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Joining you!

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I've known since 6dpo but have been in denile, i'm now 10dpo and I can't deny this mornings bfp! I'm due 6/14/06 but I'm guessing I will have the baby 6/1 since i'll either have a repeat c-section or an induction because they can't let me go into labor naturally thanks to Lovenox injections (blood thinners). This will be a stressful pregnancy and i'm not thrilled about it I've had 4 losses and 1 HELLP syndrome baby so I get to have lots of u/s which i'm not thrilled with and lots of monitoring. I'm sad that I will never get my home birth or even low tech pregnancy
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Hi Satori,
That does sound very stressful. I hope you stick around and have an uneventful pregnancy.
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Welcome and may this pregnancy be uneventful and end in a completely healthy baby and mama!
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hey satori-
i've just had my first live baby on lovenox, so feel free to pick my brain about the shots. i was induced (bloodwork started looking funky) but ended up with a problem free vaginal delivery (no previous c/s- aren't inductions a bad idea for someone w/ a previous c/s?).

wising you all the best!!
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I'm about to go pick up the shots so i'll take any tips you wanna give me! The Dr said home health will come out and show me how but when I called they said it would take up to a week to come out and I don't wanna m/c while waiting for them to come out because of a clot or something. So I've read a lot online and it seems to be pretty stright forward thing so i'm going to try it. All else fails, have someone who does insulin injections show me how to do it.
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Yup, it is pretty straightforward and you should definitely get started sooner rather than later.

For myself, I found that putting the needle in on an angle with the slanted side pointed upwards was less painful. I also iced the area afterwards if it was sore. Some people use heat. The meds burned when it went in so be prepared that you might experience that too.

I did them in my belly the whole time- I had/ve a lot of extra flab there.

After you do the shot, (after its taken out of you) press the plunger really hard and a safety cap will pop out over the needle so you can dispose of it safely.

I think that's it.

Congrats again!
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Thanks for the advice I picked them up and that needle was 3x as long as what I was picturing! I couldn't bring myself to do it so to tomorrow i'm going to schedule a nurse appt to be shown how. Its really just a matter of I think its going to hurt like heck and i'm a wimp.
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Satori, Just sending you and your family lots of love & positive vibes!

May this pregnancy be easier than you think and the birth rewarding than you ever dreamed.

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Thanks Spark Hows your preg going? The hypermesis getting better? I'm praying I don't get it this time but the OB offered me meds today since m/s kicked in at 9dpo but so far i'm keeping down food. I won't even have a chance at a home birth much less a UC this time around and i'm pretty bummed about it
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Satori here's some healthy pregnancy dust for you.
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Satori, I'm so sorry that you don't get to birth the way you want to. I don't have much information on Lovenox , but I understand it involves a self administered shot to prevent blood clotting and thus miscarriage. There's some information about Lovenox and homebirth in Midwifery Today from earlier this year. I think i remember you saying that you didn't have a single MW around you who you trusted though, wasn't that right? Anyway, the article seemed to say that there were some other options - getting the meds out of your system 12-24 hours before birth or going off the meds in the last few weeks or switching to another kind of blood thinner late in pregnancy. Back-up of course going to the hospital if labor began before any of these measures took place. Again, I'm not really up on this topic. Did an OB tell you that you couldn't have a homebirth or a natural hospital delivery?

Either way, if you've already done research on the topic and feel best about your decision to birth in a hospital via induction or Cesarean, then of course I fully support you in your journey. I know you are a well informed mama! I feel for you, because I know how committed to natural birthing at home you are! I wish you could have your dream birth, Satori.

Thank you for asking about my pregnancy. I always keep you and the other mamas who were due in December close to my heart. While I'm still throwing up daily, I know that it's more of an inconvenience and not anything to really complain about. I'm admitted to the hospital for days at a time anymore. The baby is growing and kicking. Daily vomit in exchange for a baby is a bargain.

I really hope this pregnancy goes smoothly for you, Satori. Know that you'll be in my thoughts.
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P.S. Someone online you might want to PM:
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I picked them up and that needle was 3x as long as what I was picturing! I couldn't bring myself to do it so to tomorrow i'm going to schedule a nurse appt to be shown how. Its really just a matter of I think its going to hurt like heck and i'm a wimp.
I know. The insulin needles are much nicer...thinner and less painful. BUT, the lovenox needles you actually get used to. Just make sure to insert it on an angle, not straight in. It helped me to have someone else do the shots, actually. there were many times I didn't feel the needle going in at all. If it really hurts going in, take it out and try another spot because you might be hitting a vein (and that will give you a nasty bruise).

For this pg, I was co-mangaged by a midwife who mostly does homebirths (and some birth center/hospital births) and a (homebirth advocating) perinatologist and I was induced at 37 weeks. I was monitored very closely by my choice and my weekly bloodwork started showing signs of pre-e/placental issues before I had any overt symptoms at all, so I am thankful that I chose to be monitored closely.

Before I was diagnosed, I wanted a homebirth and fantasized about a UC, but things worked out for me perfectly...I have a live baby in my arms and I felt like I understood and agreed to the interventions that were done so I feel very empowered. Although I wasn't dilated at all, the only augmentation I needed was cervadil- it started my labor and I delivered 12 hrs later (I asked for an epi really late in the game because the contractions were 2-3 mins apart from the beg).

I hope you can find providers that really listen to you, answer your questions and help you make decisions that are the best ones for you. Once you lose a baby, you often have to re-evaluate your ideas about what a good birth experience means to you and that's okay. My birth was different than what I thought I wanted and I have absolutely no regrets and it was amazingly beautiful. I hope for the same for you.
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Satori, come over to this thread if you like...

clotting disorder thread in fyt
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Originally Posted by Spark
P.S. Someone online you might want to PM:

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