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Dr. Hale needs research subjects! - depression

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PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY - posted on behalf of Dr. Hale

I have a large Antidepressant Survey underway on my website. I'm trying to learn about side effects and neurobehavioral outcome in women who have not, and "have" used antidepressants. It's an online survey (IRB approved) with about 56 questions. Do you think you could help advertise the website address? We need thousands of assessments so we can try and determine outcome in exposed and nonexposed infants.

Take a look and let me know. http://neonatal.ama.ttuhsc.edu/lact/...pressant_.html

Tom Hale Ph.D.
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He's only looking for moms who are breastfeeding INFANTS- right? They're not studying the effects of Prozac on 46mo nurslings, are they?
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done always happy to put my experiences to good use
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I filled it ou as a mom who never took antidepessants, bu I thought some parts were cpnfusing. It asks how many babies you've bithed, but then only has you fill out the suvey fo 1 child. And then the questions seem to be fo kids over a year old or school age. I started filling it out for my nb, but when I saw the weight question, I went back and put in ds2's info, cuz I ermember his weights. But then the suvey also asks ?'s that ae applicable only to school age kids. It would have been much easier if it had said WHICH child was preferable if you had more than 1. Cuz obviously my most recent wasn't preferable since all the ?'s would have been N/A. um, oht, obviously
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I was going to answer this for my 2 year old, but looking at the questions I should answer it for my 6 year old.
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Ugh, too confusing. I have a hard time with the once daily, once type of questions, but then it asks when my child spoke. The option is 10-12 months and then doesn't speak. My child didn't start speaking until after a year. Maybe they think I'm answering this survey about an infant, but then there are all the school aged questions. Hmmmm. I guess I'll leave the speaking one blank.

OK, I came up with answers, submitted it, and there was a problem. Something with range of values, but then in the url it said question 21. Hmmm...
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OK, I filled it out. Some of the "school aged" stuff does apply to him since he's in preschool. Also, unlike some other studies I've seen, they didn't "kick me out" of the study for having an "infant" over 12 months of age!
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It's not a very well thought out survey. They questions don't really make sense.
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