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What is the worst/dumbest thing anyone has ever said to you about parenting stuff? - Page 3

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Originally posted by gurumama
She asked me how far along I was and I told her 6 months. She looked at my belly, looked at her daughter, and said to us both (imagine the tone here...), "Oh, I was never that big with either of my babies, even on the day I delivered."

that's terrible!!

But you know, I gained over 40 pounds with dd.. and I love telling people that - it shocks them and gives me a laugh. I watched my diet really well - healthiest 9 months of my life, exercised, etc. dd was 7 lbs 1 oz. and I'm a pretty small person - 5.4-.5 and about 120-5 pounds right now

I think big pregnant women are beautiful!! If I saw you at that time, I'd probably say something along the lines of "you look so gorgeous, I remember when I was pregnant with dd" with a wistful look on my face

sorry, OT.. I just hate it when people (and especially women) make hurtful comments towards mamas and mamas-to-be
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o.k...I'm gradually adding mine, lol

when I was pregnant I gained 41 lbs. One of the midwives kept telling me that I was going to have a HUGE baby, and that I might never lose the pounds from it. I even ended up crying in her office once!! (she was the only bad midwife out of a WONDERFUL team of 3). WELL, I ended up giving birth to a 6lbs 12oz little boy and he's now 4 months old and I'm 5 lbs UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight! (and no, I haven't been dieting or really excersising at all)

the other day I was at my g'ma's house helping her do stuff and I had Noah in the sling. She asked me if I had a one of those front pack carriers. I told her that I have one but the few times I've tried it, it just kills my back. Then she looked at me and said, well you should really use it because the sling is going to hurt your back real soon and you're gonna regret using it. (did she not just hear me?!?)

When the "sperm donor's" mom told her son that I wasn't having noah circumcised, he called me (from Illinois, and I'm in fla) and asked why and when I told him, he kept saying, "NO, I'm gonna get him circumcised, and that's final, blah, blah, blah..." I asked what his reasons were and he said "It's disgusting...it looks so gross." To which I replied, "and you plan on looking at it from Illinois?"

some people are so stupid!
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Re: o.k...I'm gradually adding mine, lol

Originally posted by Blessed81902
... I asked what his reasons were and he said "It's disgusting...it looks so gross." To which I replied, "and you plan on looking at it from Illinois?"
BOO-YAH! Good reply!! where's the high-five emoticon??
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This comment was made by my Dh's grandma (the one I don't care much for) at a family Christmas party last weekend~ I was nursing my 13mo DD very discreatly (nursing shirt on and everything) in the front room where everyone was

"Well, my mom nursed her kids untl they were 9mo, and I nursed my kids until they were 9mo....and there is nothing wrong with them"

SO?!?!?!? What I really wanted to say was "well, let's see....your 50ish daughter has been on her death bed for 10+ years now, most of your kids are morbidly obese, and have various medical problems including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure...and all of them have been in the hospital at one time or another for serious illnesses....yeah they are fine aren't they??????
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chi-chi mama--thank you! I hate hurtful comments about weight too, and I think pregnant women look beautiful. Plus, in the end, I squeezed out an 8 lb. 10 oz kid--all natural, to boot!

rwikene--you could also say, "well, if they were breastfed that long and there's nothing wrong with them, then the longer I breastfeed my child, the less there will be wrong with him. Isn't that great? Thank you for clarifying that for me!" with a big old smile on your face--but the kind that doesn't include your eyes.

and good for you for not hiding while bf'ing! I think of my public bf'ing as a quiet lesson I'm teaching the world. My nieces (8, 10, and 11) and nephew (6) see me nursing all the time--I even squirt them with milk from across the room sometimes (it's a great party trick for little kids. they love it!). I hope my nieces are growing up to see that mothers nurse babies beyond 6 months, and that it's a natural thing to do.

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I just love these stories. I hope that you ladies will keep posting them. We don't have babes yet, but I do have a pregnancy comment from my 84 year old auntie:

"Well, I hope that you're not going to do all of *that* breastfeeding all the time like your mother did with you kids."

Why did we turn out bad? Her kids are very strange and non-nurturing, by the way.

My aunt was *constantly* on my mother's back to wean us when we were babies. We weaned when we wanted, most of us at about 3 years old! And my mother *never* was embarrassed about it, either. She would just tell my aunt, well, I am going to feed so and so now. And that was that.

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OK, granted I am not skinny by any stretch of the imagination. With that said, my MIL said right after DS was born:

are you sure you want to b-feed? obesity traits can be passed on through b-milk!!!

me OMG! you are so RIGHT!!!! Hopefully the higher than average intelligence will be passed on as well!!

I could really get going on this one. DS was exclusively b-feeding, MIL came to visit when he was one month old. I find her on the couch in the living room, w/ the baby, feeding him a WATER BOTTLE! HE was choking and sputtering, I could have killed her. DH had the graceless wit to say "she raised a bunch of kids, I'm sure it is not going to kill him". MIL says "it will help his digestion!" I said "out! OUT OF MY HOUSE BOTH OF YOU! "

HEHE. they think I am wayyyy weird.
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I had a lady last night at Target tell me her two month old in the baby carrier was, "just having a tantrum" when ds(2) asked about the crying baby. She finally picked him up and I told ds, "see, he just wanted snuggles from his mommy." A tantrum?? At 2 months?? Whatever. She kept stuffing a bottle of juice in his face while he was laying there too. Maybe he was just trying to tell you he's too little for straght juice!!!

One of the rotating peds told me when ds was born that if he nurses more than 10 min. a side he's just using me as a pacifier. I knew very little about bf at that point, I just knew I was going to do it and I was like, "so???"

I have a friend who knows nothing about kids. I am not even sure she used to be a kid. We were talking one day and asked when ds stopped nursing, I was like, he hasn't. He was 16 months or so at the time. I thought he eyes were going to fall out and roll away. Isn't it time? She asked. So she got the whole lecture, told me that she thought it was strange but obviously something I had looked into(duh) and that it must be ok. Gee, thanks for your approval. I wonder what she would say now? Heheheehe.

Most people don't say anything to use about the things we do as parents. I guess we are prety lucky, some of the tings you guys have been told are horrible.
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I finally have a comment to add...

This morning we (my mother and MIL and I) were discussing the gifts that DS (5 months) got for his 1st xmas. I am not a huge toy fan. I HATE obnoxious, loud, age-inappropriate toys. I like educational toys and books.

My MIL informed me that children "boys especially" need toys that are not educational. That educational toys aren't "all that"!

UGH...ok, that's HER opinion, but I don't want a bunch of CRAP! If he's going to have toys, then he needs toys that teach him something. I don't want a bunch of noisy plastic hunks of junk. What's wrong with the sand castle set I asked for and didn't get??? wiffle ball and kick ball and badmitten sets???? What's wrong with BOOKS...the ONLY books that DS got were from my SIL. His great-g'ma got him a bookstore gift card, too.

I plan to get him books too, but wanted to make sure not to duplicate...guess that wasn't an issue!

gggrrr...Boys need junk ... whatever.

I just walked out of the room I was steaming!
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Oh, and I thought of one from last night...

Everyone was munching on food and DS was in MIL's arms and she said something about he couldn't have what she was eating. "Maybe when you get some teeth you can have "real food" too.

I said, "he gets real food."

She said, "I meant the good stuff."


He's 100% breastfed...IMHO it doesn't get much better than that!!!

Some ppl...sheesh!

I really wish they'd quit telling him that he's not gettting the good stuff. I don't want him growing up to think that breastmilk is the bad stuff.
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Ok, this may be a stretch for "parenting stuff" but I figure TTC is a parenting subject, so hope no one minds

We are in the middle of our second cycle of TTC (I'm pre O right now). A good friend asked us how the trying was going. I told him that we're still trying, and that last cycle was a bust. He said "Oh wow, its taking you guys a long time. Why don't you go get tested to see if your Dh has enough sperm and to see if you're eggs are dropping?". What the??? Over one month of trying is 'too long??' and we should go spend lots of $$ to get tests done?? (Can you even test to see if 'eggs are dropping'??). Wow. This guy is a great man, but just doesn't get it I guess. His wife later told me "Oh its ok, my Dh has always had super sperm & gets women pregnant quick! So thats why he thought that." LOL! :LOL

Ok, now back to the real parenting subjects
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DP is catholic and we were at midnight mass last night and I was nursing dd in the hall outside the service and a man and his wife walked through and the man said " What a desacration!" as he walked through just loud enough for me to hear!! Can you believe it! I was so caught off guard I didn't even say my planned comeback! "What do you think Jesus ate?" hmph! I'll tell him to eff off if I ever see him again!
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I need to add that I get the good baby questions all the time and I say, "All babies are good babies, they don't know how to be bad." I've always wanted to say how she was always talking back and staying out al night but I wantt o make a point nicely. Once a woman asked me when dd was less than 2 weeks old, "Does she sleep through the night?" (I don'[t think she had kids) And I said, "She shouldn't sleep through the night, she needs to eat often or she won't gain enough weight to be healthy. If she doesn't wake to eat every two hours, I wake her at the three hour mark to make sure she eats, and she's usually very hungry. She doesn't cry though because I'm always right there before she has a chance." She said, "You're a good mother, thinking of your baby like that." HA!! Got through to her!! yay!
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Just quickly lurking tonight but wanted to tell you all this is the #1 comment I get from ppl.

Them:"You nurse BOTH your twins?WOW!"
Me:"No,just the favorite one"
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ha ha. I lead a group for bfing twin moms. They get all kinds of stupid comments.

Idiot: Are they twins? (looking at 2 babies/toddlers the same size and obviously related)

Mom: No, we just keep the other one around for spare parts.

Idiot: Are they identical? (looking at a boy and girl twin set)

Mom: No, one is a boy, one is a girl.

Idiot: Well, I can see that. Are they identical?

And non-twin related--

Idiot: (watching me nurse a baby) how long to you plan on nursing her?

Me: Oh, probably for another 15 minutes or so.
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i haven't gotten very many dumb nursing comments, but when i was pregnant with dd1, my doctor told me i was gaining too much, and i would probably need a c-section because baby would be too big for me to deliver...

delivered a very healthy, medicated baby...vaginally.

second time around i knew better and used midwives in a birthing center. best decision i ever made.
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Originally posted by DaryLLL
Idiot: (watching me nurse a baby) how long to you plan on nursing her?

Me: Oh, probably for another 15 minutes or so.
How about - "Until she's done" - implies within a few minutes and until she weens herself
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DaryLLL when my friend goes out with her boy girl twins and ppl ask her if they are id she says...UM.......No,he has a penis.....:LOL!
I love that one!!!!!!!
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I miscarried my first baby at 7 weeks. About a year after that, when we told some family that we were pregnant again, one of them said, "It's gonna be for real this time, right?" I was dumbfounded.
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How sad that your family said that!!! "for real", um hello! you were pregnant "for real" the last time too!!!
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