during pregnancy (long story), and grew a quite big baby myself...only 9 poundsish, but a HUGE 15.25 inch head and even larger shoulders......but if it makes you feel better, this "huge" baby came out of little barely 5 foot tall me!! I hope all works out for you.
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Hopefully your feeling of peace and calmness about this now will allow your body to go into labor this weekend if it's meant to be.

I think it's very important to trust your gut feelings on this kind of thing. If you have a calm feeling, then it's good.

Wishing you all the best, and glad you got someone to talk to you respectfully!
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I'm glad that the doctor was willing to tell you his motivations and answer your questions. You might ask (in writing, in your birth plan, plus verbally to the surgeon right before the procedure) that your uterus be sutured with a double layer of stitches. This can increase your chances of a successful VBAC later.

I'll be thinking you, Mama. Come on, babyturtle! Time to come out!
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I am worried about the Friedman curve bit. It allows for very little wiggle room. If you do go into labor this weekend : then I wouldn't go rushing into the hospital with the first twinge!
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I will be thinking of you this weekend and on Monday especially. I look forward to hearing about you new baby - please share pictures if you are comfortable putting them on the web! Every birth-day is something to celebrate.
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Originally Posted by turtlewomyn

I find it bizarre that my baby would even turn breech now (as a poster suggested could be their concern), she has been head down for the past 10 weeks for pete's sake.
This is always a possibility until the head is well engaged. My Abigail had been vertex for 3 months and then turned the day my water broke. I had a c-section as she was completely transverse and there was no way to turn her after ROM. She was only 4 lb 15 oz and I could have freaking sneezed and shot her out if she were breech or vertex.

So there is always that possibility until engagement.
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turtlewomyn... your situation is almost IDENTICAL to mine back in April. When I read all of your posts, all of the feelings came back. I, too, consented to the Monday c-section. I then cancelled it, and eventually was sectioned that Wednesday. Like you, words cannot describe the frustration--pray, relax, walk. Whatever happens, it is your beautiful baby's birth. If the c section is what happens, do something nice the day before it. I did--took my older dd to the park, had a picnic, fingerpainted...I wanted to be able to remember the good day before my ds's birth--not all of the stress. I hope you go into labor. Peace in your delivery.
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Iansmommy, How big did your baby turn out to be at birth?

Turtlewomyn, I hope that things go well. I think that the main thing is to not feel like you weren't an active participant in making your labor decisions. I believe that I was so disappointed with my first labor b/c I felt that many of the decisions were made without adequately informing me of the consequences and reasons. Some were also made without my consent. However, it sounds like you are at peace with the choices that you have made, so I hope that your daughter's birth is empowering.
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ChristaN...my son Ian was 8 lbs, 7 ounces (long and skinny). I was coerced into the section with him--a VBAC attempt--because 1. his projected size of 10 lbs, and more importantly 2. he was 14 days past EDD with "nothing going on" with my cervix. ALL of my NST's were great. I caved because of the stress.
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Originally Posted by IansMommy
2. he was 14 days past EDD with "nothing going on" with my cervix. ALL of my NST's were great. I caved because of the stress.
Except that mine was only 12 days, I could have written this...

Best wishes, turtlewomyn...the important thing is that you're okay with this. I'm sending you labour vibes for this weekend, and if that doesn't work out, I hope your section isn't a bad experience for you.
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About the turning breech thing: I have read many stories about babies turning breech in times when mom's delivery is threatened, she's stressed out, etc. Your body will close up if you feel unsafe to birth and baby may flip out of a favourable position...
Of course, this is far from a clinical diagnosis, but it's something to consider.
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I'm sorry that you've been so stressed and pushed by so many in this process. I hope you have a good birth experience and come out on the other side still feeling like it was a good choice.
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I hope everything works out for you and you'll hold your healthy baby girl in your arms soon.
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Thinking good - hopeful thoughts for this mama today!
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