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? for diaphragm users

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Does any one still use these? I am seriously considering getting fitted for one, but had some questions. Have you successfully avoided pregnancy? Is insertion similar to a diva cup or keeper? How long does one last before it needs to be replaced?
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I used mine for 2 years I think...do you do a yearly exam? Always bring it with and the doc can give you a new one if needed. If you have used a keeper you will have no problem with a diaphram.
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I used mine for a little over a year and never had any problems. I didn't get pg while using it, and I know my cycle so I know we were bd'ing while I was using it. It was very comfortable--i couldn't feel it once it was inserted, and you leave it in for a while afterward so I could sleep in it and take it out the next morning.

It was great...I'll go back to it for contraception after we (hopefully!) have this kid we are trying for!
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We used one before our first (planned pregnancy) and after him for a bit. We switched because it was kind of a pain. I like to insert it before things got going not to break the the mood, however we called it the "anti-sex device" it seemed that whenever I "planned" we never got around to it

It was easy to insert no complications no unplanned pregnancies. It just wasn't for us.
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I used one for 2-3 yrs a few yrs ago. It effectively prevented pregnancy. A diaphragm with spermicide is actually very effective. A cervical cap has a much higher failure rate, but since birth control info often lumps the diaphragm and cerv cap together, it makes the diaphragm seem less effective than it actually is. I always double checked the placement after insertion. It is very easy to use but you do have to feel comfortable touching your body to use it. I had 2 bladder infections while using it so am a little hesitant to use it again.
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I would try out the spermicide jellies/creams that accompany them before taking the plunge. I went ahead with it and had a terrible reaction to the spermicide. I would buy some OTC and use a bunch of it (like you will with the diaphragm) to see if that works for you.
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I'm going to get fitted for one the next time I see my mw. And I'm thinkin I'm going to go out and buy a diva cup so I'll have lots of practice! :LOL
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Be sure to ask us if you have any questions!
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I have one. It fits so well that sometimes I forget that it's in for hours!
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