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What is everyone doing?

I took figure skating lessons all last year (and did sporadic ballet/elliptical training), but stopped when me moved in early July. I feel like I'm pretty out of shape right now--it's been three months since I exercised regularly--but really want to start exercising again to help me through pregnancy/labor.

I'm thinking of starting with some walking, light weight training, and maybe a little ballet here and there (I mostly just do ballet exercises/stretching at home, not full out dancing).

Anyone have fun activities to try that are good for the first trimester, especially if one is not, ahem, as fit as usual?
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I go walking whenever I am not to sick. Pilates is really good excersize for pg women.
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I love yoga, though at the moment if I do too much, I get overheated. Bleh. There's a great site on women's weightlifting here, including a section on weightlifting while pregnant.
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I am trying to do a lot of walking too. . . I have let my life overwhelm me a little bit the past few months, so I haven't exercised as much as I would like. I also have a couple of videos coming - Prenatal yoga and a prenatal workout. I really want to strengthen my abs (safely of course) because my muscles separate during preganacy and I'm afraid a third pregnancy is going to leave me with a flabby tummy. Hoping the prenatal workout video I bought will help with abdominal strength.

I definitely recommend yoga (I've heard Pilates is great too - I just have never tried it). I have one prenatal tape from last pregancy and the stretching makes me feel wonderful!
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Yoga is amazing, what you need to do to stay centered and strong in hard poses is exaclty what I need to do to get through labor contractions. Plus yoga is really fun and relaxing and makes your body feel great.

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I'm going to continue working out at Curves 3x a week.

It's hard for me to get much exercise otherwise in the wintertime and there's no malls or anywhere to walk indoors around here. I was in the habit off walking the kids to the library and stuff on my in-between-workout days until it got really humid and I may try to get back to doing that once or twice a week again now that the weather is a bit better. I think it could be pretty tiring pulling a wagon with 60lb of kids in it while pregnant for the 24 blocks round trip though.
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I walked 3 miles 5x a week all through my last pregnancy and it really made a difference. I also did some light weight training on the machines at the YMCA. I plan to do the same this time around although I'm feeling too sick right now to do much of anything. I'll get back to the gym regularly when the m/s wears off.
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I have been feeling too crappy to do much of anything - but I have been walking and occasionally lift weights. I do plan on returning to the gym when I feel better though.

My friend SWEARS by yoga - I bought the Yoga pregnancy DVD from amazon so I look forward to doing it.
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The easiest way to get excercise by walking, is to not own a car in a town with a not-very-good bus system. Ask how we know! I average 3-5 miles daily.
(p.s. if you would like to try my awesome excercise plan, I will keep your car here so it doesn't tempt you while you do)
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I'm with you luckylady, I was exercising on our elliptical machine almost daily. Now at best I can manage 20 minutes at a time and I haven't been able to do that in the last 10 days or so. Hopefully when this ends I can get back to it. And with cooler weather coming, maybe some outdoor walking.
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I'm a runner who is currently doing NO exercise because of my really low progesterone. This happened with dd also, and I began swimming around 1 mile/day and walking 2-4 miles/day during the second trimester (after the placenta took over prog. production). It was wonderful; I credit both for my stamina during dd's birth.

I've also picked up yoga and pilates and plan to try both this time around. I can't find any good prenatal yoga or pilates classes around here, so if any of you have videos that you just love (I think there was another thread on this...), please share!
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I've been looking for good prenatal yoga cds too. Maybe I'll toss up a post and see if anyone knows.
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Originally Posted by boingo82
The easiest way to get excercise by walking, is to not own a car in a town with a not-very-good bus system. Ask how we know! I average 3-5 miles daily.
(p.s. if you would like to try my awesome excercise plan, I will keep your car here so it doesn't tempt you while you do)
:LOL Small town, and I've never tried the bus system here but I can only imagine. That would be one good way to get exercise, but I wouldn't get anything Organic anymore except carrots, celery and salad in this town- oh and severely overpriced organic but homogenized milk.
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I am still running....for now. If the all day sickness kicks in I may have to switch to walking.

I was thinking of taking a prenatel yoga class a little later on. There is one at the yoga studio I go to sometimes and it looks interesting. Has anyone ever done one?
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I was doing a deep water aerobics class right before getting pg, but haven't gone back. Need to . . .
I was also doing ballet up until May, when the chiro told me to stop for a while and I just haven't picked it back up again. Then I let my loss of "fitness" stop me. . . Gotta just plunge in again, yk?
With how sick I'm feeling, though, I think walking might be the most I can handle. I haven't been doing too well with that, either.

Good luck to us all, ladies!
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we walk

We walk and bike a lot, but have not been biking since we found out we are preggy, it does not feel safe... I have a road bike and I am a klutz and not great at biking...
So we walk and walk and walk. I am going to keep up babywearing, a great weightlifting routine
I am looking into yoga, I have never doen it before, but I think it would help me to get more limber.
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