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ooh... a little night light would be really useful. DH can sleep with every light in the house on (!) but I would like to have a softer light for those late night changes. Once my eyes get undilated, I am a w a k e !
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What is Arnica??????????/

I'm with Amy on this post, I know I'm stupid, but what is Arnica?

Also, while we are at it.... What homeopathic oils do you grad moms recommend? I was at Whole Foods searching the essential oil aisle for Apricot and Tea Tree oil and I saw all these kid concoctions. Not sure if they are harmful/ok for newborn use.

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I'd also like to know about arnica.

Oh, we got dimmer lights for nursery and our room and I'm loving them already!

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I would get some afterease herb for your after pain & sitz bath if you want that too.
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