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Is it anyone else's first month TTC? I had my first PP period a couple of weeks ago...wondering when I'll ovulate again (it's CD 14)! I'm certain I did last time. So, I guess I'm not really trying to TTC--it's just practice

Actually, this will be our first time ever TTC--DD was a suprise!
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BundleFishMama - SOrry to hear of your loss. Even the ones that are expected are hard. But I hope the bad news is followed by good news!

Seekermage - I'd test again. Anytime I was late (When TTA or TTC), I told myself it was probably stress and that a test would end the stress - then I'd know whether or not there was a reason to be late. Good luck.

Mamabearsoblessed - let us know how the preseed goes. I've been curious, but can't findit locally. Where did you order yours from?

Slinginmomof4- Vitex is supposed to be very gentle and its effectiveness is gradual - I started with one pill a day and then changed to 3 (which is recommended from lots of sources). I took pills and liquid (under the tongue). You can start it at any point in your cycle. I've also heard recommendations to take the 3 doses throughout the day - I took one in the morning and 2 at night or 1 inthe morning, afternoon and night. But I'm one of the rare people who have depression as a side effect of vitex, so I stopped taking it. (I also had an increased milk supply, and most people experience a mild decrease or no change)

Good luck to all!
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Evening, all

Hey, ladies!

Welcome, Mindi!!

Kathryn, Do you know for sure when you ovulated? Do you chart? Or are you going by the normal length of your cycle to know you're late? I'd test again, although I'm ALL about testing!!!

Emily, We just started preseed this month, too. Hopefully, it'll help as I don't get alot of CM. YoBecca, I got it from early-pregnancy-test.com

Hope everyone else is having a good night.

I spent the day convincing myself that I O'd yesterday or today even without the pos. OPK. I've had a week of EWCM, cramps and sore BB's the last 2 days, and my CP is high and open. Sitting here tonight I thought "For sure my temp will soar tomorrow!" So......I couldn't resist........I took my temp now......just to see. Normally, my night before temp. is a bit higher than the next morning's, but not too far off. (my temp. this a.m. was 98.3) So....I'm expecting mid 98's -- since my temps going to be sky high in the morning, ya know!!! Sooooo....it beeps.....97.2!!!! What?!!!

Good grief! So now I'm thinking the OPK's must have been right. I have not O'd yet....jeesh more BDing?

Or.....hey, maybe......this is the big temp drop OF ovulation and my temp will be up in the morning after all.

I've got to get to bed.....can't wait to solve this mystery tomorrow!!!

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Well, looks like I'm first up today!

My temp. went down .3 to 98.0. Sigh.....so looks like I have not O'd after all. Guess I'm off to the store today to buy some more OPK's.

I've had all the symptoms--EWCM for a week now! I hope this is my body gearing up and I'll O soon. Does your body usually try pretty quickly if it doesn't on the first patch of EWCM? Or can it be awhile? Or...worse yet, an anovulatory cycle. As soon as I give up on it though, I'll miss it. So, off to the store. Wait till I tell DH...he's always complaining we don't BD enough.......I'll show him!!!

I've O'd on CD 22,23 before, but I started with EWCM on CD11 this time!!! I'm on CD18 now. And...last month DS was teething (molars, ouch!) and was nursing all the time when I O'd on CD17 out of nowhere and did miss it! This month, his nursing is down and all is well......where's that EGG?!!!

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Hi All! Quick update on me- I've been reading along, but just not posting much this month. We are working on moving into our new home, and the biggest move day is supposed to be Monday- I'm probably going to be off line for a number of days very soon. I hope I get to return to hearing about lots of BFPs! I'm taking this month off from charting and all that, my symptoms are weird this month. Last month I used progesterone, and I'm thinking I might be O'ing early this month? Anyway, I had a day of spotting a few days ago and insisted dh and I BD, just in case it was ovulatory, and we've continued to BD when the mood strikes. After months of trying to time things just right, its sort of nice to just BD for the heck of it. I'm on cd 15.

I better get back to packing!
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Preg Test Sensitivity?

5 dpo, at least I think. I've just started correctly temping, so I'm not sure if I really O'd, but according to my incredibly sore nipples, tiredness and EWCM I think that I have.

We bd'd right on time and now I'm wondering if I'm pg or my body is just being wacky. My nipples are so sensitive that I flinch when ds nurses, especially in the evening. I wish I had been temping earlier, but with my thermometer problems and ds waking so much it wasn't really accurate. I went ahead and POAS, but I got a BFN! No suprise, I don't really think that I'm pg, but I'm wondering what's going on.

Is it possible that I really am pg but that it's too early to test? I'm so new to this, after not having ppAF for so long and after having had a really easy time getting pg before.
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Cheesedreams- 5dpo is WAY too soon to test. The earlist most people can get a positive is 10 dpo- and even then lots of people don't get a positive until 14 or more dpo. Things sound promising- so keep your hopes up!
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Just popping in to say I'm still here. Kind of. Taking a little TTC break. DH and I are on the fritz a bit.
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(((((hugs)))) treehugginmama!

cheesedreams, yeah 5dpo is WAY too early. i'd try again at 10dpo.

OTmomma, hope the move goes smoothly.

uh oh, girly is awake...
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Can I join?

I have a 7 mo. DD (2/26/05)
We are not preventing and I have had 4 PP cycles.
Part of me wants to get pg, but the other part doesnt. It took us 1.5 years to conceive DD. We are trusting in God for his perfect timing.
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appeared today full force. I won't be having a June baby after all.

I don't know what else to say...
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treehuggin' and Danielle.

and Becca I ordered my preseed from drugstoredotcom, I ordered it sat afternoon and it came mon. morn.. i think it was $16 for 6(?) pack applicator.
We'll see how it flows :LOL
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Hannahgrace, welcome!
Danielle, I'm sorry..
OTmomma, hope your move goes well, and hope to see you back here soon. Maybe you'll join the legions of mommas who got pregnant when they stopped obsessing for a while It would be nice if we could just do that on command, right (stop obsessing, I mean)?
Dee, could you post a link to your chart so we can obsess with you? Do you use fertilityfriend?
Treehugginmama, sorry to hear that. Hope it passes soon..
Cheesedreams, what pp said. Implantation doesn't happen until 7-10 dpo on average, and hcg production starts then, and is detectable in urine 1-5 days afterward.
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a line is a line right?

Well I tested this afternoon (not the morning pee but I did wait a bit to make sure it was pretty concentrated)....and....a line is a line right? It was another of the Dollar Tree tests, and there is definitely a line, not super bright, but definitely there. Sooo does that mean its

Im soo nervous! I have to find a way to tell hubby, and have to wait till Thursday before I can see my Dr....but...it kinda looks like I might be pregnant. :

What do you think?
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Whew, finally got caught up!

Congrats to Augustmom and jentilla!!! Wahoo!

BundleFishMama and Jessica-I hear ya about bd'ing. It was a total miracle that my dh and I bd'd 3 days in a row last month-we haven't done that since our honeymoon 3+ years ago (actually I htink I may have posted that already )

BundleFishMama-so sorry to hear about your loss! It is still hard even when a loved one's passing is expected!

Welcome new mamas! The list just keeps growing and growing! We need some more BFP's around here!

I actually haven't charted for a couple weeks, we had 2 mini vacations and just a bunch of stuff going on, at first I tried catching up then realized I kinda felt free and not as obsessive. I am still paying attention to my body (now that I know what to look for), but I may hold off on charting for this month-I know, I'm a wuss-I've only been charting since late July or August but Oh well!

Baby dust to all...

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Kathryn, a line is a line!!! WOWEE!!! Congratulations!!

What a day!!
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Yep, what Chrissy said!
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just checking in

I just wanted to stop in and say, "hi!" It's great to see more BFP's and others joining me on the June board. Looks like there are lots of new faces as well.

bundlefishmama - sorry to hear about your loss!

treehugginmama - (((sorry))) you are having a tough time right now.

yobecca - sounds like you need to lock up the hpt's, huh? You will have your BFP soon - hang in there!

otmomma - good luck with your move!

seekermage - a line is a line. Congrats!

I will have my 3rd set of hcg levels drawn tomorrow and could use all the good vibes, thoughts and prayers you can send my way. I'm nervous, but optimistic. Hoping to see many more of you on the June board soon.....
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Kathryn- Congratulations!!!!

Thanks for all the well wishes with the move, everyone. I hate packing- so I keep telling myself I can take "just a minute" to check in here at MDC. :LOL
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Woo Hoo!


Congratulations!!! I'd give you a really cool smilie, but nothing happens when I click on the "more" link. But congrats any ole' how!!!!!

And.....I'll stop whining now. I caved in and bought more opk's. I just took the first one and it was positive! Holy cow. So..... guess I wasn't crazy after all, just a bit ahead of my body! Oh, well, what's 8 days of EWCM for warning?!!!

Now, to tell dh....I bought a Halloween thong to help him get in the mood again.

My temps still haven't dropped to normal pre O levels, so I guess my temps are just higher this month. I'll be interesting to see what they do if I actually do O. I do FF friend, also. Weird bouncy temps. this month! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/da296

BTW, who wears thongs? They are not the most comfortable things, I must say! Oh, well....anything for the cause!

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