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Originally Posted by mimi!
Hi everyone,
I just heard of this tribe and thought I'd join! What a great discussion

I've had problems with candida and allergies for a long time now, on and off, at times I'm able to quash it. I'm bf'ing right now, so no major killing can go on, and I'm finding that enteric coated bacteria are working best, but I'm going though a bottle a week just to keep the good bacteria numbers up. Its a bit of a battle, and I'm avoiding all my allergy foods too (dairy, corn, wheat, rice). I've tried Garden of Life probiotics and they worked for a bit but no longer. What are some of your favs?

I used to like Culturelle and Nature's Way Reuteri.

But really the best, most economical source is homemade yogurt or kefir. One teaspoon of 24 hr. yogurt contains 5x the amount of probiotics as a capsule.

How did you determine a dairy allergy? If you cook the yogurt for 24 hrs all the lactose is gone. Also, the proteins are predigested. But milk and regular yogurt contains lactose which feeds the yeast and can cause reactions.

Corn, wheat and rice are causing problems for you b/c it's the disaccharide molecules are not being fully broken down and are feeding the yeast in the gut:
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Originally Posted by crunchy_mama
Welcome to All!!!

we are still plugging along here, wanted to post another recipe for ya'll

Pumpkin Pie


I still haven't received my book yet! I am getting a bit discouraged. My hormones are so out of whack, I have been depressed and grumpy. We want a baby so bad! But with trying to get him healed it really isn't possible right now I am thinking it might never happen... Luke is supposed to be ebf'ing, but keeps find crumbs of whatever on the floor- I do sweep everyday!
that pie recipe sounds awesome... I used to make something like it without a crust during my "eat dessert everyday b/c I'm pregnant yeast fest"! :LOL

You will get pg when you are ready. I think this time will be good for you and for your little man, perhaps it's nature's way of telling you that you need it?

At least this is what I'm telling myself now too. I'm not TTC, I can't until a year from now b/c I want to allow time to detox from my fillings and also build my gut back up to perfect as I can.

Has Luke been asking for food? How's his poop lately
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Originally Posted by Pookietooth
Jane, I sure wish ds would eat squash, he won't go near it unless it's in the form of pumpkin pie, and I'm even wondering about that now. And he hates pureed food of any kind, will not eat applesauce or any other sauce. He sort of eats steamed apples and pears, but much prefers them raw, likes to chew things. Sigh. He will eat the cashew and pecan muffins I've made, maybe I could try a pumpkin muffin.
I made some beef stock, and even though I cooked it overnight, it still didn't gel when cooled. Also, I had some today, and I think it triggered a migraine. The beef bones were from a regular supermarket, could they have had MSG added to them?
Was it Moneca that was posting about hiding squash and avocado in turkey or beef meatballs? You might try that.

Hmmm... did you add vinegar to the bones? I don't know re: MSG but I think it's possible. I used to react to the pesticides on certain apples & cherries, my throat would close up.

Have you tried finding a Weston Price chapter in your area that could help you find local sources of meat if you want? The bones are sooo cheap thru my local co-op. This is the Eat Wild list for WA:

My guy is pleading for raw apple everyday, the poor thing. I still have him on all cooked fruit ex. bananas. I think it's been the enzymes that have been causing huge die off in him, which is good, but hard to deal with behaviorally.

He's doing great on goat yogurt, I'm very surprised and THRILLED!!!
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Originally Posted by tweetybirds2
Ugh! I've been MIA for the past few days--going through major detox! Dang. I guess that means it's working? I didn't eat all day yesterday, just water and a little broth in the evening. This morning I made the homemade jello and had a little of that. I think I might have jumped into things to quickly this time.
The x-factor butter oil came the other day too, and I took some of that, so maybe that stuff is powerful too and caused the healing detox to come on.

We've been unable to conceive since I had my 3 yo. So I'm hoping that healing will help with that too. Although I may have some blocked tubes or something like that from a surgery I had, so I might go to the doctor in a few months to check that out too.
That's very interesting re: the butter oil. Butter contains butyric acid, something spelled like that, that is also supposed to kill yeast/microbes.

Speaking of TTC, it's been very interesting to me to read the Weston Price Foundation stuff about traditional diets having special foods for TTC parents and how modern diets and low nutrients are correlated with infertility. When I'm rational and not just feeling sorry for myself, I'm very grateful to DS for teaching me all this thru our experiences. Perhaps your body needed to make this journey first too
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Originally Posted by sarahariz
Hi Jane,

Her face looks pretty good... I've noticed my nose was stuffy so I wondered if it was the yogurt... I was mixing it w/ homemade granola-not SCD legal-but I haven't taken that plunge yet. But the last two days, I didn't eat any yogurt, and it is just as stuffy! So maybe it is due to yeast?

The stuffy nose could be detox from the yogurt and your diet changes too, hard to say. Detox does take several days. As does yeast overgrowth too...

I'm definately less sensitive to molds... we had water in our basement last week from a week of rain and I cleaned out some moldy boxes. I was surprised that I reacted so minorly. This is HUGE for me.
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Originally Posted by Gale Force

Hey ladies. I read this thread when I can and have posted a time or two and thought I'd put in a proper intro.

I had my son in April of 2002...

In this current round, I had no nipple thrush pop either until yesterday. I thought I was in the clear. But we've had a lot of stress in Sep and OCt and have been without a hot water for two weeks. Sitting in your own stink for two weeks does not help in the bacteria department. In any case, I still have a bit of a case, and am still a work in progress. But the more I read about all of this, the more I realize that we're all going to be a work in progress, forever.

So I was reading a book the other day "Depression Cured at Last" by Sherry Rogers and she mentioned that the gut can't be balanced if you have some key underlying nutritional deficiencies. I don't have the book here, but I am writing this so that I remember to find the quote and report back to you all. That in itself would mean it's a long road for all of us. It's hard to get nourished with the gut problems, hard to get rid of the gut problems with the malnourishment.
Thank you Amanda, it's wonderful to see you again

Although I'm sad to hear you are on Round #586 of this!!!

That is very, very interesting about the nutritional deficiencies...please do elaborate when you can. It is chicken and egg b/c a damaged gut won't absorb nutrition adequately either. Makes you crazy.

Have you tried enzymes? Karen DeFelice's book was fabulous, there's a lot of possibilities for healing yeast and bacterial infections by taking protease and cellulase enzymes on an empty stomach www.enzymestuff.com

Although I agree that fermented foods probably are the best source of enzyems, as I think food is the best source of all nutrients... but again, we are not starting with normal, healthy guts to begin with. And probably with reduced body enzyme production as well.

P.S. I was reading some interesting information the other day of how fluoride kills enzymes, found that fascinating. Let's tic off another cause of why so many people have allergies/leaky gut/yeast.
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Originally Posted by Gale Force
IKWYM. The baby planning part is the most painful of all of this. I went through many an emotional turmoil over this issue -- when would I be ready? Does my husband think we're ready? I cried a lot. I gave myself deadlines to be well. I didn't meet the deadlines. I stepped back to relax, decided we wouldn't be having more, gave away baby toys and diapers, and now it's anybody's guess. I'm still not ready 3 1/2 years pp. I had a m/c just over a year ago now at 9 weeks and was probably foolish to get pg in the first place. This all takes so much time and the amount of time is really out of our control to a large degree. We don't *really* know what's wrong exacty so we just forge ahead the best we can and recover in bits and pieces and come out better for it, but probably at a much later date than we ever expected.
Thank you for saying it so personally... I feel a lot of angst not only to heal DS but also myself. I often mourn the fact that I'm not pg again. And then, like you said, think it would be foolish to even try again. It's horrible to be so aware sometimes.

Plus I'm old, 39
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Originally Posted by Gale Force
Jane - Have you posted your son's story anywhere? I've read bits and pieces only.
We are here:

Might not be updated now though, I literally feel like I learn something new constantly. Such as I originally blamed yeast but stool tests have shown more pathogenic bacteria.
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Originally Posted by Gale Force
It says "Eat the doughnut. Just buy it and eat it in the grocery store parking lot before you drive home. It will just take a minute. Think of the chocolate coating. Who cares if it's loaded with partially hydrogenated oils and processed sugars, you need it now. Just go buy it and eat it real fast and it won't even count. Have you purchased it yet? Because it's time to eat it. It's right over there. Go now. Eat it."

And then you eat it and feel like crap.

YES! Although since I did most all my shopping at Whole Foods I could convince myself of the fact that the cheese danishes or almond tarts or Ben & Jerry's did not contain hydrogenated fats meant it was healthy, after all that store wouldn't carry it if it wasn't. :

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OH, and I have to confess...

I CHEATED in the past couple weeks. More than once. :

1. Had wedding cake at a friend's wedding (maybe a half a piece, very little of the sickeningly sweet frosting... my tastebuds are SO changed from what they used to be, and I really didn't crave the whole piece like I would in the past).

NO reactions.

Zip, zilch, nada. No gas, no heartburn, no...um... diarrhea. I did take enzymes with it. This thrills me beyond belief b/c this means I'm definately on the track to healing. Does this mean I'll do it again? NO, I'm pretty commited to SCD and now I think I'm just going to make more SCD legal treats for myself since it seems I can handle them pretty well.

2. Ate Food For Life, Ezekiel 4:9 6 Sprouted Grain Tortillas that I had hanging around in the back of the freezer. I NEEDED a cheese quesadilla for some reason some day, I was tired of making stuff from scratch all the time and I figured, what the heck... sprouted means easily digestible right? NOT

OMG the pain and agony from those tortillas!!!

And interestingly enough, I'd forgotten how it kept me awake at night and also I woke up in the wee hours and couldn't get back to sleep... gee, just like my DS!!

Not that I did it to further our knowledge... but this is very interesting scientific research dontcha think? :LOL

To me it means that the whole grains are the most difficult for the gut to break down... and we all know how important the current nutritional advice is to eat whole grains, even on some "anti-candida" diets.

Strangely enough these cheats really cemented my faith in the SCD and how it works for me and doesn't have me wanting more.
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MY book finally arrived!! Yea. Trying to get through it. Really hard to concentrate on all that science stuff with a babe trying to get your attention! (she likes to play with the cat toys and pretend I am the cat!! dangling this sticky thing with a feather on the end in my face. Pretty good hand coordination for a 10 mo old )

Well the thrush has receded again and I am back on the mend. Boy i really hope it stays away cause that pain makes me

Not to mention the cravings. I keep having conversations in my head about how I really shouldn't eat those things like the halloween candy my sister brought into the house. How am I supposed to have it stare me in the face all day and not eat it!
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Originally Posted by JaneS
Plus I'm old, 39
36 1/2 here as the clock ticks away. I just take it all a day at a time. I also know that what I am doing for my body will only help my fertility, regardless of my biological age.
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Originally Posted by JaneS
To me it means that the whole grains are the most difficult for the gut to break down... and we all know how important the current nutritional advice is to eat whole grains, even on some "anti-candida" diets.
I still can't eat them either and I expect I'll be grain free forever. This is not to scare anybody, because some people just can't tolerate grains. I think I am one of them.
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I read your story and I noticed that somewhere on this long thread, you talk about how this is all your fault. Do you mean with the actions that led you down the gut path? Antibiotics and such? I'm just asking because I may have missed something. Metals are the issue, but you're not high in all of them. Do you know where he was exposed to the 3As or do you think it's more an issue of his body not being able to process toxins well and he's happened to hold those in?

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I might be cinfusing things...but what if you are vegetarian? You don't HAVE to eat meat to heal your gut, do you?
Also, does anyone have any really good bread recipies that are wheat free? Maybe using rice and/or soy flour? My ds's dr wants him wheat free, and I think the rest of the kids will end up wheat free as well...( they are classic 'Is This Your Child' cases, :LOL )
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Originally Posted by tofumama
I might be cinfusing things...but what if you are vegetarian? You don't HAVE to eat meat to heal your gut, do you?
Theoretically, no. But the problem comes in getting enough protein. I cut out all grains, beans, and dairy when I did my diet.
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Hi, don't mind me, I am just subscribing to this fantastic thread. I just got through the 1st 5 pages but I have to go to bed now!
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Originally Posted by Gale Force
36 1/2 here as the clock ticks away. I just take it all a day at a time. I also know that what I am doing for my body will only help my fertility, regardless of my biological age.
I'm 43 & conceived my first child at 41-while I was eating chocolate like crazy!
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is there anywhere to go for more support with the diet for vegetarians? i keep trying to get myself psyched up to do this but don't know how to make it work as a vegetarian. and i don't have the $$ to buy the book if it won't work for us
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Hi. I don't have time to read all the threads.... so I hope its not redundent.

I need HELP! its me. me who has issues. I'm sure my kids do too but right now I am miserable. I have 'patches' of rashes in various places and is what I'm sure is caused by yeast. My stomach hurts and feels like pressure which makes it hard to breathe and my throat feels closed.

I've read some just online to figure out that its most likely leaky gut and yeast.... help me more? any book suggestions. diets to follow?

I know I have to cut out dairy - besides yogurt which we go through a lot of. I'm not a big milk person but it is there in small amounts. need to cut out coffee I'm sure We don't eat refined sugars (regularly) and I make our own breads w/ whole wheat flours. I do eat a lot of fruit so suppose that needs to be cut out for a while right? What about honey?

Its gotten worse over the last week or so as well as my stress levels. So bad I have a hard time breathing all the time and getting to sleep. I don't have money to go to a natraopath unfortunately. Not that I could find one around here anyway :

sorry about the questions. I need pointed in the right dirrection
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