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Hi everyone ... now that Lucy does not sleep for prolonged periods in my lap while I work at the computer, it's harder for me to get here, I'm finding. But here is my 13 month Lucy report:

Working on words ending in "uck." Duck is "uckh." Truck is "rrrrrrrruckkkh." She thinks words ending in consonants are funny.

Walks & can stand up on her own as of this past week. Goes up stairs with help one giant step at a time -- too funny.

Appears to be teething (has 8 teeth, so is it molars now? Don't they get little eye teeth?) & was a little weepy last night. DP was out of town so I was staying with my dad for a few days. Last night my sister & her 6 year old, Lucy's admired older cousin, were over for dinner & Lucy was a sobbing mess while we were eating. But then I took her downstairs to see Grandpa & cousin playing. They were having a pillow fight, which she was a little cautious about at first, but then Grandpa brought her a pillow & sort of gently rolled her around with it, which she thought was hilarious. Next thing you know, she is trying to carry the pillow over to Grandpa (who is on the floor being subdued by 6 year old) to tackle him! Tooth forgotten entirely. Turns out horseplay can be a good teething remedy ... good to know! I think of her as this delicate little thing (not 'cause she's a girl or fragile, just because she's a baby), so it was neat to see her in another light, more rough-n-tumble.

Anna, I read your post about the mis-fire at the movie. That is one thing I really miss -- movies in a theater. I suppose in a few years it will all be different; either Lucy can come or she can stay with grandpa, etc., but for now, I feel bad leaving her with anyone since she is already at a sitter all day all week while I'm at work.

Speaking of work, off to it ...

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Hi all,

Trying to catch up! I had surgery a couple weeks ago and am almost back to normal now, just very behind on things.

Christine, I so hope your family and friends are okay. Those pictures were just so depressing.

Mari is a butterfly for Halloween. I'm a flower, and DH is a butterfly catcher. We are hosting the AP playgroup Halloween party here on Saturday. I can't wait!

Mari has also caught that nasty runny nose cold! She was up every hour Monday night, and this is a girl who sleeps soundly for 12 hours every night. So, we bought a vaporizer last night and she slept much better, only woke a couple of times. I sent DH to get humidifiers for several rooms around here. It's gotten so cold here quite suddenly and her skin is so dry too.

I'm already planning Thanksgiving and Christmas now. We are visiting my parents for Thanksgiving and helping them clean out the house so they can move.

Mari is walking more than crawling now. She really wanted to be more confident about her skills before making the switch. She is still talking up a storm. Finally, her teeth have started to come in too. She looks so much like a toddler now!

Oct. has been busy for her! We went apple picking, to the pumpkin patch, the state fair, couple parties! If she doesn't think we've done enough activities in a day, she sits by the door chanting "go out go out" LOL. It's a riot!

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Hey Everyone...

Christine, I am so sorry to hear about your family. The storms this year have just been devastating. It must be so scary to think about your mom and extended family and worry about them. No fun feeling powerless. I hope everyone comes through okay.

Jen; I vote for the move! I can just picture the kind of house you and Jo are looking at and it sounds AWESOME. I love those kind of houses. We live in a very old farmhouse and I love it. No cool trim or anything, but a great hardwood floor and a very awesome 'shabby chic' exterior.

Holli; do you think the humidifiers make a big difference? Cecilia still can't quite kick her cold. Last night she had a coughing spell that triggered her gag reflex and she chucked ALL OVER my bed. Apparently, she ate more of the green and black olives off the pizza than I thought. Sorry for the gross out but it was DISGUSTING. It gets pretty dry in MN so maybe it's time to invest in a humifier or 10.
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I just got back from Disneyland, we stayed there for 2 days for my anniversary. We had a really good time. We took my mil so that my dh and I could go out on our anniversary to Downtown Disney and go eat and get some drinks. It was so nice to reconnect. We haven't gone out alone together on a date since LaRue was born.

LaRue has a runny nose as well, it's not as bad anymore, but it was constantly snotty. I'm attributing it to teething, I think I see 2 white lines in her gums. She only has 4 teeth right now, she is taking her time in the teething dept. She eats everything we eat, and can chew up bigger pieces really well with those 4 little teeth.

LaRue is going to be a clown for Halloween. I finished making her costume last week. Here is my cutie clown http://static.flickr.com/29/54941462_b27c53b05a.jpg/ And here is my other girl as supergirl http://static.flickr.com/32/54939101_a941c42689.jpg .

StacyL ~ That's so funny that Alex called the cops on you, and amazing that they actually came. Around here, even if it is an emergency it takes forever for the police to come, they are too busy hiding in corners trying to catch people to give tickets too.

Mama Bear ~ I'm so sorry for your family, it must be really hard right now. I have a friend who lives in S. Florida. For some reason she didn't put storm shutters up, I think because they didn't realize it was heading right toward them and increasing in intensity or something. She has 4 kids ranging from a teenager to a 16mo. I haven't heard from her since Sunday and normally I talk to her everyday. They tornado passed right over her area. I read that it's going to be 2-3 weeks before they regain power so it might be awhile before I hear from her again and find out how she is doing.

hjohnson ~ positive vibes coming your way! Keep us updated.

I've been busy with my business. I went into a boutique for my first order with a store and sold 35 pouches to them, making close to $900. I have become immediately backed up and can't take any more orders until I sew all of these ones. I'm meeting with a manufacturer tomorrow to start getting them manufactured so that I can sell to more shops. I'm very excited!! I can't wait until I see my packages at these stores. I'm going to have to take pictures.
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Haramony I can't see your pics of the clown but can see supergirl. That's great about the slings!
Mamabear, sorry to hear about your family. They'll be in my thoughts. Please keep usposted.
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Congrats on your pouches, FF! I just found out that my brother/sister in law are preggo, so expect an order from me in a few months! I always wanted one of your pouches for myself, but never had the extra $ (and already had too many carriers, ). Now, with my new job and higher paycheck, I can finally get one for them! I am so excited to be an aunt!

M is going to be an angel and Raney is going to be a ladybug. Trick or treat in our town is tonight and Mieke is so excited!
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Hi, gals. Coming up for air again. I may never get to go back and see what all I've missed. In fact, I didn't get to check here again after I said I was heading to San Diego. I wonder if I missed a great opportunity to meet someone. Poo.

Wow, Harmony. Blow me over. I've decided that you are not human. No, you are a flesh and blood sewing machine, more amazing than any Singer or Brother out there. How do you do it????? Wild...

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying those sweet babies! And the cooler weather.

I'm straining to keep the joy in the face of what my sister aptly called this "terrorism" by my in-laws. Ha. She said that because terrorists' goal is to make you nervous and fearful and change your way of life. Sigh. After a fabulous, refreshing week and a half in California getting my heart and spirit and mind shored up, we returned last weekend for the dreaded family get-together with the grandmother. All was OK, and supposedly the in-laws weren't talking to the visitors about all this conflict, so we could enjoy their visit... But when I was alone with dh's sweet, old grandmother (whom I've known and enjoyed company with for 12 years) and asked if her visit was going well, she suddenly turned cold and hateful and spat, "It was, until YOU got here!" Then she proceeded to actually call me "pure evil." ????? When dh walked back in, she immediately switched back to cheerful smiley grandma. I was devastated and angry and at the same time, had to laugh. How ludicrous!!! ME of all people, evil? Very ironic. I dare say in that whole room there isn't a single person who strives to love God, do his good, and serve people more. Sigh. Sadly, I feel the need to share my drama because it's just so overwhelming and outrageous to me, but never in my life have I been one to "gossip". Now I feel I'm in the realm of gossiping. I can't wait to finally sit down with my terrorists and find out what in the heck is going through their heads!! Dh is making me wait... he finally returns from the CA job this weekend, and he wants to meet with them alone first. So probably in two weekends. Then I can't wait to jump in there and have my say. I can't wait to see what mighty good work God is planning to make of all this badness...

Oh, and immediately after that family visit, our family got the flu. First William Sunday night... Then Tuesday morning/afternoon, me. Then Tuesday evening, Nicolas and Matt in California. Then 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, McKenna started puking. Oh, joy. Today we're all better, it seems. Now I can resume my search for the elusive Pokemon costume Nicolas wants. There were so many on eBay a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would find them at the costume shops no problem. Ha! I'll probably end up making them at the last moment in a panic. I'm wanting to make the twins into a pair of dice. LOL.

Gotta run.

Keep us in your thoughts, OK? I miss you all. Jen, tell Cheryl I feel like such a cad everyday when I pass by the sewing machine knowing I can't get to it yet again. (For some bizarre reason, though, I had finished Tristan's rainbow diaper right after the doll. So now I just need to dredge up your address and can at least send them to you. I had wanted to wait and send Cheryl's diapers at the same time, but that could be awhile longer.) Oh, if only I could have some PEACE around here and get on with my normal, happy, naive life!! =O)

Oh, and P.S. I'll have some really cute pictures soon... And William was crying the other day and I noticed that he suddenly has two top molars!!! What the??? So now he has 10 teeth, while McKenna still has 6. He's an expert walker; she's just taking timid steps here and there. Funny how they are --- the boy is more physical; while the girl is more verbal. She says more words and is now a sign language whiz baby. LOL. This week she started picking up new signs faster than I could introduce them. Too cute.
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Ha, I finished that last entry to go change William's diaper. While there, I discovered he just popped a bottom molar, tooth number 11. Wow.

Oh, and I wanted to share this epiphany I had while in California...

I had been wondering how a mother-in-law could be so judgmental and hateful and unaccepting instead of just embracing who her son chose as his life partner and loving her even with her different parenting choices... And was praying that I would not be that kind of mother. When it hit me. How incredibly hard would it be, if Nicolas grew up and married someone who embodied everything I tried so hard NOT to do with my own kids? Like, what if my daughter-in-law got pregnant in the middle of her career years, and was hateful toward the little "inconvenience", and chose to work full time and leave the baby with some careless sitter or center... and what if she felt breastfeeding was disgusting, inconvenient and barbaric? and what if she insisted HER son be circumcised? and what if she let the baby sit in seats and swings and cry in the crib all day; anything but actually hold the baby? And what if she valued looks over relationship, and spent all her free time cleaning and decorating and shopping and never read to the children or took them on little walks to the park? What if she never let them play in mud puddles because they would dirty their outfits? What if she refused to even consider homeschooling because "I can't stand being around them for the little time we're together now; there's no way I could spend all day with them." What if she fed them sodas, lollipops, beer, and smoked around them?

You get the picture. Wouldn't you just freak out?? You might even be tempted to call CPS, LOL. So this fresh perspective was very enlightening to me. No doubt my mother-in-law is coming from a completely opposite perspective from me, and sees everything I do as distasteful and not worthy of her son or grandchildren. Even though I see them as better than the choices she made in her own parenting.
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I guess, dear Savannah, that the only way you can avoid having a daughter-in-law like that is to convey to Nicolas, on a very deep level, how important all of these things are to you, so that his values become a mirror of your values and he picks a partner who holds similar things dear to her. This is what we do with so many other things - I think this isn't any different. By the way, I told Steph about your situation and her opinion was that, if that happened to her, she would never talk to her inlaws again, they wouldn't see their grandkid again, and if her husband stayed in contact with them, she'd be livid. She feels that in this case, your husband's chosen bond with you as his wife and mother of his children trumps blood ties. I personally don't know if I could be so hard-core and I know that you are a forgiving type of person (it really makes life more peaceful, doeson't it?), but I just wanted you to know that you are definitely the one here who has nothing to feel remorse over, although I am sure you feel very sad about the whole situation.

Harmony those are some cute girls you've got there. congrats on your big sale.

T does not have a Halloween costume. We get, despite being in the heart of the city, very few trick-or-treaters and last year spent the evening at our neighbor's house chatting. T doesn't need candy and neither do his moms! Our school does a Halloween walk in a local nature retreat which is absolutely stupendous, but I think it's way beyond him this year so I'm not taking him.

We looked at the house for sale and I'm so glad that we did, because we found out it was not what we wanted. It made me realize that the love and work we have put into this house is worth more to us, and the thought of re-doing it by moving into another house made us both visibly sag at the shoulders. Plus, there were some issues that really bothered us - the radiator pipes were old and rusting, only a few had been replaced; the stained-glass window in the dining room was cracked; the floors upstairs were in horrific shape, the 3rd bedroom technically wasn't a bedroom (would have been an acceptable office, perhaps) and, strangest to both of us, the pipe going from the woodburning stove in the living room went straight up and through the middle of a closet upstairs. Now I have seen something similar to this where the chimney goes through the middle of an attic, but a closet? And they hadn't done anything to finish the hole they hacked in the floor of the closet, either. It turned into a thanks-but-no-thanks and I am glad we looked and didn't spend energy thinking "wow, if only we had checked out that house... it would have been the place for us, no doubt!".

T is sleeping in his stroller (needed to induce a nap) and I think I just heard him say "bop", so I had better go look. be well, xoxo j
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I have pneumonia. I am in misery. This is my first trip out of bed since yesterday, and I'm going straight back.

Hope all is well with you guys
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What a bummer, Becca - sending loads of healing thoughts your way.

Thinking of you, too, Savannah - I can't imagine what pain you must be feeling right now. It's hard enough to just be the best mama you can without second guessing yourself (or it is for me anyway) - to have these people who are supposed to be your support act in this disgraceful way must be agonizing.

Jen - glad you feel closure about the house that could have been!

Well, my little monsters made a haul tonight at trick or treat. R shouldn't eat candy, so that's an excuse for me to eat it all, right...
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facing a demon...

Tonight i am taking the bull by the horns..... I am goning to show up at a bar where an ex-boyfriend of mine's band is playing. He is my most significant ex and I haven't spoken to him in about 5 years... He holds a big grudge against me for how our relationship ended. I'll admit I screwed up, there's no denying it, however he has been ridiculously vindictive regarding the matter. And I've gotten so used to being afraid of seeing him.....
So, i'm gonna go to this bar tonight, since he's moving away and if I'm gonna confront my fears I need to do it now. It's not like he's a bad guy or anything, in fact he was really good to me and I hurt him. I've been wanting to apologize to him face to face for a long time....

Anyway, I'm sick to my stomach about it but that's why I'm doing it.
Wish me luck.

Mielle has been very difficult at night again, she woke up every half an hour for over 4 hours last night!!!! I got about 15 mins of sleep before 2 in the morning! Grrrrr... Am questioning my resolve not to night wean.

Well, gotta go
Love to all
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Thanks, Jen and Almamiel!

Unsick vibes to Becca

Yay, Anna, congrats and courage to you. I hope you get peaceful closure tonight.
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HOpe you feel better soon Becca!
Good luck to you Anna! Let us know how it went!
Savannah, sorry to hear about your inlaws. I worry about what Desi's partner will be like too..i know its a long way off, but i like to think ahead.
Harmony, I see it now! She is so cute!
Today I went to a vigil for women who have been killed by spousual abuse. It was sad. I took part in it by wearing white makeup and I repsresnted a woman who was killed by her husband. Desi and I may be in the paper. Someone snapepd a few photos of us...some of Desi nursing, some of my boobs I'm sure.
We also voted today against the amendemtn in Texas banning same sex marriage. Can you believe that is even trying to be passed?
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can i hop in? i just joined MDC a while ago.

hi everyone
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Originally Posted by vegaenglit
can i hop in? i just joined MDC a while ago.

hi everyone
Welcome Jillian! We are quite the group.
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Well, I'm not quite healthy, but no longer bedridden! Robin started getting the super snot stream cold on Sat night/sunday morning, and I ended up having to cancel plans and stay with her all day. Monday I worked and she seemed a little under the weather, but then at night I started getting sick. By Tuesday, I was feeling so ill I could barely take care of her. CLint went to his mom's after work to help her deliver firewood (FIL is away on hurricane duty) - and I was calling like every 15 bminutes begging him to come home b/c I couldn't handle robin by myself. Robin and I had been sleeping in the guest room due to her not sleeping at all. Well, woke up Wed. mornig and felt like hell - took my temp and it was 104.1!! I was shaky and weak and couldn't focus or sit up straight. I've never felt that sick. Clint stayed with me until MIL came over and took us to the doctor, then she brought me home and watched Robin and cleaned up (Bless her - b/c my folks were coming to visit again) until CLint came home after lunch. So, all day wed and thurs, I've only seen Robin for a few minutes at the time, when my mom or clint brought her up to nurse or already asleep. I've missed her. But her nose is still super snotty, although there's no longer a fever. And I still feel weak and crummy. Pneumonia is bizarre - I've never felt so weak and sick. And I really didn't want my family to come with ROin and I both sick, but it turned out to be a good thing - my mom loves watching her and never gets to, and I could really rest.

Savannah - Hugs. I am amazed at the depth of negativity of your ILs. The only solution I can see is for you to not let them matter to you. I sincerely hope your DH can broker an understanding with them, but these vicious attacks are unacceptable. They must have little to do with their time, if they can devote so much energy to imagining malevolent urges behind your parenting choices. Stay strong, and focus on the positive folks inyour life. It sounds like your IL's are a big, close family - mine are too, and I don't see eye-to-eye with them on everything, but it's hard not to get sucked into them. I really hope you find peace.

Holli - glad to hear you came through everything fine. SOunds like Mari is having lots of fun adventures! Robin demand sot go out too - she grabs the doorknobs and tries to turn them.

Jillian - Welcome! Jump on in!

FF - CONGRATS! That's really awesome! You must be so proud!

alright, RObin's waking up! This is her first solo nap in a week!
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Oh Savannah, my heart just breaks for you. I can't remember. Did you guys move to AZ partly to be near your in-laws? They are just so hateful. It's so sad.

Becca, I can't believe how sick you were! So glad you are on the mend now and Robyn too.

Mari still has her running nose but she has not had a fever. She is still teething so much too. The humidifier is definitely working though! We got a slant/fin warm mist one for her room. DH got it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a 20% off coupon. It keeps it so warm and toasty. She is breathing so much better with it too. She has slept mostly straight through since we got it. He got one for our room and the family room too but haven't set it up yet.

Tomorrow is our Halloween party. I'm so excited!

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Originally Posted by veganbaby
We also voted today against the amendment in Texas banning same sex marriage. Can you believe that is even trying to be passed?
In Texas? Yeah I have no trouble believing that! Thanks for voting against it, though. Hmmmm, I wonder how my mother-in-law voted...

Anna - good luck! How'd it go?

Becca, glad you're up and about if not feeling super yet. Pneumonia is nasty, I had it when I was in HS and missed a couple of weeks of school.

Well, the cat is attacking me (not really, but she is trying really, REALLY hard to get onto my lap - nudging hands, arms, purring, etc) so I ought to go give her some good attention while T is asleep. xo, j
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