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Anyone else's uterus thinks it's ridiculous to wait 9 months?

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:LOL ... I'm what, 5 weeks, and already my uterus feels like it's stretched way out ... my pants are already getting a bit snug on me and I'm not even eating any more or exercising any less than I was 5 weeks ago ... what's up with that?!

With ds#2, I didn't realize I was pregnant until I was about 8 weeks along. I just remember thinking, man, this sucks ... I'm gaining weight ... I totally have to get to weight watchers or something. Then when I found out I was pregnant, I was sooooo happy because I had an excuse to pull out the maternity pants!!! :

So, maybe my body just likes getting into the spirit of things early ... anyone else with an incredibly expanding uterus yet?!
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I hear ya, I just had surgery in July so my uterus was just going down and my massive post op bloat was going with it. . But in the last week, boom it all started coming back. My jeans are out I can wear my yoga pants but I had to get some maternity jeans for when I go out. So we might have to tell people sooner then we think
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this is my third so I will just have to wait and see. With my last two I didn't show until 7 months iwth my first and 5 months with my second (don't throw tomatoes me ) this one will probably be earlier since my bodies been there before. I am hoping I don't show for a little while I want to savor and enjoy the news just for myself for a while.
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Originally Posted by mommy2boys
With my last two I didn't show until 7 months.
Dang! I had about a 40" belly by 7 months!
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i waited to show then looked like I swallowed a basketball. Don't hate me too much I did put on 50 lbs with both pregnancies.
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yep getting a uteris that is getting bigger. I can also feel it doing that. I remember the feeling from my first but that did not happen till about 20 weeks. Now its all ready..
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I remember with my first getting those pains down the right side, esp whenever I would have some growth. In the beginning it freaked me out. Now it's just a major pain (pun intended!).
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I thought it wasn't supposed to do this with a 1st pg, but I am starting to leave buttons undone and staring at my closet looking for elastic waist bands. I don't have much of an appetite so I haven't been eating too much. DH is being weird about me going to the gym so I'm asking the doc on Friday. Maybe that'll slow this down??
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I'm still going to the gym. I remember last time the OB said I would rather you excercise than not. I did all the way up to my bedrest at 29 weeks when I had early contractions (that had nothing to do w working out btw)

But my workout has slowed down a bit.
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My jeans are getting tight around the waist also so I will need sweats soon.
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Popping in from Jan. DDC--

mimid-- I, too am a first time mom, and I outgrew all of my regular clothes within the first 5 weeks! I didn't gain any weight, in fact I lost some weeks the first trimester.

What sucked was that I was wearing stretchy clothes and discreet maternity stuff from 4-6 weeks, but people didn't know I was pregnant. I still don't get the "Oh... when are you due!!!??" unless I tell the people beforehand.
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Well, at least it's not just me! Seems weird though to see it all happening so quickly. I have to teach tonight and am obviously not ready to let the world know so I guess I will have to go with my yoga pants! Wonder how long it will be before I have to convert my enitre wardrobe?
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I can completely relate. With my first pregnancy, I was in maternity clothes by about 11 weeks, my 2nd pregnancy I was in maternity clothes (or pants at least) at 6 weeks, and I just found out today that I am pregnant and already need to pull out the maternity pants (5weeks). I just bloat big time when first pregnant and then my pants are all uncomfortable because they dig into my belly. We are going to try to keep this a secret until my 2nd trimester, but we don't know how we will be able if we see any family since my belly will be a give away. (well, maybe not.... I am a chunky girl and they might just think I am getting even fatter so they won't say anything for fear of hurting my feelings :LOL )
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