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The woman leading the class told me to leave because "this isn't a place for a baby!" I left the room with my
screaming daughter and I was sobbing. You would think that she would have been more understanding.
OMIG!! I so feel for you! It is so hard to get started, and that's the support you get?? Sick!

No wonder you have to resort to whatever way to get your baby growing! It gets easier with every child to bf, so I hope you have better support after this!!

At least you didn't go for coffee mate!!! I heard a baby died in Canada here because the mom was on an isolated reserve and feeding the kid coffe mate! AUghgh!!
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Coffee mate? EEK! Nope, I did my own research and hunted down the best formula I could. I know breast milk is better...but....

Oh- and then that woman came to my room the next day (dd was 1 day old when we were kicked out of her class) and asked if I was less hormonal!!! Grrrr....

I gave her a BAD evaluation!!!!
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Babe is eight months and is recognizing strangers and a sometimes crys if I leave the room. Well, I usually return and tell her I'll be back or just take her with me. Partner's sister was like you starting bad habits by always returning when she crys.

I said "No I;m letting her know I am here for her."

Also, same person said I wouldn't breasfeed past three months. Well, we are and she takes a bottle with only breast milk. She says it must be a pain to pump. Not as big as the pain buying formula puts in a wallet.

Also the sleeping thing. I just lie people seem to want to hear the bab things. Babe sleeps with us like 90% of the time and SIL says Oh what a bab habit. Well, it's our "bad habit" So bug off.

MammaInTheBoonies I laughed so hard I peed myself
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I didn't realize how many stupid things people say to you when you have a baby.

We aren't giving babe juice and BIL asks why not? I siad she doesn't need it. Water is fine and so is breast milk. HE looked at ME like I was nuts.:
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I LOVE this thread!!

At X-mas dinner this year, I got a few doozies. First I must say that my DH family is just not up to par. My DH is the ONLY one to graduate HS. A few got their GED and only my Dh has graduated (or even attempted) collegeg. That being said...

-From the woman feeding her 3 mo jello salad " She will never grow if you don't feed her food"
--me " From 4 pounds to 18 pounds in under 8 month seems great to me"

-From same woman " cloth diapers will make her cry when she is wet"
--Me " them I know I should have changed her and I was falling down on my job"

I got in the kitchen just as my FIL was setting a slice of chocolate pie on the table for my baby.
-me " H#LL NO!!!"

This one is not so much parenting but I get it atleast once a week-"Is she mixed?" Yes my baby is bi-racial but come on. Some times I just say yes, some times I say yes, she is half wolf or boxer and she bites. That lets them know!!!!
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Ughhh!!! Why do these moms, and your FIL??? feed babies stuff they can't even digest!!! Might as well give baby cardboard to chew down! Sheesh!! Anyone else see ppl feeding babies these things!

My MIL saw my bf baby's runny poo and told me that baby had diarhea! She suggested water or sugar water...on and on. She never bf her kids so she thinks mine is sick all the time!

I just sighed and lied that the doc said bm was all she needed for diahrea. I figured if she did have diahrea that's all I would worry about anyway. Maybe I could drink some more fluids, even a can of ginger ale, but baby doesn't have diahrea any way!

Does drooling always mean teething? My 3mo is drooling lots, and all I hear is she MUST be teething?
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Around 8-10 weeks, the saliva glands start working in full force. This could be the cause of the drool.

My dd started drooling around 8 weeks and she still has no teeth.

Jello? For a 3 month old? Hello?
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Thanks foo, she is 3 mos, and I can't feel anything with the teeth. My other two drooled lots without any teething! My own saliva glands still like to surge once in a while now too!

And jello is no good for little babies-sugar, empty calories, food coloring, etc, ahghgh!! Yeah, good things to grow on!! I give a one year old some once in a while to play with more than to eat!
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My mother told me that she didn't believe all the hype about breastfeeding being better than formula because she didn't breastfeed my brother and I and we are perfectly healthy. I told her I know a woman who smoked through both her pregnancies and her babies are healthy - does that mean its ok to smoke when you're pregnant? Not an exact analogy, but the point was taken.
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coming out of lurkdom to share...

I'm not a mamma yet, but i work in a retail family clothing store where we have a maternity and baby clothes section. So we always have pg/new moms and babies in the store...here are some of the things that i've heard...keep in mind that these people are STRANGERS to each other...

old lady: (to the 2 mo baby in a stroller) Oh you are so cute, aren't you? How old are you, cutie? oh so sweet! are you a boy or a girl?

mom: you know she's only 2 mo and she can't talk yet, right? They don't learn to talk til they're older.

Old lady: (angry and under her breath as she walked by me to the exit) some people are so rude!

I had to go to the breakroom to laugh...thought I'd pee my pants!!!

#2: :
Old lady to a pg mom: How far along are you?

mom: about 32 weeks.

Old lady: how long is that?

mom: (with a 'duh' look on her face) it's 32 weeks!?!

old fat lady to pg mom: you're so huge! are you sure you aren't having twins?

mom: I'm pretty sure that I'M not having twins, but are YOU sure that YOU'RE not having twins!!!!maybe triplets?

(we have a wheelchair for handi/disabled/pregnant customers who need to use it....we are required to ask a pg mom if she needs the chair)

pg mom: (to her dh) man my feet are killing me.

coworker to pg mom: would you like to use our wheelchair? it'll make it easier to get around...(our maternity/baby dept is in the back of the store...a long walk)

another customer who was just walking by and overheard: oh she's just pregnant! She can tough it out, right honey?

pg mom: excuse me?

same customer: well it isn't like you're handicapped or anything. you're just pg.

pg mom: how about I attach an extra 30 pounds to your waist and make you stand on your feet for 8 straight hours at your job and tell you you're just pg and not to use a wheelchair...yes sir, i think i will use your wheelchair. Thank you.

same customer: (angry and under her breath) some people....

after that customer left, the couple returned the wheelchair and continued to shop, telling my coworker that the pg mom just wanted to use it to urk that lady...

Reading these, I have gone from one end to the other, from being happy to sad and back...people are idiots and no one has the right to treat someone else so badly or so stupidly!

Sorry to all the mammas out there who people were rude to.

I hope everyone can memerize some of these comebacks and really stick it to the dummies out there!!!

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Okay...this isn't quite in league with some of the other stuff...but I'm sure I'll have more to share in the future.

ds2 is due in mid-march. With ds1, I hardly showed at all, but with this guy, my poor belly is about ready to split (at least that is how it feels!!)

anyhow--I walked in the room where my mom was today. She looked at me and said, "oooh! Looks like a BIG baby."

And all I could think about was...geeeeeeze thanks mom...just what I want to hear/think about!! Personally, I'd rather not think about the potential for giving birth to a big babe. If it happens, so be it, but MAN do I NOT want to think about it right now!!!

Not to mention that this comment is from the woman who is still convinced that pregnant women need to eat for 2, and that I am starving the babe by only eating till I am full :

As for the whole smoking thing--my mom insists that because she smoked all through both her pregnancies and all during my and my brother's lives, and that we are okay (ummm yeah...having 'childhood asthma' that disappeared as soon as I left for college is a normal thing, right? and so are all my allergies and sinus problems...), that she should be allowed to smoke around ds1 and that I shouldn't get so uptight about her smoking when I'm in the room.
Try talking logic with someone who is THAT far gone.....
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This thread has been so healing for me!!

I thought maybe I was the only one or something?!

Worst thing~~ My dad said that BF is only for Africa, I just whip it out, that I can forget about going on the family vacation if I keep nursing (my five month old dd!!), and a bunch of other junk.

Comeback~~ I told them I did not want him around my family if he was going to say things like that.

Worst thing ever~~ He asked me if I knew what grandparents "rights" were...

I still can't believe that even happened. What is it with other people not being able to live and let live?

Just have to add the ending~~ short and sweet, I took the initive to make up because I just am too sensitive about fighting, and things have been okay since. they now respect we are our own family and have ground rules. then, after a long heart-felt talk with God on by behalf, so-called gp rights were knocked down both by the US Supreme Courts and my state's Supreme Court. (the ultimate comeback~ God on your side!) I just NEEDED that peace of mind that no one was going to attack my family and steal my children...

There is nothing like a total answered prayer.
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ok, from Gabe's docs before we stopped going a few months back

(a little background- Gabe is a slow weight-gainer, totally heriditary and he is healthy, happy etc)...

1. the reason why your son is not gaining weight is because you hold him too much.

2. your son is too attached to you- put a cuddly toy or blanket between the two of you when you nurse him.

and from my MIL (right on front of my poor DH)

"you know you can find out now if you baby is going to be gay whilst you are pregnant (: )- if I had found that out with you (DH) I would have had an abortion." Nice.
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Man, these stories are incredible!
I had one person tell me when I was pregnant that whole "don't raise your arms or the baby's cord would wrap around his neck" thing. I just smiled and said, "Boy, I wouldn't want that!"

I think the dumbest thing I've ever been told is that I should never nurse my baby to sleep.
What a terrible habit huh? I'd sure hate to be snuggled and nurtured to sleep! NOT!
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Uh - oh....


I think nursing my baby to sleep is one of the sweetest things ever.....
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When I met DH, my friend and I jokingly called him Bucket Head ~ even have some cartoon drawings ~ the guy had a HUGE head... so I'm pg with DD and DH's boss tells me: oh don't worry about childbirth, the head is the hardest part to get out, the rest is easy. My response: Have you seen Mitch's head?? I could very well be giving birth to one of them!!!

When DD was born, the nurses openly freaked at the color of her skin and the fact that she had brown eyes at birth: "most *black* babies aren't born this dark!" "She's only gonna get *darker*" eyeballing Mitch ... (DH is 1/2 mexican) hee hee, her eyes turned blue and her skin color minimally *lightened*! (my very very light skinned boy has the blue eyes turned brown)

Gramma told me that she couldn't breastfeed because her milk was blue and the doc said blue milk will kill the baby. Guess what she found in my fridge?? Lots of pumped *blue* breastmilk!

On carrying DD: "if you carry her too much, she'll never walk" Just to spite them, my carrying gave DD the confidence to walk at 10 mos!

"She's spoiled"
Me: sniff, sniff, "really? she doesn't smell yet!"

My favorite comeback, tho, is: "if homebirth/breastfeeding/cosleeping didn't work, none of us would be here!!" (I miss having my great gramma around, who refused to have more children after she was forced to have #4 in the hospital, I must have her spirit in me! )
At Christmas time (only works on Christians): "If it's good enough for the Son of God, it's good enough for my kid!"

And the worst one: Hayden always has his toes painted; my sister's boyfriend looked at him and asked me if I was purposely raising a FAG ~ in front of my 2 year old! If he had asked me privately, I would have either smacked him stupid (oops someone already did!) or I would have educated him ... this situation left me completely speechless (how do do deal with this in front of your kid?!?!) He just wasn't welcome at our home anymore.

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Paint them black and call him Gothic. :LOL
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But he really, really likes orange!! :LOL
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This might be a dumb thing...but i had this science teacher in gr.9 who went on and on about toxins in nail polish...eh? Well, she didn't like make up either, but i wear that myself.
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