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I ask all my FFing friends to hold their babies while feeding. I do. I explain to them that it will be easier to wean from a bottle as they will associate the bottle/formula with Mama holding them. Offer water/whatever else in a cup (sippy, whatever...) and it will become a much easier process. Sadly, this is considered insane and/or ingenious by the Moms I speak with. Those who do it never havea big bottle weaning problem and a more attached baby...

BTW, when I was small I was taught to prop bottles on blankets when I babysat my cousins... Scary.
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What's next--a mechanical hand to pat the baby's back when they wake up in the middle of the night (in their crib, in their own room), with a voice recording mechanism of the mother saying, "Shhh, it's ok, go back to sleep"?

One of the mothers at my son's preschool had a 4 yo and a 4 mo at a function last year. I looked down and saw the baby in his carseat with a bottle propped on a blanket. It's funny, because at the time I didn't think anything of it--neither positive nor negative--because I was too focused on my crazy 3 yo and struggling because I was about 5 months pregnant. But she must have seen me look and thought I was forming some judgment because she said, "Just wait. Once you have your second you'll do all kinds of things you'd never do with the first. You'll prop bottles too."

I was startled and shrugged, and mumbled something like, "Oh, I didn't even notice..."

But later I really thought about that comment. First, that SHE initiated the conversation--she was obviously feeling defenisive about propping the bottle, eventhough I didn't say anything or make a face.

Second, that she would place the assumed burden of her experience with two on me--as though I would HAVE to prop a bottle when I had two, because of course my experience would be the same as hers: .

I've never propped a bottle--never thought about it, eventhough friends and family have done it. I've picked babies up from being propped and fed them--sister, SIL's kids--and when the moms argue I just say, "Oh, I just enjoy holding them." No judgment, because it's the truth.

And with my two sons we've never, ever propped a bottle. We're too concerned about ear infections, and we're too baby hungry. It saddened me when my older son could hold the bottle himself (though it did make car travel easier! but he was 11 months or so and we didn't have the burping issue).

It seems like all the baby items and "new" technologies for parenting are designed to cut down (or eliminate) contact. Why?

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I really wish I could find a picture of this new feeding system. I searched, but couldn't come up with the right search words.
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I *did* find this though -- very interesting!

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ummm about the breat bottle....

Since when are you supposed to microwave heat formula or ebm??? Maybe i'm wrong on that one,but i always heard that was a no no...

About this tubey thing... babies need to be held while being fed because babies need to be held... They (and everyone else on the blamed planet) need to be touched and held for proper developement... Sheesh... Some people's kids....

Warm Squishy Feelings....

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There was actually a warning on the website about warming ebm for the breast bottle:

Warming: Warm contents separately in a pan, or by immersing the already filled nurser in hot water away from the heat source. Microwave warming can harm breastmilk and formula, particularly if over-heated. If you must use a microwave, remove the cover and warm the contents gradually. Stir when warm. Never serve contents above body temperature - 98F!
Interesting product.. The Breastbottle. Why didn't anyone else think of this yet?
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This tube bottle is not all that new. About 4 years ago I worked with a women that had very limited use of her arms and hands. When she had a baby she could not hold the child to her breast for over five mins and had a hard time holding a bottle and a baby too. She got this tub bottle from a n adaptive supple store. She filled it with EBM and could hold her baby as he ate!!! IT was a wonderful thing to have for her.

So when read the post I just thought that the tube bottle must have been seen by some lazy (and now rich) person and ran with the idea.

*Maybe it is not all the same, but that thing was not all that fun to clean!*
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I work for my families business and closely with my sister in law and although she tried to nurse (it only lasted a week) she now bottle props with her new babe!!

Whenever I see that bottle proped up in his mouth I pick him up (right in front of her) and hold him while continuing to work!! I hope that someday she will get the hint and attempt to create some sort of snuggle time with him!!

When she talks about her "attempt to nurse" she talks about how she doesn't know how any woman can be happy that attached to their child....... it makes me sooooo mad and sooooo sad for her little one!

I also wonder how long it will take those mom's out there to "get it"!!!
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not new actually I've seen them since my twins were born and I'm sure they were around before then...

they also sell bottle proppers...

my mom takes pride in the fact that she always held all of us while we had our bottles

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New EZ Baby™ Bottle Holder allows parents to safely bottle-feed baby with one hand while attending to other tasks at the same time.
Ah. Well, I can bf with one hand while attending to other tasks. And the beauty of it is that the baby is nestled against me.

You know, the whole message used for marketting this stuff is "pay attention to more important things..." Good grief.
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Well, that is sad for all the babies that already don't get held enough...
My little guy is so busy, I miss those 30 minutes we could just sit and relax and take a breather...even in the mall when I was shopping!!

Although...I would have to say that I would be interested when I am in the car (with dh driving) and there is no where to stop and my boobs are about to pop...I could see myself appreciating the contraption then...

Poor babies with no hugs

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I just want to assert my opinion on why and how women have come so far detatched from their children. It's possibly our poor poor body image issues, our sense of our own unique nurturing women power, coupled with the societal pressures we have been taught to believe that doing and getting things accomplished is the prime goal in life. I say "we" because it surely has affected us all but somehow the "we" that is here on-line has a connection to their woman-power and a healthy enough sense of their being to give so wonderfully to their children. Bravo to us Non-Proppers.
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I also prop feed. I prop my breast in DS’s mouth and I go back to sleep
I do the same thing

I cannot believe that people would use a contraption like that (well, I guess I can believe it). How freakin' lazy can you get. I am disgusted and will say so if I ever see someone using one.
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From the Podee website:
When you are overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks, the traditional Podee Hands-Free Baby Feeding System will provide you a welcome helping hand. So even when you are busy cooking dinner, strolling in the park, or driving to the supermarket, the Podee will feed your baby while you're doing your chores.
BUSY STROLLING IN THE PARK?? I didn't realize that there is a problem with parents being too overwhelmed by strolling in the park that they can't stop to feed their babies.

This just makes me sad. I will agree with what some others have said about using this for multiples and MAYBE in the car but is it even safe to do that? Unless you are sitting right next to the baby I would think that it could be a bit dangerous to have the baby feed himself and not be able to sit up if he gets too much at one time and starts coughing.

I don't understand why feeding your child is considered a "chore". My baby and I each enjoy the closeness of nursing and he has become quite the cuddler even when he's not eating. There is nothing that makes me happier than when he crawls up to me and lays on me or gives me a slobbery kiss and just lets me hug him. I don't know if he'd be so cuddly if he hadn't been nursed for the last 10½ months.

Yeah, it sure does suck to have to spend all that bonding time with your child...
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This new gadget sounds like a recipe for overfeeding! What is to keep the kid from suck, suck, sucking away on the "pacifier" part while the mom keeps refiling it?

Originally posted by kater07
She was astounded that I didn't have a bottle prop, which I guess was used way back when, so I wouldn't have to hold the bottle for him.
On a similar note, I was horrified to see in one parenting mag. a "stuffed toy" gizmo that was actually a bottle prop! They were showing a mom holding the babe while using the thing to have "one hand free", but you know that is not how people will use it. Yuck.
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so sad for babies. too much technology isn't always a good thing.
Leslie in MD (presently holding my precious 2 month old)
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ditto for cars!

those things would be fantastic in a car!
my son use to scream when he was in the car and that would have been priceless.
otherwise, it is weird.

i saw one the other day, they do look like a feeding tube!
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I saw these advertised when dd #1 was a baby. I thought they looked dangerous as a strangulation hazard and as a hygene hazard (It would be very hard to get these clean i would think.) It amazes me how little peole will touch thier babies. If I didn't hold mine while I was feeding them and they fell asleep on thier own then would I hold them?
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Do you really think that using this contraption would be beneficial to all involved if we took advantage of them in the car??? When babies are young enough to be having a hard time in the carseat(mine did in the early months) and you're using your time carefully and/or feeding the child while in the store or wherever or just before you leave the parking lot, then why the necessity to feed in order to pacify. personnally, thats what pacifiers are for. sure some dont like pacifiers, and to this I say "ok." However, using some creative approches such as singing, whistling, pictures, mirrors, music----cant these be considered? and when these dont work -nothing worked for my dd for months, I know- then we just live with it and let them figure it out I guess. I found I couldnt drive any near-significant distance after 5:00 for dd's first year. sure, it was hard but we got through it.
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Bottlefeeding is sad enough

It is bad enough that some moms won't even try to breastfeed because they think it is gross, or they just don't want to (like my own mom). And then there are the unfortunate people that cannot because of medical reasons, etc...
But in a culture that is way too deep into synthetic replacements for natural things, this is just too far. I think that some moron just wanted to make money off of lazy parents. The point of parenting is to give love to a child, not to make a person so they raise themselves. The world is detatched enough from one another....this culture is perverse enough to think of a woman's breast as sexual when it is obviously made to produce milk for a baby. Now they are sending the message that it is ok to allow a newborn baby to take care of themselves. Choking hazard!! What if a baby is choking, and the lazy mom has left the room with a baby too young to help itself?
I also had to laugh at the hamster bottle comment...I agree totally.
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