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Originally Posted by Mama Bear
Heather - I got married to my dh when I was 18 also.
My ds was born when I was 23. I guess I am one of the younger one's around here?!?!
No kidding! I see you were married in 7/99, too! What date? When's your birthday? That's too funny to have the same anniversary month, being married at the same age, and end up with babies in the same month.

My grandma's surgery was today - did end up being "open" i.e., through the sternum. But from what I'm hearing, everything's gone very well. Nothing unexpected, and my mom said she looked better right afterwards than a much younger friend who had a bypass surgery, who also did very very well through it. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!

Running ragged trying to prep for who-knows-how-many people tomorrow. I'll be seriously dissapointed if it's not at least 10, hoping for 20 (not too likely), and would be floored if I get the 30 I'm prepared for. Off to mount some stamps...
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AugustineM - Congratulations! Come and join us on the June 2006 mamas due date club. Isn't that funny that our first babes have close b-days (Alex is 9/19) and our next due dates (I'm 6/1) are close too?
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Alia -- Forgot to say welcome! I'm sorry about your grandfather.

StacyL -- Yes, it looks like we're on the same timeline for our family! My dad's Bday is June 1. I redid a due date calculator, because I think I'm about 5 weeks, not 6, which would make the EDD 6/10/06. I am going to go over to the June due date club now... How are you feeling lately?

HeatherB -- I love stampin'. I would like to get into it more.
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HeatherB - July 9, 1999 is when we got married. My b-day is Dec 16, 1980. Good luck with your party!!!

AugustineM - Congrats!!!!

We had a subdivision-wide garage sale today and I am pooped! Got some brand new pciture frames for $1 each and some brand name baby clothes for the winter! Need to go rest...
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Hi Sept 04 Mamas! Are you up for another new friend?! I would love to join your group for chats....

My baby, Cecilia turned one September 1st and this toddler thing is crazy! I joined the MDC community a little while ago when my sweet little baby became this amazing little *person*! All of a sudden I started wondering what everyone else's babies were doing. Of course, I can see what local kids are doing just by going to Target, but they are a little removed from the kind of parenting we're doing.

My name is Megan, I am 28, I live in Minnesota with my dh the kid, our dog Nigel and a couple of cats. We live in an old farmhouse with surrounding land we have planted in prairie grass and trees. I've worked with kids forever and love them, so I guess that I never thought about having my own; it was quite a shock when I figured out I was pregnant! When Cecilia was born I tried doing it all and realized that doesn't really work, so now I've slowed down my life to do the 'kid thing', which is so super fun!

I can't believe how much all of your kids talk! Cecilia confines herself to 'mama' and her own version of 'dog'. Might be because she has a pretty intense relationship with her 'rubber friends' (pacifiers) which she LOVES even though I've always nursed on demand and been available for her. Oh well....

And what cool names all the kids have! Names are so much fun....

I'm also super excited that some of you are thinking about baby number 2 or 3 or pregnant again! It feels good to know that I'm not the only one already longing to get those new baby clothes out again- lol!

okay, better go, hope everyone has some sunshine this weekend. I feel the big push to GET OUTSIDE before winter weather!!

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Augustine - CONGrATS!!!! :LOL I'm so happy for you! I hope I can join you soon!

Meg- Welcome!! My RObin was born on the first also. But she was 2 weeks late, and I think those 2 extra weeks cooking made a big difference :LOL .

It's cool today for the first time all season. I actually have to wear jeans with my tanktop and flip flops! I can't wait until I can break out a t-shirt. Clint has once again taken Robin to his grandfather's house without me. I think he's secretly trying to wean Robin by keeping us apart. SHe only wants to nurse now to go to sleep, but if I'm not there she'll fall asleep via other methods. Hmmm....Or maybe he just like sit that I clean when I'm home alone :LOL

Leomom - let us know when you post FF"s keepsake - I'd love to see some examples on you rsite!
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Hi everyone. Man, I was gone for no more than a day and a half and so many posts!!

Cynthia, I will let you know a date as soon as I can find my calendar. :LOL We've have MICE in our garage, and it's turned my life upside down. There were droppings all over Kate's stroller...ugh.... : so, being the compulsive cleaner I am, I've been scrubbing everything and the whole house is turned upside down.

Harmony, I am soooo happy you like the frame. The words you posted just really touched me and I wanted you to have a way to preserve them forever.

I do lots of gift/keepsake type things for people. Haven't loaded any onto my site yet, but hopefully will get them up by mid-week. I made the cutest Halloween frames last night.

Here are pictures of Hamrony's gift. The words are pasted below, since you can't read them in the pic. I simply took what she posted a while ago and rewrote it in first person. I was really happy with how it turned out, but really the sentiment is what made it so special.


I've been giving you lots of kisses and snuggles today, smelling your hair and skin to try to smell that newborn smell again.

It went by way too fast and I really did appreciate every moment.

Even when you woke up in the middle of the night those first few weeks and couldn't be nursed back to sleep, I would go in the living room, turn on the light, rock you, and just stare into your beautiful face.

And instead of resenting the fact that I was up at 2am, 3am, 4am..., I appreciated the fact that I got to spend more awake time with you. That I got to spend more time gazing into your beautiful face, trying to memorize everything about you because I knew that you wouldn't be a newborn for long.

Ahh, and I'm so glad I did....
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Wow, Becca, that's funny, Cecilia was exactly two weeks over as well! That means that we had the same due date AND the same birthday! I remember my midwife giving me my due date and telling her that I didn't think the baby would be born until September. Turns out it was a good thing she waited; my midwife was out of town the whole month of August.

Harmony's gift is really sweet and I love the sentiment. That little baby time really is so wonderful.

Mice are yuck! I was just in my garage today where I store everything making sure I have it all wrapped up. I am always freaked out about the possibility of rodents making a home in my stuff.
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Heather, meant to say good luck with your party. Hope things go well for you!
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Congrats to you newly preggo mamas, and good luck.

Meg I'm in MN too!!! and Cecilia was one of my girl names, but my partner nixed it : good thing we had a boy, since we couldn't agree on any girl names... where are you at? Tristan was born 2 weeks and 2 days after his EDD - he was due sept 2 and was born the 18th.

Originally Posted by Becca
It's cool today for the first time all season. I actually have to wear jeans with my tanktop and flip flops! I can't wait until I can break out a t-shirt.
Oh, my. It's been in the 30s overnight here the past two nights. We've busted out our sweaters and wool socks and have been baking things looking for excuses to run the oven to warm it up as we are NOT turning on our furnace before the ducts get cleaned next week. Pumpkin bread, baked apples, etc. I've been working on getting a couple of sleep sacks from Germany, this unique kind that have a cotton outside and a wool fleece inside, as our house has been very cool at night. The things are EXPENSIVE but I've been tracking some used...

Tristan is walking all over and saying more things now - he says "hatchi!" when people sneeze (German for "ahchoo!"), "auf" for being picked up ("auf den Arm" = to be carried in arms), and what he's learned this week from Lucy - "uh oh" when he drops something... very fun.

Our visit from Sarah and Lucy has been very, very nice and I'm sad they're going home tomorrow. I feel like there are a ton more things we can do and that we haven't taken much time to just relax or go play at a park. We went to the Hanna outlet, and yesterday IKEA, and today the thrift store. Busy, busy, busy.

I found a set of Hanna striped long johns at the thrift store today for $3! They were in the Halloween section (?!!)...

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(please indulge me - I have to gush a minute)
Robin just did the hand signals for Itsy Bitsy SPider! It's so cute! I used to do them with her (holding her hands), but really haven't done them much lately. But they do it at school, and her teacher's note last week said that she "Sang" Itsy Bitsy SPider but I assumed they just played it for her little class. Last night in the car she was fussing pretty bad so I started singing my playlist, and she was waving her hands about when I sang it like she was trying to dance. But tonight DH was watching Cartoon Network and a KidSOngs CD commercial came on. When htey sang a snip of IBS, RObin totally started doing the hand signals. DH and I muted the TV and sang it to her, and she totally does the spder climbing, and the sunshine, and the spder climbing again. She can't line up her fingers for the spider, but she turns her hands the right way. So cute

alright, gotta go work on the quilt square from hades. Leomom- I checked out your site again and saw the samples - they are great! and Harmony's page is so sweet. I'm going to have to add some pages to my list of things I want to do once we finish closing on this house...

hope everybody's having a great weekend!
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Jen - maybe you should change your location..sounds chilly for iced beverages :LOL . Lemme know when you get my package - it was heavy so I shipped it like 4th class .
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Isn't that funny? Two weeks over my due date seemed so long at the time, but really is so common. Do any/many of you have kids born on or very close to the due date?

I admire you scrapbookers- it's something I'd love to get into. It looks so fun! But even more than that I want to sew a little more often. I have a super cool old sewing machine and lots of ideas, but I need to just start doing it more often!

Jen-- I am outside of St. Cloud near St. John's University. I noticed that you were Minnesota too!

Ohhhh, I love good kids clothes finds! I am always looking for used nicer brand name stuff, like we all are! I have ordered sale Hanna's from the internet but I would LOVE to get to the outlet. However, dd does not think all that car time is that much fun.

Yes, MN is cold right now! Although, by February 30 degrees will seem warm! I also have been stubbornly refusing to turn on the heat. We mainly heat with wood and use gas only for back up and I don't like to have to pay that gas bill! That charming old farm house? Also a bit drafty. I've been putting Cis to bed in a onesie, flannel footed pjs and then she sleeps with us.

That is so cool that Robin's doing the hand signs. It is so amazing how much they are learning right now.
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I know all about what it's like looking young for your age. I'm 21, most people think I'm 15-17. Even with a toddler on my hip! I get very interesting looks. :LOL

The weather here has gotten very cold all of a sudden. (Pocatello, Idaho) It's getting down in the 30s overnight. Am I the only one whose baby was born early? Rowan sent me into labor 20 days before my EDD! I was due the 27th, started labor on the 7th and he was born very early on the 8th. Making him
13 months today.

I can't believe how many of you mamas are pg, how exciting! Where is everyone in that area? Are any of you done having kids, pregnant, trying, waiting to try, letting nature takes it's course etc...? DH and I will be trying for #2 in February. I'm excited.

Augustine - Congratulations!!! All you pregnant mamas are making me more and more impatient to start TTC agan. Must keep telling myself to wait! Afterall, February will be here before I know it.

Meg - Welcome! I've been a member of MDC for awhile but just recently found this group. So far it's great. I'm really enjoying it.
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Meg -- Welcome!! My DS was born exactly on his due date -- the very first one they gave me when I was 6 wks pg. I was so surprised ... I thought for sure he was going to be early. I'm curious to see what they'll say the due date for this new babe will be, since I haven't had a prenatal visit yet. The online calculators say June 10.

Alia -- DH and I weren't really trying to get pg again... actually we wanted to wait until February too! I thought we were being quite careful, but apparently my cycle was off and I ovulated way late last month... ooopsie But the good thing is that school is out in mid-June, so I should be able to finish most of the school year. And my mom is also a teacher, so she will be finishing as well, and then have 3 months to help me out!

Of course, this is all assuming this baby is sticky... I hope he/she is!

Leomom & Harmony -- The words touched me. I sighed and remembered all the nights that I sat/sit up rocking Thor, nursing him in the moonlight that comes through our bedroom windows. There is really nothing sweeter...
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Welcome Meg!

I feel like an old woman with you all! I'll be 36 in December, and Mari is our first! We TTC and had fertility issues for so long. We married when I was 24 after dating/living together for 2 years. Then we had to be at a point where we could afford adoption. Mari is more than we could have hoped for so it makes all those years of waiting fade away! We're not sure if we'll adopt another, but perhaps when she is a toddler or preschool age we will adopt a toddler. I used to think I would miss the newborn stage, but with Mari coming home at nearly 8 months I realize now that it was a wonderful time for her to come home.

I love hearing about all their accomplishments. It's so interesting how they all focus on different things!

We went apple picking yesterday, and we were going to the pumpkin patch today but it's very wet so I don't think we're going to do it.

Hope everyone has a good remainder of the weekend!

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Augustine..congrats! I'm curious, have you noticed a drop in your milk supply? How does that work, does it go down and then back up again?

Jen, I'm looking for someone to make me a simple quilt...basically sewing together squares of Kate's baby clothes. Could you do something like that? Maybe we could work out a trade? I wish I could sew!!!

Kate took her first dtep 2 days ago. Yesterday she took another. It's so exciting seeing how thrilled she is with her accomplishments!
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Originally Posted by leomom
Jen, I'm looking for someone to make me a simple quilt...basically sewing together squares of Kate's baby clothes. Could you do something like that? Maybe we could work out a trade? I wish I could sew!!!
I think Becca's the mad quilter. I can knit like no one's business, but sewing is not my forte, especially machine sewing (as Savannah can attest to with the dolls I made her!!!). So I'd love to but you wouldn't want me to

Holli - you're not old. I'm 31. Not 36, but still in those 30s.

Happy Sundays, j
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Stacey~ The keepsake is beautiful! I seriously need to start my scrapbooking. I have so many ideas in my head.
Yikes about the mice.
WTG Kate on taking steps!

That's so cool about Robin doin the Itsy Bitsy hands! Desi goes to a music class and she has started imitating. And sometimes she will sing spontanteously. Its so cute. She has always responded well to music. Its our therapy.

Welcome to the group Meg!

Desi was born 12 days early according to my first EDD, 15 according to the sonogram.

I keep on going back and forth about when I want to TTC. I want them to be at least 2 years apart, but then with everyone getting all these BFPs its making me have baby fever. Its frustrating sometimes because I still don't have a period yet. But Desi still nurses quite frequently esp at night. I keep on thinking that I'm going to start. I get the cramps, the moodswings, but no menses yet.
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Hey!! It's so fun having other moms like me to talk to!!! I do have a few local mama's who are similar, but ya know, it just gets hard to get out and have a good ole time with the babe in tow. Live it up, is what I tell my little sister. All those hours of uninterupted shopping, sleeping, etc.- enjoy it. Because it all changes with kids, in the most wonderful way, of course.

If it means anything, while I am 28, I have ALWAYS felt about 35, my best friend and my husband are both 43. It's just now, for the first time in my life that I am making friends who are my age and younger. I love the young mamas, I just think they are so cool. I think I might have been a basket case!!! Although a lot of my girlfriends had kids right away and I loved hanging with them and their kiddos.

About the next baby..... well, I've wanted #2 since Cecilia was about 3 months! However, I'm actually pretty happy to have had a little time. I have everything done for my masters degree except that pesky little thing called a thesis and I promised myself that I would finish it before I could get pregnant again. So, if I get going, I was thinking I could start trying around..... drumroll, February!! How funny! Of course, trying for us, is, not trying at all. Cecilia was a complete surprise. My sister in law had to tell me that maybe the reason I couldn't get off the couch and had 'a touch of the flu' for three months might mean I was pregnant!

Okay, off for the Sunday night routine. Supper, Simpsons and then Desperate Housewives. meg
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