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YBecca -- Oh, I'm sorry about you missing your house. Houses are so.... full of emotion. I know how you feel. DH and I are planning on selling this house next September, but I already know it will be hard. Such cool memories... our first house together, getting pregnant, having Thor, all the firsts are here.

You all have such talkers! "Stinker!" That is so funny, Anna. The only thing Thor says, and I'm not really sure he realizes he's saying it, is "Muummmmmaaah" for me. I think he might say, "Hi" but it's not very clear. He is very clear that he understands LOTS of words, though, and it's so funny. He gets all excited if you say something he likes, like "nursing?" or "bath?" or "go bye-bye?" So that's good.

He seems to be pretty good, but his poops are still not normal, and he is SOOOO clingy. He seriously has wanted to nurse constantly for the last hour. The doctor finally called and said to watch for yellowing of the whites of his eyes, and if the poop isn't normal by Thursday to make a doctor's appointment.

OK -- So maybe I'll be next with AF, after Anna and Liz. Is there anyone else who's waiting on a late period? Mine is now a week late. And I don't feel like I'm starting it, except I've been a little emotional. I never had the excruciating sore nips this month that I've been having during ovulation of my cycles before. I wondered if that meant I never ovulated or if it meant something else...
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Yeah, my period's been late for 21 months! :LOL I still haven't had one PP, which I can't complain about! I think there are still a few others - right?

Anna, so hard to find out your not PG by having AF show up! Hope she's over and your feeling better soon.

I can't remember now how long I went without AF with Gabriel. I was thinking 11 months, but it might have been as long as 13. I just don't remember. I was thinking it was in February, which would be 11 months PP, and then I got pg with Iain in December. I guess 10 cycles in nearly 4 years isn't too bad!

I am NOT looking forward to AF, but on the other hand, I bought a Diva Cup several months ago and it's still just sitting there! :LOL (And grossing DH out! )

Iain is just walking SO much now! I can't believe it when he just toddles into the kitchen from the living room. He's walking all across the house whenever he feels like it! And he can climb, too. He just climbed up onto the couch, where DH had a plate he didn't think Iain could reach! Thankfully we were there and got it out of the way in time!

He loves phones and thinks remotes are phones. DH found an old cell phone and gave it to him to play with. I remember Gabriel loving them, too! He sees a phone and waves at it, and often says, "Papa," who is my stepdad. He's suddenly signing more, too! He just picked up "more" and does it much more accurately than Gabriel did. He also started clearly meaning "eat." So he will say "eat more." And of course "milk," "hi," etc.

Just growing up too fast!!

Congrats on McKenna walking! I haven't been keeping up well - is William toddling yet?

Oh, Savannah, I have friends whom it looks like will be moving to Phoenix quite soon! They have an 11 year old, 3.5 year old, and almost 2 year old. I guess with my ILs in Tucson and these friends going to Phoenix, we'll get out that way eventually!

I oughta make better use of my time, I guess! Take care, ladies! (And babies! )
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Savannah, congrats on the walking (McKenna's, not yours)!

Anna and Liz, too bad, kind of, about not being pregnant. It's nice to know, anyway, rather than be in constant suspense.

Lilah's dragon and her party dress are awesome. She is so cute.

AugustineM -- I found out that I hardly said anything until I was almost 2, but then I started talking in sentences, so don't despair

Becca-- I'm glad Robin's healing up.

andrew also loves going down the slide by himself. Unfortunately just as he's getting mobile enough to really enjoy the park it is getting too cold to go there -- the high was 5 C today (40 F). I'll have to get him some proper warm clothes so we can keep doing stuff outside. He gets really squirrely if he's inside all day.

Oh my, my son has a temper! Last night, dh and I were watching a movie, and the tv was in our room, and Andrew was sleeping. Well, he woke up, and sat up and started watching the movie. So we turned it off so he would go back to sleep. Well, he started screaming and throwing himself around so badly I thought he was having gas pain, so I gave him some gripe water, but it didn't help. So I rocked him, and it didn't help. So dad came out and held him, which calmed him for a bit. But then I decided that since he was up I should change him. Well, this caused another fit of screaming and thrashing, which even Dad could not cure. Bottom line: he was up from 12:30 - 2:30, and he was screaming mad for about half of it. OR he had some mysterious medical problem that disappeared without us figuring it out. We have a fun few years ahead of us.

Well, I should go and clean. I made lasaungia to freeze for my friend who is due in 2 weeks, and one for me as a back up for fussy days, plus supper dishes are still strewn everywhere. We all had a 4 hr nap today to make up for last night around here, so nothing got done.

I shall be mostly offline for the week. Dh is going to a pre-ordination retreat, and I am going to hang out in Nipawin with my friend Sharon, whose dh is also going. We figure we can help each other -- she has a dd 2 weeks older than Andrew and a 4 yr old and she is 8 mos pregnant. So it should be fun. Have a great week, ladies! Jill
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Chrissy, I love the dragon. And the dress!! Where do you find dresses like that?

I am so jealous of all these babes with hair!!! Kate still only has a few strands! :

DH wants to start working on number 2, and I AM. NOT. READY. AT. ALL. I am still waiting for more than 4 hours sleep.
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Hi all,

Chrissy, yay for doing the run and that is such a cool dragon! I saw him on a site the other day when I was looking at rocking things. My in-laws got Mari a rocking caterpillar

Glad to hear Robyn is healing. Hope those scars go away on their own!

Hope Thor continues to heal!

Mari is walking but she only does about 5 steps at a time and then decides that she is better off crawling. It doesn't help that she is such a fast and efficient crawler. I think she could crawl for miles! Friends of our have a 9.5 month old who is walking so I am trying to get her to encourage Mari to walk more.

But, she is still eating absolutely anything. I really hope she doesn't lose her willingness to try things. She can eat spicier food than I can!

She has such a large vocabulary now. I think it's up to 30 words or so by now. She is also finally talking in front of other people besides us so we know we aren't crazy. It's funny because the other night we went out to eat and we were just out for so long. She starts chanting "daddy daddy daddy car car car go go go go night-night night-night" over and over. She doesn't get fussy, just tells us what she wants to have happen!

The neatest thing is that she seems to understand somewhat abstract concepts. I hurt my knee and was icing it. She was fascinated by the ice pack, and I kept telling her it was cold. She learned how to say cold. So, then a day later she was drinking some milk fresh from the frig, and she held it up and said "coooold". We couldn't believe it! She's done it with other words too. She's such a smarty pants!

So, my girl seems to be the most skilled with her mouth--eating and talking! Those other skills will come along soon enough.

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David is officially a toddler in my eyes. He pointed at something that he wanted the other day. I just about bawled. He is another kiddo than can walk for about 5 or 6 steps and then decides that crawling is much easier and much more efficient. I am not in any hurry to have him walk.

Chrissy that is such a cool Dragon! Can I have one????
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I spent the evening yesterday and the today with my MIL, such a sweet wonderful woman.... Mielle had so much fun with her Abuelita (little grandma) whom she calls "Abwe". We had a cazy night at home just us women, we ate and talked and danced in the kitchen with Mielle.

Today we went to the apple orchards (in a rainstorm) and got delicious apple cider and my two favorite kinds of apples, Harelsons (very tart) and Honey Crisp (super juicey). It was great fun and I was gonna post pictures, but my mom's computer is being difficult and i don't have the time to argue with it! So, maybe later!!!

Gotta go!
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It was a pleasure reading everyone's lates posts! What great stories!

Becca- Mieke's birth was vacuum assisted (horrible!) and she ended up with a cephalohematoma that calcified. So my poor baby had this HUGE bump on her head (leading to comments like my dad's: "her husband (me inserting "partner") will be able to find her in the night!". Hah. Hah. I didn't find it very amusing. It was totally obvious in all of her pictures, too. But I just felt her head the other night and can't even feel it at all. The moral of the story, I guess, is that kids grow so much bigger than they are now! Maybe what seems like such a large scar now will just turn into a little mark of experience when she's a little bigger.

Raney is such a little maniac! Her new favorite word is "uh-oh" (imagine that!). She actually pointed to her diaper Sunday morning and said it, so I rushed her to the potty and she poo'd and peed!

To all the mamas TTCing: No sign of a period here yet...With M it was at 14 months pp.
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Almameil - Glad to hear Mieke recovered well. I took Robin to the stupid Ped today b/c she was at 102 again, actually got up to 102.9. I just wanted them to check her ears for a recurrance. THankfully, they were clear - just a virus, apparently. Just the fever and congestion so far. But I asked the doc about the scars and he once again insisted that they will fade and shrink, which I know, and he said the one by her mouth will thin and heal and it won't affect her facial muscles. So, enough worrying about it for the next 6 months.

Jilly - have a great trip. SIL and I are planning a beach trip witht he kiddos in a few weeks too.

Anna - so, where'd you get that Yoda onesie? You can't keep it a secret forever . It's so nice to get along with your MIL. I love mine. WHen she's not making me crazy

I can't work tomorrow b/c Robin's sick> Today she wanted to nurse and be held all day so I was ridiculously unproductive - but we brought so much stuff down from atlanta I need to put away!

I started a new tutoring job today - it's 3 days a week for 1 hour helping these very sweet 7th graders with their homework. Boring, but nice kids and very good money - and I can dpo it aftr Clint gets home. It's crazy - I make as much in that 3 hours a week as I do in 8 hours subbing.

Holli - I'm amazed at Mari's vocab! She is quite the mouthy one!
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There you guys are. I found this link by clicking on the one from September.
Stacey~ Someone sent an email out about a good AP doctor. I'll trudge through my old email and see what I can find for you.
Anna~Sorry about your period coming. Blowing you and CatSkills baby dust!

I'm with Heather, I still don't have my period. I keep thinking that its going to come any day. Desi will be 13 months on Thursday.

I too am impressed wtih Mari's vocab! Two word sentences! Desi has about a 10 word vocab, although I think she has picked up a few more words this past week.
She also is slowly walking. She can take a few steps at a time and then decides, "Nah. I get there much faster by crawling."
She also has a bad temper. She has one great set of lungs on her.

So what are you toddlers going to be for Halloween? Fred's mom said that she is going to make Desi a tutu. So Desi is going to be a ballerina probably. I can't wait to see her. We were thinking of trick or treating for UNICEF...but since that issue arose, unsure what to do now.
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Funny, we must all be aligned hormonally, I got my first PP period this morning. Nearly 2 years without it! Can't say I've missed it and I really didn't miss the sore breasts 2-3 days before it. Ow.

Jill I thought of you today while eating a digestive.

If I'm not mistaken, Anna got the yoda onesie at Hot Topic...?

Stacey - Jo asked me on the weekend if I really would want to try getting pregnant now, since I'm always bemoaning the fact that she is adamant about having only one kid. HECK NO! Want T sleeping through the night as a regular occurrence first! Maybe in a few years...? Will really mess with returning to work, though...

Cynthia - issue with trick or treating for UNICEF?

We're getting a visit from sistermama Sarah starting tomorrow!!


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lucky you jen!!! tell her hi from us!!

thanks you all for the compliments on my little sweetie. the dragon is actually a hand me down from my stepmother-in-law's friend. it is the coolest thing ever. it's made of velour and is so soft. lilah loves it!! when she rocks on she just howls with laughter. well, until she lets go and bashes her head on one of the handles, then she screams.

stacey, the dress is from barb at naturekins. it was a custom order. i soooooo love it. she has a banner ad here (on the top) a lot. her stuff is soooo beautiful but $$$$. i bought the dress and a few other things for l before i started being fiscally responsible. it was worth it though.

holli, wow!! how cool that mari is saying so much!! i hope to get to meet her in real life sometime soon.

i am sooo tired but have a loaf of bread in the oven (what was i thinking?). must stay awake for 15 more minutes.

good night all,
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Yeah, Jen, I'm jealous too!!! Please give Sarah our love.

Looking forward to a visit from Heather someday...

Not looking forward to a visit from "af" or whatever ya'll call it. I've been irregular all my life, except when on the pill. This will be the first time in my life to let my cycle resume on its own and do its own thing as far as regulating and becoming pregnant again. I'm sooooo curious how long it will take to get pg this time. I went on the pill when Nicolas was 12 months because it would "regulate my cycle" so I could get pg again. Even stopped nursing because I didn't want the hormones in the milk. Stupid me!!! Of course, it didn't work. The only thing that will regulate my cycle is leaving it alone, I think...

I'm feeling pretty isolated and unloved by my in-laws these days. =O( Apparently they are all ganging up on us and concerned about our parenting choices. I'm so glad I have some AP/NFL friends here locally that I've made, because otherwise I might really be sad and lonely! My in-laws (and my own East Coast family, for that matter) are flaming us for the things we actually choose to do because we believe it's best and most loving for our family: homeschooling, breastfeeding, delaying vaxes, taking in an exchange student, there are others but I can't remember them now. (They probably hate that I birthed naturally, didn't circumcise, and cloth diaper, too!) Basically, anything that isn't mainstream, they are freaking about! I wish they'd accept me/us as we are and butt out!!! Grrrrrrr....

Off to bed. I'm pooped. Jen, I finally finished one of the 3 diapers two days ago that I'm making for you and Cheryl. Egads. I even finally got a chance the other day to spend a couple of hours alone in the house, with the sole purpose of finally doing some sewing, and even that was cut brutally short with the student being stranded after homecoming dance and needing a ride back home. Grrrrr. I don't even know how these wahms get it all done! I hope one day I can actually sew a little bit every day... I miss it so much.

Ciao for now,
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Hey mamas. I guess I'm a year late joining huh?

My name is Alia, I'm 21 my DH Brian is 22 and I have birth on Sept 8 '04 to our son Rowan Nikolaos. I can't believe he's a toddler now! Fastest year of my life let me tell ya. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.
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Thread Starter 
Welcome Alia!
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((((hugs)))) Savannah!!

Welcome Alia!
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Think Payton is cutting his first molar...

and he took 2 steps yesterday (as he was falling into my arms after standing my himself). This counts right? LOL
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welcome Alia, you and me both : for a next time... can I be nosy and ask - how does it feel to be a mom at 21? Did you feel absolutely ready? When I was 21 I was living in Germany and travelling all over the place, and about to start graduate school. I personally would not have been ready to be where you are today. Just curious...

Amber you bet that counts!!! Go Payton!

Savannah, what is UP with your family! My sympathy on that end... and I have confidence that you will have the diapers done before the kids outgrow them btw, my mom's best friend from HS had crazy, irregular cycles and ended up with 6 children! She never knew when a good time was to try to conceive or not, so they just had sex whenever they felt like it... guess it worked!

OK, gotta check FLIGHT SCHEDULES! and get some more cleaning done...

xo j
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Welcome Alia!

Jen have a great visit with Sarah! She is a hoot! Tell her "Hi!" for me.
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Hey - gotta run tutor....just checking in. Apparently Robn is feeling much better - she has been running around like a manac, takingoff her diaper and pulling up her shirt to show off her business and laughing, etc. We just had a big tickle fest and peekaboo time - so good to have her in a good mood! Of course, I attribute it to the indian food we had for lunch - her first time, and she loved it! That's my girl. She evn liked the really spicy and salty stuff, although I didn't give the really hot stuff.

Have a good visit Jen, and i finally got T's stuff int he mail today!

Welcome Alia Jump on in! Are you planning that next one soon? There are a few of us bitten by the next baby bug....

Savannah - Stay strong, sweetie. I know it's hard to not have the support of your family. Don't let their negativity get to you, and find support in all of us who know you aren't crazy! Well, as not crazy as a mother of 3 can be...

gotta run tutor my little angel kids!
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