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What do I need?

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You would think that being a 2nd timer, this would be easy. But I almost think I have gone too far to the other side (as I was as a 1st timer when I *needed* everything) and feel like I dont need anything...

I *think* I need:

clothes for babe
burp clothes
birth kit and other supplies
postpartum pads

What else? Am I missing something here? :LOL
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Food is the only thing I'd add. We plan to make some lasagnas and stuff like that and freeze them.
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I have been told that saline for the sniffles is a great idea to have in the house for an infant, just in case they get blocked and therefore can't nurse effectively. Other than that, the only thing I can think of is rubbing alcohol and cotton for the little belly button stump....
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Possibly you've already got this stuff since this is your second, but I was told it's the little things you need more than the big stuff. Like emery boards, and your favorite remedies for dealing with diaper rash, colic, all the little stuff that comes up.

Baby wash if you use one. Hooded towels.

Arnica for postpartum recovery for you.

Self care stuff for any breast feeding things that come up-like you favorite herb tea, extra peas for engorgement.

Basically all the stuff you won't want to have to go to the drugstore or healthy food store for the first month or two after the babe is born.
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Diaper bag to carry all your goodies in
Bunting bag or jacket for baby
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The only things that are on my list that aren't listed on yours are:

a baby keepsake album

waterproof lap pads (the bigger sized ones) for breastfeeding while lying in bed at nighttime (my baby's always seem to drool and/or I leak & then I get this big crusty breastmilk puddle on my sheet every morning)

some form of birth announcement (I haven't decided what kind yet)

diaper bag (there are gazillions on Ebay!)

and I need more nursing bras & underpants that are, um, large enough, as in not a g-string, for a pad to fit in. That was probably WAY TMI.

Oh, and I'd also like a rocking chair.
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Thanks for the ideas mamas! I picked up some Arnica today as well as a gentle baby soap. I have some diaper creme leftover from when DS was in dipes (and that I have used lately on myself for this chafing : ). I have a diaper bag and a lot of the other stuff, since it is my second.

I'm planning on getting baby announcements from www.purplestork.com, as I love them so much!

Frozen peas for engorgement! Great ideas. I knew there were a bunch of little things that I would like to have on hand.
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I second the nursing bras. But how do you know what size you are before it's time?! I have no idea. I hated going out to buy one after the my last one was born.

I did find a nice nursing nightgown at the local consignment store, though. And I remembered how I lived in my nightgown for the first month...

A changing pad? And two covers for washing? We put ours on the floor and took it from room to room. I looked at the consignment store for this too but they were sorta nasty.
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What is arnica, and how would I use it? Sounds like maybe an herb to use on a compress?

And the peas? Like frozen in a bag to use as an ice-pack?

I feel like a dummy not knowing what y'all are talking about! :
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if you are into this kind of thing, we always get the older child a gift from the baby and the baby a gift from the older child
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I have arnica in a cream, and it's great for all sorts of aches and sprains. I'm not sure if this is the same thing that gonnabeamom is referencing...maybe the homeopathic remedy? What dosage?
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I bought the creme and the homeopathic remedy. I figure the creme will be good to have on hand with a daredevil 4yo and I will ask the MW for the right dosage of the homeopathic. I keep hearing good things about it, so I figured it was a good first step into homeopathy, something I want to learn a lot more about.

And the peas make a good, mushy compress for engorgement. When my mik came in with DS, we were back in the hospital because he needed lights for jaundice and I was so sore! The nurse made me an ice pack by putting ice cubes in a rubber glove. So I had two cold rubber "hands" on my breasts. lol
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I love this list and thread. The simplicity makes me sooo happy . And I'm humming that song from my childhood (can't remember who sang it)
All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, love in my family. (Plus maybe a carseat and some more diapers...)
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I am with you on the simplicity thing. I am a first timer and I have not really bought (or asked for) many things. Maybe I am being naive but I feel like as long as I have Love in my heart and a little patience, all the rest of my "needs" will be met. I am fighting off all my impulses to over plan for everything. It's hard when you're excited!
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I'm right there with you on the minimalist approach. I think it's making my Mom go nuts, though! And there are SO MANY products out there now days that, in my opinion, are just silly. (Sorry if I offend anyone in that statement!) I mean, come on, diaper wipe warmers? LOL I'm always amazed at what people are made to think the NEED.
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On the arnica, my midwives recommend 200C. And yes I meant the homeopathic tablets not the cream form although that's also good to have around. Arnica is good for reducing swelling and trauma.

I am torn between the minimalist desire to not buy or have other people buy things I won't wind up using and the desire as a first time mama to not have to go out and buy anything for the first three months. I generally don't like to shop and can't imagine it gets more fun with babe along.
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Originally Posted by gonnabeamom
I am torn between the minimalist desire to not buy or have other people buy things I won't wind up using and the desire as a first time mama to not have to go out and buy anything for the first three months. I generally don't like to shop and can't imagine it gets more fun with babe along.
We did the minimalist thing the first time around, and we were really happy with the results...i.e. lack of extra crap!!! Seeing as this child doesn't even have his own room (no nursery), I don't want it all over my room. Ben's mom's list sounds about right to me.

And you know, if you break down and decide you DO want to go all out and get all sorts of stuff, then there is always consignment store and goodwill shopping. I did buy a bouncy chair as a place to put the babe while I shower. And then I can not feel bad about sending it right back out into the universe whe I'm done with it, and make money back on it.
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My SIL is a VERY mainstream mother to my 17mo nephew. Four people had baby showers for her...WOW! I am lucky enough to see all of the USELESS things that are sitting around unused at their house and VERY fortunate to have 95% of the useful things passed down to me... Said and done, the only thing I'm REALLY needing to buy after the extremely gently used hand-me-downs and my showers is a sling or a pouch. That's one thing I'm having a tough time deciding on!!!
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I just discovered a used/consignment kids store two blocks from our new house! So if I really missed an essential, I know where I can pick it up. When I checked it out last week, they had several slings and carriers, and even a small stash of cloth diapers. Plus tons of clothes and all of the gadgets (swings, monitors, etc.). At least it's a short trip and not to the mall if I need to go shopping with a newborn.
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i would only add a stash of cloth diapers or towels for wiping up - well, everything! i always liked to have a couple decent ones for guests' shoulders!
i'm going to be ec'ing, i think, so i'm going to pick up a spray bottle for soap+vinegar+essential oil when things get wet.

also i think we need a nightlight, for all those baby changings - at least at first.

i'm making a wool changing pad, i was thinking i'd just throw a receiving blanket on top that i can wash easily.

happy preparing!
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