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Craving juice over water

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Any suggestions on how to avoid this? I know I am not drinking enough water....I have found myself really wanting juice, though. Even though under normal circumstances I am not such a juice person.

I am trying to drink spritzers (1/3 juice, 2/3 seltzer) instead. At this point I am not so worried about the calories--I probably should gain 35 lbs.

I am trying to employ my tricks from last time to make myself drink--I drink water that's cool or room temp, not cold. Whenever I realize I haven't in a while. But to be honest it was easier to keep track of when I worked at a desk and was not chasing a small person--when she's awake it is better to stay out of the kitchen :LOL
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I'm right there with ya. I normally drink alot of water all day long, but it just doesn't appeal to me right now. I'm sure if you are diluting it that its fine. I've found that sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon or lime (or a splash of juice) works well for me.
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Oh I can relate. I CRAVED juice every morning esp.. I had to have it. Maybe this sounds gross but I diluted juice, a little bit more little by little. By the time I had my baby (first baby in hosp. ) the nurse said "Honey, you can have the whole juice box" as if I was trying to do the hospital a favor or something to save them money. ?? :LOL I tried to tell her I actually liked it that way (by that point). You could also try freshly juiced fruit with an electric juicer so you can maximize the nutrition and get less sugar. The fresh is always less sweet even if the bottled juice says it isn't sweetened. Enjoy!
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I love juice...and right now i just want to drink sweet things. I need to go buy some more seltzer water....
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I am craving juice... but I noticed it is only at specific times, like when its been awhile since I ate or drank. At this point, I am just allowing myself to indulge. We buy the natual juices from TJ's so the sugar is just the sugar from the fruit- none added. And I am following the Brewer's Diet for pregnancy so natural juices can substitute for a fruit anyway.

Do you notice a pattern to craving juice? Maybe you can curb the craving by avoiding triggers.
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When I was pregnant with BeanBean, I craved and drank water pretty much exclusively. I couldn't tolerate juice, soda... nothing but water until I was well into the second trimester, and even then I was drinking gallons and gallons of water.

With BooBah, I craved lemonade and Tang. I didn't give in to my cravings early in the pregnancy, and I forced myself to drink water instead. Honestly, I think that the lack of minerals and sugar in my diet are at least partially responsible for my daughter's kidney problems today-- I craved all sorts of things in the first three months of that pregnancy that I denied myself because "I knew that they were bad for me" or whatever, and I think that I was wrong.

What I'm saying is, honor your cravings. You have them for a reason. If you don't think that what you're craving is what your body actually needs, think about what your body might be asking for-- sometimes you'll crave juice instead of water if you're constipated and need more fiber. Sometimes your body is just asking for more vitamin C, or it could be that you want more sugar. I always crave cranberry juice in the 48 hours before I'm going to have a UTI, and oranges when I need vitamin C. Figure out what your body wants, and then get it and don't feel guilty about that for one single heartbeat.
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In fairness though, I think we need to check ourselves on the "honor your cravings" thing just a little bit.

A friend of mine told me that her friend said "I only craved bread all day today. And yesterday all I craved was meat." She advised her friend that her body knows what she needs. Umm, I'm sorry but thats totally crazy.

Perhaps its not an issue for people who don't overeat at all and eat a completely balanced diet already. But in general, I think most of us crave stuff we shouldn't eat at one point or another. There's really no benefit to eating sugar for the baby. Or excessive carbs, etc etc.

My midwife limits juice because it has so much sugar (even natural juice). She allows me to have as much juice as the fruit I would actually eat. That means I can have the juice of one orange, but not two or five (which is very little juice actually).

The reason for that is, she feels sugar puts weight on our bodies and the babies. Her experience (over 27 years of birth) is that this makes bigger babies than we would actually have normally, harder labor, etc. Also, hypothesizes that we develop our habits early in life. That baby gets that sugar rush too and may develop a "sweet tooth" etc.

Again, I'm not trying to be anal here. My diet chart has been heavy on carbs because that eases the queasiness and my MW is totally great about it. Its all within reason.

But I honestly think we mamas have to check ourselves on the "my body knows what it needs" thing. I need to lose a few pounds, so that statement is definetly not true for me. My body thinks it needs a lot more than it does apparently!

My best friend was really funny when she was pregnant. Someone told her that her body craves what it needs, and she was like "well, right now my body is craving trans fatty acids so whats up with that?" HAHAHA.

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Yeah, obviously if all you want to eat is cookies and ice cream and Halloween candy, that would be a craving that is just your sweet tooth talking. :LOL

However, if you crave tuna fish, or steak, a glass of milk, salad, pickles...etc, those ARE craving you should think about. I have always had cravings, my whole life. I have gotten very good at knowing that when I am craving something, what that translates to. If you are paying attention, it is easy to figure out what is something your body needs, and what is something you really want and are justifying.

I never crave bread...ever. But I began craving crackers last week...needed more fiber.

Of course I also craved chocolate...no real reason - just really wanted it. And the small bit size halloween candy is great - just a taste!

A piece of candy won't hurt anything, the whole bag wouldn't be a good idea.
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I have to say, I do think our bodies have ways of trying to get us to listen, and cravings are one of those ways. Of course, everything needs to be kept in check, like some of the above posters are saying, but I do think we need to learn to listen to our bodies.

I too go through times of craving certain things, and when I look at them I see my body is calling out for certain nutrients, vitamins, etc. I drink *unsweetened* fruit juice, including calcium-fortified orange juice (calcium, folic acid, vitamin C), cranberry juice (excellent array of nutrients we are only beginning to learn about), and grape juice (ditto). Sometimes I dilute them with Gerolsteiner, a 'fizzy' mineral water with loads of calcium and magnesium. I know these drinks have calories, but I am not overloading my body with too many calories in general -- I think the juice makes up for some of what I am actually missing in my diet right now, due to my nausea and food aversions.

I don't drink more than 1 to 2 glasses a day, but I would if my body needed it, say like cranberry juice for a UTI. In her book about pregnancy, Peggy O'Mara talks about learning to decipher your body's messages and eating accordingly. I think it helps us learn about what our body needs, and that can only be helpful for pregancy, birth, and nursing. Just my 2c.
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hi, just popping in from another ddc. I wanted to say that we actually get much more water in our diets than we really know. There is water many of the foods we eat. Water doesn't just have to be taken in by drinking a glass of plain water. Drinking juice or milk in place of it is perfectly fine and it hydrates you just as well. All my pregnancy, I can not drink water. Only on occasion and only in little bits, but I will drink over a gallon of milk a day. yes it is very "excessive" but obviously my body wants it because it needs more than just water, it needs the calcium and vitamins that are also in milk. It apparently hasn't done me any harm either as my baby is very healthy and at 9 months (due in 9 days) I can still take my dogs for a 2 mile walk every day and laying down hardwood floors in our house. I really wouldn't worry about drinking the juice instead of water, you are still hydrating yourself plenty and if you are drinking pure fruit juice it will also have nutrients and antioxidants in it that are very beneficial to your body. I had a roommate in college who was a nutritionist, she always told me the reason why people are so much more unhealthy today is because of all the processed foods we eat, not because of fat, or carbs, or calories or any of the other things that are the new "fad" diets. Also the fact that we don't move nearly as much as we used to. Those saying that obviously their bodies can't be right in telling them what to eat because they are a bit overweight, I don't think it's your body being wrong, it's the fact that we replace what our bodies are really craving (something pure, meat, veggies, fruit) with something processed. (oh I want some meat, I'll get a hamburger) and that we aren't exercising enough in the day. Eat what you want as long as it's real food (don't eat processed junk except for on occasion if you really want it) and keep moving as much as you can even when you think you're too tired or too pregnant. A walk always makes me feel better espically when I don't feel too great to begin with. Have a healthy pregnancy!
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I crave juice, too. Actually, I crave soda ALL THE DING DONG TIME! So, I am pretty reluctant to believe that you should always honor your cravings. I mean, I know my body does not need soda! It is funny because I never drink this stuff normally. I never, ever drink juice, but during this pregnancy, I have allowed myself a small glass every morning. I have also been drinking sparkling water with a tiny bit of apple juice to stave off the soda cravings.

I also want cold, icey water and drinks. I have to have ice in all my drinks, which I don't normally want. For some reason, room temperature water makes me gag.

I realize now that I craved juice, soda, and icey things when I was pregnant with DD, too. I never thought it was related to pregnancy, though. Because I spent my first trimester traveling in Europe, I thought I was just being a spoiled American, wanting ice in my carbonated drinks, lol! Now, I realize it was pregnancy! Too funny.

Another craving I have is for pickles, marinated artichoke hearts, and green olives. Yum!
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Originally Posted by BethSLP
In fairness though, I think we need to check ourselves on the "honor your cravings" thing just a little bit.
In all fairness, I think you need to read my entire posts before you respond to them. It's extremely rude, the way you snatch on to individual phrases in my posts without reading the rest and then you twist my words and draw all sorts of conclusions about what I said which are only vaguely (if at all) based on my actual posts. I'm tired of it, and I will not put up with it any more; it's a violation of the user agreement to attack my writing just because I irritate you for some reason, and it raises my blood pressure. In future, before responding to anything that I've posted please read the entire post. If you just want to attack anything that I have to say, you can do that via PM where it belongs.
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I have craved juice during this PG, and especially right after having my DS. I believe in (within reason) giving into cravings, and that truly listening to one's body rarely leads one astray. I feel as though I crave (or have aversions to) things because my body is lacking (or shouldn't be having) these things.

The important thing to remember (and how to avoid 'extra' consumption) is to make sure one's cravings are replacing other foods in the diet, so that there is no net gain in the amount of food (or calories etc..) that one has in a day.

Of course, I also believe there is a fine line between cravings and 'desires' - it's those 'desires' that we'll all wear on our hips long after the babe is out of the uterus!!

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I drank a ton of celestail seasonings fruity teas in my water early on-- that helped the juice craving. now, all i want is ice cold water.

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Originally Posted by eilonwy
What I'm saying is, honor your cravings. You have them for a reason. If you don't think that what you're craving is what your body actually needs, think about what your body might be asking for
I agree with this. With DD I craved seltzer water with lemon. With this pg I am drinking watered down juice and watered down sports drinks. Not something I would normally do but I just can't keep down water. I take a sip and it comes right back up. And unlike with DD, at 12+ weeks I still haven't gained any weight. I think my body just needs it.
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I normally drink about a glass of juice a day, but this pregnancy I crave juice all the time. I've been trying to eat fresh fruit a lot instead of just the juice to get the added fiber and add seltzer as well to my juice. All I wanted was water with ds.

Originally Posted by eilonwy
What I'm saying is, honor your cravings. You have them for a reason. If you don't think that what you're craving is what your body actually needs, think about what your body might be asking for-- sometimes you'll crave juice instead of water if you're constipated and need more fiber.
I totally agree with this. I had posted on another thread about craving chocolate, which I don't normally eat, I'm just not a chocolate person. Someone else suggested that craving chocolate may mean that I'm in need of calcium, which started to make sense, because I used to eat a LOT of yogurt and cheese at the beginning of the pregnancy, and now I don't eat it at all and have been craving chocolate. so, I started taking a calcium supplement and no more chocolate cravings.
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With both of my dd's I craved a bottle of oj and a small bag of Lay's Potatoe chips everyday at noon. If I didn't get it before or exactly at noon I was naseous for the rest of the day. I have been very thirsty for water, but only really cold water. I drink a lot of Orang&Spice non-caffine hot tea with a package of Splenda. It replaces my coffe fix which was two cups a day. I usually give into cravings because they don't last very long. I've never over done it on one thing all day. I think my babies are like me and just like a variety of foods.
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