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frayed edge quilts

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Aren't these amazing?

I love traditional quilts, too, but this just is not the stage in my life for that process. I made one gorgeous frayed edge quilt in a week last winter and I just started cutting fabric for one as a gift to dh - his birthday is in a couple of weeks. It is denim on one side and flannel on the other - and the book I bought says not to bother with batting when there is denim because it is so heavy already. That means that once I am done cutting (75% there already) I can start sewing "sandwiches", put them together, clip, wash, and I am done!

This could become addictive!
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I made one for DS when I was pregnant. They are soooo much easier than traditional quilts. Laying it out was the hardest part But my favorite part too. I had some complicated pattern going on the front and the back and had to do a grid to figure out how to piece it all together.
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The quilt is almost finished - I love the feeling of accomplishment! Usually I take on very complicated projects that are gorgeous in the end, buttake a long time to complete. This is good for me!

Yesterday I bought some red, green and yellow flannelette. I will cut out red and green squares, green Christmas trees and yellow stars and make another frayed edge quilt for a friend. Will take a little longer, but it should look great. If it goes fast enough, I may make a couple more as gifts for this Christmas - solid colour flannelette is very affordable!
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I have been saving up old jeans and denim to make a quilt like what you are describing. I don't have any directions. Can you direct me to where I can find some? I didn't know you shouldn't use batting when using denim!
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The DIY denim quilt is actually more complicated than the one I am making - I suspect it would be pretty heavy, too.

I cut out 56 9" squares of denim and 56 9" squares of flannel. With wrong sides together, I stiched a large X through each set. Then I stitched 8 rows of 7 squares each together, always with flannel sides together so the denim side shows all of the rough seams. Today I am going to stich around the perimeter of the quilt, 1/2" from the edge (all of the seams are 1/2", by the way). Then I will clip all of the seams, like shown in the DIY quilt and wash it and put it through the dryer. Then all I have to do is wrap it and give it to dh on his birthday!

You don't need batting with denim - unless you want it for extra warmth - because it is so heavy already. A quilt with a layer each of flannel and denim will be warm and you can snuggle into teh soft flannel side.
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I read this post earlier today and it inspired me to get off my tush and try my first quilt. The 1/2" seam Shantimama suggests using seems like a good idea to me. I made my 4by with 1/4" and the fray is too small to be a decorative as it should be.

I learned a lot about quilting today! Like why it is important to pin and cut all your blocks the same size.
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It is done and it looks great!!!
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i love them too! they are lots of fun, i've made several as gifts and one for my ds' bed and want to make quilts for my other 3 for their beds as well.
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After my first disaster I tried again, this is the result:http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/kellyk.../ph//my_photos
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It looks great!
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it looks really nice! good job!
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Thanks! It was so fun, I think I will start another. Thanks for starting this thread and inspiring me to try it!
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Now I am helping dd (7) make a small one for her dolls. Apart from that I am focused on knitting a sweater for dh for Christmas - I bought the yarn and pattern about 8 years ago.

I recently saw a gorgeous frayed edge quilt that had been done in fall colours flannel. I may have to try that someday!
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Whoops! I was looking for quilt inspiration and stumbled on this site. Now I see something else I should have done. I completely skipped pressing the seams open. I just pushed it through all three/six layers of fabric! Next time...

The directions on this link are really nice, step by step photos.

How did her quilt turn out?
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I'm confused Why do we have to press the seams open after we've sewn the blocks (& rows) together?
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I think you should press them open before you sew the rows together. Otherwise you are trying to jam way to many layers through the machine and then after washing the fuzzies come to a pinch point that makes them lay differently.

I did it the wrong way already, but not sure if that is the right way, I just think makes more sense, now that I saw the pic.
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I love these quilts - they make great projects for beginning quilters - in fact I'm going to be teaching my 6 yr old daughter how in a few weeks! You can get some precut fleece ones one sale at joanns right now for only $9 for the whole kit!
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