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I got some great old Stride Rites for Thor. They're blue and velcro. Though he always undoes the velcro, they always seem to stay on. They're regular shoes because he walks (runs) outside all the time.

Just curious -- how many of your babes are still nursing a lot a night? Thor is really starting to worry me... the past 4-5 nights have been just horrible! He wants to nurse all night and has a frickin tantrum if I don't let him for just a few minutes. But with being preg. and the nipple soreness.... ugh. I don't know what to do. I feel like I've done something wrong. Anyone else in this boat? Think it's a stage (well, I'm sure it is, since he won't be doing it when he's 13)? Any suggestions?
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MIL to the rescue!! I called her to track down my lost stroller and she volunteered to help me run my errands. It made things so much more manageable to have a second set of hands. Plus, I had a Gymbuck to spend at Gymboree (you spend at least $50 and get $25 of it for free) and she got some things for my neice and nephew to help the bill go up to $50 - then since she was buying them stuff she bought RObin's stuff too! Score!

Augustine - Robin is nursing at least 2ce a night - occasionally just once, but that's like only 3 times ever. It's usually 2ce in the night and then several more times after 5am b/c I just wanna sleep. But, when she got bit, it was all night long and then when she had bad diarreah she was basically latched on all night, crawling over me and crying. Does it seem like THor is in pain? Digestive issues, or teething? Keep in mind that being pregnant may decrease your milk supply and change the taste/composition - he may be responding to that.

Meg - I just ebayed for another pair of Robeez for Robin. But, as the weather cools, I'm going to reserve them for inside wear and get her a pair of Stride Rites or similar shoes for school and outside. We don't have a SR store here, but we have a great family owned kids store with excellent shoe selection and knowledgable salespeople. HTey sell SR and other high-quality brands. BUt I'm probably only springing for the expensive stuff for her first pair of "real" shoes, then I'm going to try to find more reasonably priced options.

Leomom = I've got lots of quilt ideas - I'll PM you

Mama Bear - Who had Robin for the doll exchange?
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Originally Posted by AugustineM

Just curious -- how many of your babes are still nursing a lot a night? Thor is really starting to worry me... the past 4-5 nights have been just horrible! He wants to nurse all night and has a frickin tantrum if I don't let him for just a few minutes. But with being preg. and the nipple soreness.... ugh. I don't know what to do. I feel like I've done something wrong. Anyone else in this boat? Think it's a stage (well, I'm sure it is, since he won't be doing it when he's 13)? Any suggestions?
Lucy still nurses lots at night. I have been reluctant to change it b/c I work FT away from her, & felt like maybe she was getting a lot of her nutrition at night, esp. as I just stopped pumping at work. But as solid foods get more established, I've been considering trying to reduce the night nursing. I read this article last night:


And of course the No Cry Sleep Solution has more gradual suggestions that seemed to work when I tried them briefly a few months ago, before deciding that maybe she still needed night nursing for calories.
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Am I the only one whose toddler hates shoes? I put them on Rowan and he screams and pulls at them, same with hats and socks. I have no idea what I'm going to do when it starts getting really cold out. My mom thinks he's going to grow up to be a nudist!
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It's me, YBecca. I am the negligent mamma who hasn't made my doll yet. : Sorry. I couldn't lift my arm high enough to sew until last week, and then I was away last week when it was finally good enough to sew. I'll get right on it. I have the pattern drawn up and all the stuff bought, its just a matter of actually sitting down and sewing, and then mailing it.

AugustineM, I have two friends who are almost ready to deliver and they both have August babies (crazy, eh?). They both had nursing trouble after they were pregnant. One babe weaned herself when mama was 3 mos, and the other was really fussy for three or four months and then the mama weaned her. So it may be something to do with being pregnant that is making Thor nurse so much.
That said, Andrew had his nights, especially earlier in SEpt. I wonder if that related to the lack of holding because of my arm, though. He's back to twice a night or so now.

Well, I had an exhausting day. Andrew woke up at 6 and didn't nap until I took him for a walk,then I wanted to hang out with dh, because I haven't seen him all week, so I'm overtired and crabby. NIght night.

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We have some soft shoes still that Mari is wearing, but I do have walking shoes ready for the fall/winter. I bought Ecco first walkers. They matched her clothing better than the Stride Rites. :LOL

Mari actually loves shoes. We started putting soft shoes on her in the summer because she was scratching up her toes crawling every where. Now she plays with them all the time...taking them in/out of things, and she loves her new shoes. We keep telling her as soon as she walks outside of the house, she can wear them. I'm hoping that's an incentive!

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I wish I had a pair of Ecco's - I'm jealouso f Mari!

Jilly - oh, I totally understand - take your time. My DH made me paranoid that she'd been left out of the rotation somehow. How is your arm doing?

Maylea moon - RObin is going through a shoe fetish - she takes mine off, puts them back on, plays with her, and says "soo soo" She loves them.

gotta get in some play time b/f tutoring!
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Iain still nurses all night. I think he may be giving me more breaks, but I don't pay much attention! I know he slept well if I'm actually able to move around without waking him up. :LOL

He has both rubber and leather shoes. He still fits in his 6-12m ShooShoos. Got lots of compliments on them the other night! I also have some Elefanten sandals for him, and he walks well in both. It was definitely a little funny to him to walk in the Elefantens, but I only buy very flexible shoes for them (especially at this age), so he adjusted quickly. Gabriel had all Stride Rites at this age (outlets!!) so I may pull out some of his old shoes and see what shape they're in. Iain's feet are finally growing, so he's going to need more shoes soon!

Jilly, glad you're arm/shoulder is finally feeling some better!!
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We are still doing the soft soled shoes over here. She has mostly been wearing Chloë's hand me down Soft Star Shoes, which I really love, they are the Little Dipper kind http://www.softstarshoes.com/index.c...&category_id=4 . She also wears a pair of non-leather sock moccasin type shoes that I got at Target, they are exactly like the Hanna Anderson kind.

maylea_moon ~ I've hung out with mostly older mamas since becoming a young mama as well. But for me a majority of them are in their mid-30s. I made a few semi-local mamas my age through the now defunct HipMama boards which was an amazing place.

LaRue still nurses often during the night. I'm a deep sleeper and I don't care to know how many times she nurses so I don't count or look at the clock. But I can assure you, that it's probably a fairly high number.

leomom ~ That happened to me after I had Chloë, I lost a lot of weight really quickly, but then when Chloë was around a year I started to gain weight. It really sucked. For me, I think it was mostly because after I had Chloë I was able to eat anything and everything and still lose weight, but then my body's metabolism slowed down and so I started gaining weight and having to slow down on all the food I was eating. This time around has been totally different. I didn't have that immediate weight loss, it's been gradual and if I eat a lot I will gain weight. So I've had to make good eating choices. But I'm still losing the weight gradually, instead of now gaining more weight since she is over a year.

Oh, a little pouch brag. Two days ago I went to my local Coffee Bean, that I visit almost everyday, and Lisa Ling was there (formerly on The View and now doing National Geographic Explorer show). She and her friend were both talking about how cute LaRue is and then Lisa Ling asked about my pouch. She asked what it was called and how it works. She said that it was really great looking
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Hi, mamas! I've posted a couple times over in the "babe" forum, but I found you guys hiding out over here today : Welcome to Toddlerhood! I'm going to try to be better and keep up with the threads now. I kept getting behind and then being intimidated by all the pages so I'd just lurk. You guys are posting fiends!!!! :LOL

Congratulations to all the pg mamas! I cannot even imagine being pg again already, but then, we're looking at about an 8 year age difference in our kiddos so we've got quite a while to wait.

All your toddlers are so verbal too, wow!! Jacob says "mum-mum" and "dada" and an occasional "yeah" or "hi." But most of the kiddos on the thread are talking up a storm!! Awesome. I've been lazy about signing too : so he doesn't have a whole lot of them. He has one sign we never showed him too, that we're not sure what means. He bumps his index finger into his palm and he does it a lot, but we haven't figured out the context. We thought it was pain, but he does it when he's happy so we thought he'd gotten "more" confused. He looks at us so expectantly too, and I feel bad that I don't know what he means!!!! Same when he babbles something in Jacobese and just waits for me to deliver, I can't understand a lot of it yet. Ah well, it'll come

While I'm posting, are any of you guys giving your little ones cow's milk? We bought some organic whole milk for Jacob, and he loves it. But I've noticed his poops getting really really firm when he drinks it. Anyone else notice this?
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home from a long fun weekend with extended family. I will post some photos soon, but i have about 150 pictures to organize and it's gonna take awhile!

Welcome Meg and congratulations Augustine!
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Robin, welcome! The sign Jacob is doing sounds just like my older DS's sign for "more." In fact, I've seen other kids do it the same way! My 13mo, Iain, actually signs it much more accurately, but he's the first I've known to do it that way. So, quite likely it's "more" that he's saying! Yay!

FF, how cool to have such recognition for your pouches! They *are* so cool!
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Payton loves his shoes, but hates hats.

And he's on 100% cows milk (whole) now and loves it. And sadly, I don't miss BFing as much as I thought I would. Last night I had a relapse and thought how sweet it would be for him to nurse one last time, but it's over...
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Announcement: hear ye, hear ye:


Today we received a package from Becca and Robin that was chock full of German board books!

We are so excited and already looked through them once with a lot of pointing.

Thank you Becca and Robin!
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I just organized some pictures, it took awhile....

I have posted them on my blog. They are of Mielle and her cousin Tristan. she was kissing and kissing him the other day. Her kisses are so sweet and gentle. We have been working on "gentle touches" and she thinks kisses are part and parcel of being gentle. It's soooo sweet. She usually gives me kisses right away in the morning when waking.

someone asked about night time nursing... lately I have been so frustrated with her, she wakes up to nurse every 2 hours! I NEED more sleep. I keep hoping it's just a growth spurt or something......

Jilly don't feel to bad, i haven't sewn FF's doll yet either! I still haven't found the power cord for my sewing machine!!!! Arrgh!
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I tried Andrew on cow's milk, but I think it gave him tummy troubles because he was waking int he middle of the night screaming, just like he used to when he was a little babe. But then he got a fever 2 days later and a rash, so perhaps it was unrelated. I'm going to try him again next week, after the IL's leave (they're coming for the weekend), becuase MIL is super allergy paranoid woman and I don't want her to know that he might have allergies unless in fact he does have allergies. (she thinks she's allergic to yeasts, molds, wheat, dairy, sugar . . . every time I go there she's "allergic' to something else. I think she just has IBS and needs to learn to relax and get more than 4 hours of sleep a night).

Anyhoo, I am really getting tired of bfing. It has it moments of cuteness and cloesness, but in general I'm so done with it. I think Andrew is starting to be done with it, too, because he tries to roll over and go to sleep in the middle of nursing, then he rolls back and nurses a bit more, then rolls over,then comes back. So I think once I figure out the milk thing, I will probably stop offering and see what happens. Last night he was on and off for over an hour while he was trying to go to sleep. Finally I just got frustrated and said "Okay, no more nursing. Go to sleep." and he popped off and went to sleep. Crazy, eh?

Shoes . .. Robeez are our mainstay around here, but I have to find something for winter. Since we have about 6 months of snow here (seriously not exaggerating -- it comes and goes in Nov and April, but still) he's going to have to be outside in the snow. There is no way I'm keeping him cooped up in the house for 6 months.

Okay, restless baby is about to climb off my lap into the great unknown of the floor (he did this yesterday and I didn't catch him in time) so I'd best go. Jill
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I'm sorry that some of you are not enjoying nursing. I love sitting and nursing Kate and am consatntly worried that she'll wean before I'm ready, since she's already dropped to 3x's a day.
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Hey all, thanks for the shoe input! I have been looking at lots of web pages for shoes... those darn things are expensive!! I want Cis to have good shoes BUT, yow, I wish they could come with extenders or something. Oh well, I can always justify it because it could also be 'for the next baby'. We don't have a SR store here.... we have nothing cool here.... I checked Target but I am not paying $16 for Barbie shoes that gross me out!

I have never heard of Shoo Shoos. I'll check those out. The See Kai Run shoes I thought were expensive are starting to look economical.

Whoa, I wish my MIL would go to gymboree with me!!! What a score.

About the night nursing.... Cecilia was starting to use nursing every time she needed to get back to sleep, which meant I never got to get into a deep sleep. We only nurse on one side, so I always had to hook her up on the other side, because she sleeps in the middle of the bed and dh and I didn't want to swap sides. Does that make sense in a wacky way?

Soooo.... I figured out that she was really nursing at about 2 am, but 3:30, 5:00 and 6:30 were just to get adjusted. Then I nursed her at 2 am and went to sleep in a different bedroom. The first couple nights she and dh had to get up and get some water, change the diaper, etc but she didn't really cry, she did fuss, dh patted her back and she went back to sleep. After a week or so she wasn't really waking at night anymore and I came back to bed. When I came back I did have to spend some time patting her and then there was one tough morning when she wanted to nurse at about 6:00 and I was determined to make it to 7:30 am when we usually get up. That time was tough, but after that she either sleeps soundly or is comfortable laying near me and being patted.

I just knew it was time to night wean because I was starting to get really jealous of dh's uninterrupted sleep. After I did all this I read the no cry sleep solution and was sorry I hadn't read it FIRST!

Augustine, I don't know if you were even thinking about wanting to night wean, but I am so proud that we were able to do it I just had to share! That was the first time I kind of had to 'put my foot down' and it was HARD.

Cecilia dribbles cows milk down her chin and makes a face. She's not big into dairy. She still nurses a lot during the day, which I'm glad for.

Okay, long enough!

What is your babies favorite food? Cecilia loves soy ham and frozen peas. She will eat those two things reliably.

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Robin gets organic cow's milk but it's not her fave. She drinks it, but doesn't enjoy it like she does juice water. But she is eating better, so I'm less concerned.

Her fave food: well, this week it's Veggie Booty (like natural corn puffs covered with spinach and kale powder). Eggs are the only thing she's eaten reliably for months.

I enjoy nursing RObin. She's gotten really cute with the pauses in the middle to point at my nipple and say "Robin juice". And if I stop before she's done, she patiently pulls up my top, pulls down my bra flap, as though I'm so slow and she has to straighten me out. But I'm definitely over the night nursing. I can't sleep and nurse - I couldn't even nurse laying down until she was like 6 months old. It's wearing on me, now that I don't hav that new mother miracle deep sleep. I started the NCSS strategy, but then she got sick, and it's been one thing after the other since. But maybe aftr our vacation I can start it again. I don't want to traumatize either of us, but we both need better sleep.

Jen - so glad you like the books! The garage sale I found them at was a german mom and her soldier husband. Lots of local soldiers are stationed in germany, so there's actually lots of german restaurants, german gorceries in the stores, etc. considering the size of the town. Saw them and thought you might like them. Of course, I also didn't know if they were bad - couldn't read them!

Robin - welcome back! I've been wondering where you are!

FF - that's awesome, your brush with fame. My fave morning DJ in atlanta used to have th ehots for lisa ling and always called her la-la-la-lisa la-la-la-ling, so that's what I always call her in my head Your stuff is so awesome, I'm sure you get stopped all the time.

Well, I made it to my first LLL meeting today, and I'm hoping to go to this other nursing moms meeting THurs. THere was one really nice but really bossy lady there, and the leader seemed kinda weird, but the 2 other women seemed nice. Oh, and th e bossy lady was the woman who sat behind me and nursed at that funeral a few weeks ago (so that my nursing would block her nursing). I was like "hey, I know you!" I don't know if it's a useful place for me right now, but I might meet a fe folks to invite to the playgroup I', starting.
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Glad to hear I'm not the only one with night nursing issues, even though I'm sorry for all of us not being able to sleep really well. Though I guess that's part of what having little ones is about!

Meg-- That's good advice. I know that DH and I are going to try something like that soon. I'm already starting to get worried about how to deal with Thor and a newborn at night, even though it's still 9 months away, basically. I hate the thought of nightweaning because I know it would be really hard, but at the same time I need to consider it for my own sanity and to make sure that things are not super difficult when the new babe is here.

It's funny -- when I read others post "I can't imagine being pregnant right now." I think, WOW, either can I! And then I'm like, WAIT I am pregnant! Ha ha ha. I guess it hasn't really sunk in yet...

Thor's favorite food is chicken, cheese, yogurt, applesauce, spaghetti noodles, gardenburger, etc. etc. He has been eating really well lately, but he's not so excited about vegetables. But we've quit giving him cow's milk on the doctor's recommendation because of his weird poops. I have to say, they've gotten much more "normal" since quitting it. We give him water or little bits of pear juice and soy milk.
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