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Hopelessly Outdated (Updating the Wool/Fleece Pant List!) - Page 2

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www.babyoftheworld.com- fleece
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Do recycled count? If so here's some:

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New Life Woolens has both pants and crocheted items.

Oh and Black Sheep Crossing merged with Woolybumbums to create New Life Woolens so the first two are no longer active sites.

There is another recycled wool maker, Woolybottoms.
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wool and fleece covers

I found another website not on your list. www.punkinbutt.com
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Design by Grace on Hyena Cart
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I found very traditional wool, silk and cotton "nappies" at www.nordicwoolens.com I love their warm wool stuff!!!
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Here is one. She has really beautiful organic longies and soakers.

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Fleece at Bellies, Babies 'n More ~ www.BelliesBabiesnMore.com

Wool and Fleece at The Whole SHEBang Congo ~ www.hyneacart.com/thewholeshebang

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Betterforbabies.com carries organic wool Little Beetle wraps, soakers, pants and even underwear. It is the softest wool. I love my soakers. I highly recommend them. If I had it to do all over again, I might become a devotee... as it is I love when dd is in her Little Beetle ensemble. And she always asks for the soaker even when wearing another wrap...
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