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mamas in CA- need some help!

I really really really need a family law/divorce attorney in or around Martinez Ca.
Preferably a real BEAR of an attorney. Someone who is really really good and agressive.
Please- anyone here that can help me???
PM me if you have any recommendations.

Thank you so very much!
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Ooh, Amy. Not sure if this is for you or someone else. But, I bet you could use a hug either way!

I'd suggest posting in Finding your Tribe. Hopefully CA is a busy active subforum there & you'll get an answer right away. Best wishes!
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Thanks Arora- I posted there, but heard nothing so far.
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Wishing the best of luck in finding one, Amy.

How are our expectant mamas doing? We had a few births there, and now we seem to be so quiet. I'm really looking forward to more birthin' from our October mamas. Sending you guys so much love and gentle labor vibes for when the time is right!

Every now and then I think of you who are close to meeting your babes and wonder if somehwere out there you're birthing. Just sending you lots of support.

My midsection is seeming to need a zip code all to itself right now. I imagine from here on out the rest of my body will just get as big preparing for the baby. Interesting how nature makes me into a giant pillow for my babies -- big arms, butt, legs, chins, etc. Must be what my body needs to do!
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Hmmm, some changes going on here. My DH is feeling really shaken by some things that have happened during this pregnancy. He's not on board at all for UC at the moment. I'm not sure how to support him through this, but I'm doing my best.

So far this is the new plan that we've agreed to, we've both met half way... actually, he's come further my direction -- He's arranged to have a MW for himself. He will call her at some point when he feels like he would like someone else to be in the house. She will stay on a different floor in our house than me. She will not come upstairs (or downstairs depending on where we are) unless I specifically request her. Personally, I'm hoping my DH just doesn't feel like he ever has to call her.

I feel a sense of loss because this isn't technically a UC. However, it is what we need to do right now. Perhaps he'll change his mind back in favor of UC. I give him that space and option.

So, can I still hang around? I really hope I still get to technically UC?
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Of course you can stay, you are a UCer at heart, and I think all of us understand that things can happen to change comfort levels of those involved. i'm sorry that something happened to change his on-boardness with UCing. I will send some vibes to help him feel secure and hopefully he will never need to call her for the birth!
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Originally Posted by Arora The Explorer
Interesting how nature makes me into a giant pillow for my babies -- big arms, butt, legs, chins, etc. Must be what my body needs to do!
Brilliant! So THATS what I am...a PILLOW. And yes, OF COURSE you will stay. Even if a midwife is right next to you when you're birthing...if you are following your intuition and no one else's and birthing exactly the way you want to, you are doing it yourself mama. No matter what. I personally think there a many midwife-attended homebirths are UCs.
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Yeah, Michelle, you're a pillow! You'll get back to non-pillow proportions soon enough, in the meantime, love your pillow self.

Thanks for being ok with me sticking around. I really feel a sense of loss and also some fear about having (even a unhindering) MW around. I have to get a grip and work through that before the birth. Yet, I'm kind of at a loss about how to do that. I think I need to come up with some golden thought to cling to. Just haven't found it yet.
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Halfway done baking the baby, yay! My instincts say she will not come early like her brother did. I am so looking forward to labor and birthing.
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getting closer!

I'm back! well, i am finally done pulling my 3-4 13 hour night shifts/week and on maternity leave! YAY! i am 38 + weeks (whatever that means) and have been nesting like crazy. i had some prodromal stuff a few days ago which both kept me up all night and rotated my wee passenger to LOA. so i should be getting close, and emotionally feel like everything is ready to go for my UBAC. DH and DD are on board and eagerly awaiting labor. I'll keep ya'll updated. oooh, also i tried out the fishey pool a bit ago and it feel wooooooonerful, floating around is very nice at this point, there is a reason that hippos stay in the water most of the time at this point just trying to make myself relax, but mmuuusstt scccrruuubb floor--again. oh well, i guess nesting is a good sign , huh?

lots of good preggo vibes,

ps to amyjeans: so sorry that u are going thru this right now, did that with preg #1, and it sucks beyond belief! lots of love
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Arora, honestly, I will be thinking of enlisting someones help for after-birth next baby, so maybe that mw might come in handy so you, dh & family can have a great babymoon!
yvonne! yae!...I love pregnant women's bodies. you are a goddess mama!!
milquetoast- welcome back! congrats on your chance to relax, and finish cookin that babe. sending gentle labor vibes your way!
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Still pregnant...........was due on Friday the 21st..............

feeling less patient than I thought I was gonna be........I have about 5-10 hard contractions every evening and thats all.

I posted a thing about to take or not take Blue and Black Cohosh and i am not going to, after some scary links. I took them last time and had a baby the next afternoon, but my water was also broken and i was dilated to 4.........

I cant reach my cervix whatsoever so maybe I am not ready. U/P is wierd for me at this point, very freeing but very wierd because this is the time (end of pregnancy) when you are usually so scrutinized and examined and there is just.nothing except sweet DH and me hanging out watching TV. Wonderful but so different than first 3 pregnancies.

Love to all of you!
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Mama--sending good easy labor vibes your way, be a doll and send them back this way when you are done using them?
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Wishing you both gentle easy labor vibes that get the job done!
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amyjeans, just want you to know I'm thinking about you. I haven't seen you since your last post about needing a divorce lawyer. Whether or not it's for you, I'm sure you must be going through something difficult -- even more so since you're pregnant. Hope everything is okay. (((HUGS)))

mamato4 -- hope you're babymooning as we speak!
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I haven't posted in a while. I'll be 32 weeks on Monday, just got my fishy pool in the mail, and am feeling great! Aside from feeling like I have to burp all the time, which was really painful last night. My back and pelvis hurt, but I'm not waddling, thank heavens. I still have 5 weeks of classes left and 3 final papers to write before I can even think about birthing this baby, but other than that, we're ready! We bought a car- a '93 Volvo 940 station wagon- which is making life soooo much easier for me right now. My toddler's being really good lately, thank goodness.
The other day my partner and I had a talk about the emergencies that could arise during my labor/PP (placental abruption, PP hemorrhage, etc- unlikely, of course), and he started crying and saying that UC is so scary and he doesn't want me to die... etc. Personally, I am not scared at all and would be much more terrified with a doctor or midwife, and I feel empowered by dealing in my mind with the what-ifs.
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It's interesting, isn't it Mandy, we're the ones actually birthing, but it's like having this child inside gives such comfort and trust. I think it is harder seemingly on our partners than on us to make the leap of faith for UC. Although, I'm sure there are plenty of partners who have made the leap easily. It just seems like in my relationship, it's my DH that has a lot more fears coming up. Maybe it's easier to think of yourself dying than someone you love. Like you, I find it's important to go through the what-ifs, because once I've explored them, i can release the fear. My Dh doesn't process similarly though.

Congrats on your fishy pool. I just plan to use my bathtub if I feel the urge. I always envision a water birth, but I have yet to have one. I wonder if this birth (5 weeks till EDD here!!!) will be a water birth. It's like my blank slate birth. I don't really have a lot of ideas about how I want things to go. I just want it to be me and then DH when I feel I need him. I want to go with the flow and do what feels right at the time. It's interesting, because this time people keep telling me that I'll go early and that my labor will be really fast. But, now whether or not that will be true is an entirely different story! I try not to listen to these predictions as it may limit my ability to enjoy the birth for what it is, not what others say it *should* be.

Amyjeans -- you're in my thoughts, too!

Sending labor vibes where there needed!
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Still sending labor vibes to our October mamas!

Hopefully many of you are busy with new babies right about now!
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hey all- sorry for the absence. We just moved into our new home and are constantly unpacking! Just found the computer cable today!

here is November's list- ready and waiting for you...

**thank you for all your well wishes regarding the attorney. We found one- and luckily it's not me, but my dh who is dealing with his ex.

lots of love to you all!

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