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Who is pre O????

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I checked the december 2ww thread and everyone seems to be waiting for af. I'm cd 6 today. The good news is DH is on vacation until after the first, so lots of time for fun, he he he.

I know I can't be the only one in the follicular phase????

chime in girls!!
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cd 12 here! I keep peeing on those darn opk sticks, thinking it should be any time now. Maybe tomorrow....
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I am I am! Day 22 here! Wish I would hurry up and O! I've been having EW off and on for over 8 days now, and I'm so confused (and sore!). I think my body is still getting cycles back normally (I had norplant removed in August) so my eggies just don't seem to be dropping as soon as I'd like um too! But we keep on going and trying
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can't wait to O!!!!!!!
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yeeee haaaa I know I couldn't be the only one!!!!
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CD 2 here. AF showed up yesterday morning. I'm going to have a few drinks, then get down to business in January. No more of this once a month sex thing!
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Just popping in to say....

Let those eggs drop, submerge yourselves with sperm!!!!

Thinking about you all.

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It's cd 5 for me. I can't believe I feel so happy about it. Maybe it's that holiday spirit or the fact that I'm finally done with finals, but I'm all recharged and ready for the games to begin!

Magical Holiday Babydust to all!
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CD 3!!!
I just got through a very long (85 day) anovulatory cycle, had to take progesterone to jump start AF.
Well, she finally arived. Never thought I would be so excited to see her.
Baby dust to us all!!
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CD 3! Hoping for that new year baby!
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I am CD 18 here. It is my first cycle charting and it is driving me crazy waiting for that temp. increase.
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is anyone elses temps super high this cycle???? I am typically 97.3 - 97.5 pre O, but I've been 97.8 - 98.2 this time. Really wierd. I haven't been sleeping with the fan on as usual, but didn't think that would boost me so high. I'm not sick, and haven;t raised the heater in the house.

btw, cd 10 today
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Yup really high temps here too (with or without fan) I usually O when I get over 80 but this month I've been consistantly in the 80's since my period. Day 26 here and still no O! Latest I've gone is day 29 so hopefully it will show soon. Wonder why I got such spiffy EW for DAYS earlier... guess my body was ready to O but didn't for some reason...
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CD 13 and counting
Last month EWC on 13 and I think o between day 14-15 hoping for the same this month!!!
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Go zac'smom!!

cd8 here.
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Well I am now. Cd 1 here....here we go again.....
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Hello, I thought I would join the group this month.
CD 5 for me
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