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Claritin and Breastfeeding

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I'm nursing a 7 week old and recently my allergies have flared up. I was taking nettles for a long time to see if that would help and it did a little but I am still mostly miserable from the allergies. I was wondering if anyone knew whether Claritin is safe while lactating as that is the only thing that seems to give me any kind of relief. What do mamas out there do for their severe seasonal and environmental allergies? I'm willing to try anything--I'd love to do it naturally, I really would and if anyone had suggestion for a cure, I'd be so indebted because honestly I'm tired of just putting a band-aid on this allergy problem. I've suffered with it for as long as I remember and even drastic changes to my diet haven't seemed to help. Thanks!
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Dr. Hale's website says Claritin is fine. You can find it and other medications here.
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My midwife told me that Claritin D is fine, although I'm not sure what the difference is between Claritin and Claritin D. I have really bad allergies too. I toughed it out while I was pregnant and then took Claritin D after ds was born when I was desperate.
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OTC claritin or zyrtec is fine to take when nursing.
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Even Clarinex is safe, which is much stronger than Claritin. I have to take it during the winter because of severe climate related eczema.
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My ex had allergies for his whole entire life...to cats, dogs, pollen, dust...you name it. He was always sneezing and his nose was always red. About 6 years ago he went to the acupuncture clinic. They did acupuncture 6 times, and he had to drink these nasty herbs for a month. The herbs were a pain in the ass...they had to be cooked in a clay pot every night for 30 days. He has never had allergies since, nor has he been back to the acupuncturist since.
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