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Get breastmilk poo out of baby clothes. I have several newborn outfits that I want to ebay off, but a couple of them have poo stains. There has to be a way to get them out right?
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Sun, Sun, Sun! The BEST for getting out poo stains!!
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Zout works wonders for us.
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Wet them and hang them in the sun.
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You can do this sun thing all year long? I know that sounds silly, but I don't get tan all year, so I didn't know if temps had anything to do with the suns effectiveness or not.

What is Zout? Is it like Shout or some of those other stain treaters? Thanks Mamas, I knew that you all would have the answers for me.
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Yup you can do it all year. If it snows where you are the snow will deflect the sun so I know on white items they get really white. I have accidently left things on the line for days at a time and they ended up faded so just remember where you put the clothes :LOL .

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oops...meant to start a new thread...

Don't mind me...I think baby brain is worse than preg. brain!
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shout, wash, soak with oxiclean, wash, sun
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My girlfriend swears by Cascade. You have to get the creamy liquid kind & scrub it a little with a small brush (old toothbrush would work), but she says it gets out all protein stains. I haven't tried it yet, but thought I'd mention it.

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Hey Goldie........ I tried the sun thing today and holy cow it is like magic you can literally watch the stains disappear poof they are gone I only left them out there for an hour and everthing was pretty again.
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