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cd 18! It's been a couple of days since bding for me! Gotta make some romance today with dh!! Don't want to miss it. Good luck ladies!!
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CD1 for me. This month doesn't look good for me because DH has to go out of town on O day. So I am just hoping for an early O.
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Just wanted to put my 2 cents in - cd8 for me. I can't wait to O! Bring on that baby dust!!
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cd9-all ready to begin the dance again-
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CD16, still waiting for my eggie!!
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CD12 for me. I usually O between cd 13 and 15 so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! This is my first cycle after m/c but so far everything seems normal.

Arduinna - I noticed my temps got higher once the cool weather set in and we needed the goose down comforter and flannel sheets on the bed. Everything moved up a few tenths of a degree but still had the same pattern as other cycles. Don't know if maybe that is a clue to your higher temps.

Baby dust to all!
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cd-8 on our first round of ttc
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CD14 I usually O on CD15 so I hope, hope, hope I do.
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CD11 but I think I may have O'd yesterday : which seems too early, last month I didn't O until cd 13... My cycles have been so off since I went off the pill though and I haven't been temping, I just get a bit achey on O day. I'm going to wait a couple of days and if I don't get O cramps then that was it!
Of course, I keep telling myself I am not going to obsess about it this month :
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Originally posted by sarolu

Of course, I keep telling myself I am not going to obsess about it this month :
You and me both!!:

It is so hard not to obsess though, isn't it? Good luck!
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It is SO hard not to obsess!! Especially since if it doesn't happen this month we wont get another chance until March
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Well, here it is CD 24 and still no temp shift. I thought I O'ed on CD 21 or 22. I had EWCM and the cervix was soft. Still waiting for temp to go up. I'm worried I'm going to have another anovulatory cycle. Maybe I'm just a little stressed. I hope I O!
Y'all keep your fingers crossed for me, hope to see you in the 2ww soon.
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CD16 and dh returns tonight after two weeks away for work. Woo hoo!
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I am here. cd 14....hopefully will o on cd 18 - lke last cycle. But could be as late at cd 32! So who knows. I am waiting to see! I have high hopes for this cycle. I feel calmer and like I am ready to do this! results of dh's 3rd sperm analysis come back tonight, so that will be interesting!! good luck to all!
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I'm back! CD7 here and the box of OPKs are in the cabinet. I know it sounds wierd, but I was kind of glad I didn't get pregnant last cycle. It was my first cycle after the miscarriage and I don't think I was ready.

Keeping everyone in my thoughts.

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CD10 on a very short cycle so this weekend is BD time......


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I'm back again cd12 for me. This is only my second cycle after mc and af showed up a couple of days earlier than usual (before mc) so I am not too sure about my cycle these days. It has always been every 28 days exactly! I am not charting my cycle but no signs of ewcm yet. Any day now...
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CD 13 for me, and I'm getting that lovely egg-white cm! So I think it will be soon. Time to put the baby to bed early!
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still here - nothing so far. wondering what is up with this cycle. no ideas really.....on cd 24. which means a long cycle again. they were getting shorter and i loved it. ugh. next month i think is clomid beginning month.
must make an appointment with a doc. icky.
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AF showed up today, so here we go again, cycle #18.
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