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Originally Posted by elisabeth
Has anyone here read any of Joel Fuhrman's stuff? This is my issue. I came to this forum after completely changing my diet due to reading Eat to Live . I really believe in his theories. They are compatible to SCD, and we have adapted pretty well. I got his new book:Disease-Proof Your Child yesterday and I'm about halfway through it. I feel so conflicted. For those of you who don't know him, he is a family practitioner in NJ who has successfully reversed all kinds of auto-immune diseases through nutritional healing. He has also had great success with allergies, asthma and bowel conditions. The only major place his "diet" deviates from SCD is that he doesn't believe that humans were meant to consume dairy. And I'll tell you what, he makes a very strong, scientific case.
I don't know anything about Fuhrman, is there any info online?

I too believe humans where not meant to eat homogenized, pasteurized dairy.

Raw milk is completely different...well absorbed calcium and vitamins. More easily digested proteins and fats. Probiotics, immunoglobulins and enzymes are intact, like breastmilk. One only has to read about Weston Price's research to know that raw dairy builds strong, disease resistant bodies and cavity resistant teeth. Several European tribes he studied ate more than half dairy and their health was perfect. Seems very hard to argue with to me.

However, if you are Asian, you probably shouldn't be eating dairy... the diet of your ancestors determines what is healthiest for you to eat b/c the body adapts.

I'd like to see the science... does he quote studies we can look up?
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I'll be back to welcome more of our new members, I'm really psyched you are here!
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I haven't read enough yet.. what's CLO?
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Cod liver oil which contains omega 3s that the body can readily use. Omega 3s are necessary for brain, eye, and neuro development in babes from the thrid trimester through 2 years. Omega 3s help to boost immunity and decrease inflammatory processes in adults just to name the main benefits.


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thanks ladies for the info! I guess I would know all about the whole grain issue if I had read the BTVC book or NT. I started looking at some of the pecanbread.com recipes, looks very yummy. I am so psyched that I don't totally have to give up "sweets." We don't have a lot of money right now, especially after the $200+ ND visit, so I was hoping to not have to buy the BTVC book, but it looks like I might need to do that to completely understand things.

Is the diet just that I avoid what is on the Illegal list, or is there something I am missing?

It makes sense that I need to do the diet, after you guys explained it, especially right now that he is 100% bf'ing, sorry I am a bit slow at times. The ND said the brain fog can be due to yeast, I sure hope so, I am so tired of having this horrible memory. I forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence, it is horrible. I feel like I am just getting stupidier by the moment, and I don't even think that's a word....

Moneca and Lisa I hated to read about your babies throwing up! I cannot imagine how difficult that is/was. I am having enough stress here with Luke. Worried I am doing the wrong thing, worried he will not heal and I am screwing up by even trying this. Worried he will never actually eat real food. Worried that everyone thinks I am starving him....How do all of you ladies deal with that? I am just trying to go off instinct, but it is hard sometime.

welcome to the new mamas!!! Hopefully we can all lean on each other during this journey! Lisa you asked about snacks; the www.pecanbread.com site has snack recipes
and http://www.scdiet.org/2recipes/indexa.html

this one as well, I am just trying to figure this out, so I am probably not the best to ask, I have been snacking on sunflower seeds and fruits or veggies; which I am not sure if they are legal, I am still not up on all of this

zanelee, how is your dh coping with the changes? dh is going through this as well, although I have been fixing side dishes and such that are "illegal" so he doesn't feel too deprived, I hope to cut it all out shortly though, if I can figure out some good recipes to try. Dh has a massive yeast problem, he is such a dairy addict though! I cannot get him to give up the Nestle's Quik( I know that is wrong on sooooo many levels)!!!

Has anyone heard of enzymes from Thorne Research, that is what I got from the ND, man I hope they are good, because they were expensive (imo)?

thanks again ladies, hope I didn't forget anything, rambling on and on
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well, it looks like SCD won't be doable for me right now

there's a page in the knowledge base for vegetarians that basically says unless you can eat at least 1 egg a day and cheese, you won't get enough protein. Since cow's milk and egg whites are on our avoid list we won't be able to do it. although we can do goat's milk products and egg yolks. i don't know how to get egg yolks properly separated from the whiltes though
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Elizabeth, I've read both books you've mentioned, and I agree that it is hard to figure out who is right when both arguments seem so compelling. I think ETL would be a healthy diet if your gut was totally healed so that you could absorb all the hard to digest foods.
You really should read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price. The stories of the people he visited are undeniable and totally inspirational. It will give you a whole new perspective.

I've been gone for a while, but I want to start the diet up again. I did it 100% for 2 weeks when I first started, then life got too crazy. My stomach felt great, and I even lost quite a bit of weight as a nice little bonus.

Have any of you run into the problem of vanilla? So many SCD recipes called for vanilla, and so I went to buy some when I ran out, then read all the labels and could NOT find one brand that didn't list corn syrup as an ingredient!! WTH?!
So, what brands of vanilla are ya'll using, and where do I find some that doesn't have corn syrup. Or is it just that you usually use such a small amount that it doesn't matter?
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tweetybird, I noticed the vanilla that dh picked up for me had corn syrup in it, but I haven't looked a whole lot. I was shocked, I completely didn't realize this, why must they add corn syrup to everything? I was pretty sure the Mexican vanilla I bought (huge bottle) didn't have corn syrup, but I might have missed it. I have seen many recipes that suggest making your own vanilla, by soaking vanilla beans in some alcohol(cannot remember the type) but alcohol is probably illegal, I haven't got that far yet....
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I think it's vodka that you soak the beans in.
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ok, forgive the million questions, but I was rereading the intro diet, thinking we might give it a go. It sounds to me from her info on allergies that she thinks that you should try the foods unless they are causing a serious reaction, as it is actually a problem with the gut and not so much a true allergy. I agree that I don't think the issues with my lil' guy are exactly allergies, but it seems like a lot on his system. Maybe I should try anyway...... I think I will ask dh if he thinks we can squeeze enough money out of the budget to buy the book...
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Vanilla Extract can be expensive and the brands you find locally may have illegals in it. You can easily make your own

Shiela Trenholm shows us how :-

About 1 cup of vodka
4 or 5 beans
A tall thinnish bottle.

Cut a slit down the length of the beans. Place them in the bottle. Fill with vodka. Screw on bottle top and let sit for at least 1 month. A few times during the month i give the bottle a good shake (whenever I remember). After 1 month I drain of some of the vanilla vodka extract through a coffee filter into another clean bottle. Then top up the original bottle with some more vodka. Periodically I add more fresh vanilla beans. I think I have about 8 - 10 in there now

From Pecan Bread support group

Here are some online sources for legal vanilla, which were posted by list-members:
Pure Vanilla Extract, made only with vanilla and alcohol, from Penzeys Spices http://www.penzeys.com/

Zeron Double Intensity Vanilla extract
From the LI listserve

Here is the info on vanilla from Elaine's site, it is vodka as you said Liane!
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ok, thinking again, I printed out the intro diet, will try this minus the egg and dairy, I will wait a while to try these things. I had egg today and he had diarrhea, this could be that he snagged the spoon I was using for biscuits yesterday, but not sure. I believe I have unflavored gelatin here, I guess I will just eat a whole lotta soup.
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RE: eggs, dairy allergies etc.

At this point in our journey, these are my thoughts:
Unless you have done a elimination diet/challenge for these foods or had an allergy test to confirm the allergy.... and both of those can also not be perfect.
And you do have suspected yeast/bacteria problems with the gut.
I think you should rethink the "allergy".

I admit I don't know anything about allergy testing. However, I do know that intestinal flora imbalance causes diarrhea that it took us a long time to figure out exactly what the causes were. And along the way I thought DS had a lot of allergies too, which he didn't end up having, it's just that his whole gut was a mess.

Just another perspective from a mama who's trying to find our way too. Follow your intuition.
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Originally Posted by lisa2976

Trying to read some of the old threads and learn more..

Dd is 8.5 months, no solids yet (one or two tries), I did TED and found she reacted to dairy, soy, garbanzo beans, pork, citrus, all melons, all red berries, and peanuts (at least so far that's what we know, I'm still adding foods...)

I had abx during labor, never made it to fullblown thrush although I had some symptoms, she had none.

Reactions to foods I eat include huge amounts of ear wax, spitting up (she's on prevacid for reflux too), red diaper rash, ring around anus, screaming, congestion, inability to poo.

My mother and her mom have dairy/egg allergies, my FIL has a seafood allergy. I wasn't given any dairy until 14 months (ebf) so I don't think I had the exposure to have the allergy (mom didn't consume dairy while bf).

Dh and I have histories of chronic ear infections/tubes, although we both have no known food allergies.

The more I read, the more I learn, the more it all makes sense yet I can't explain it to someone and I can't fix it. SO I'm hoping you guys can help out!

At the moment dd and I are both taking probiotics (jarrow baby for her, another brand for me), I'm avoiding those foods she reacted to, and we're eaglerly waiting to start solids BUT the few times she's had some she either throws it all back up 1-2 hrs after eating or doesn't poo for a week, both of which I qualify as reactions. She's had apple, pear, cucumber, and avocado.

Teething, crawling, pulling up, generally frustrated, not sleeping well (either of us) nursing every 2 hrs at night and every hour during the day. The reflux seems mostly controlled with the meds and limiting my diet.


I would think about discontinuing the Baby Jarrow and going with acidophilus only now that she is on solids... based on our experience and the information from the SCD:


Start with cooked and well pureed foods only, no raw... they are harder to digest. Except banana can be raw as long as it is very very ripe with lots and lots of black spots. This means all the complex sugars are converted to simple sugars and is therefore easy to digest.

The red ring and other symptoms are definately an intestinal flora problem. And since you have had symptoms too, it's possible you have leaky gut as well, which is why you seem to be seeing reactions in her to what you eat. If your gut is not breaking down your food properly whole food molecules could be passing through your intestinal wall, into your bloodstream and therefore, into your milk... they are not supposed to be there, your babe is not ready for them, and that is why so many foods are producing reactions.

This is very hard to try to figure all this out with an intestinal flora imbalance/leaky gut when you base it on a "food reaction" theory. Meaning: "If I elminate all the foods my baby is reacting to, we will heal". It seems to be more complex than that. Eliminating foods still doesn't fix the problem. Like my previous message re: dairy/egg allergies, there could be a lot going on that is not necessarily triggered by one or two or a group of foods.

Good description of intestinal flora and the SCD diet focus on specific carbohydrates that are easy to digest and don't feed the "bad gut bugs":

HTH! Keep reading and asking questions, you'll get there
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Originally Posted by pbandj

I was wondering what all you mamas cook with as far as pots and pans and crockpots. There was a thread here about some Rival Crockpots containing "low or safe" levels of lead in the ceramic glaze.


We still use ours, though, because I haven't been able to find anything else. My mom just got brand new stainless steel copper bottom pots because I was telling her about aluminum pans and how they are not good for your health. Are these good to cook with? I've discovered that I am really not missing the nonstick pans all that much anyway.

We're sort of struggling here and somehow having AF just screws everything up and I can't eat well. But we're trying.... I am so amazed at the willpower and strength all of you have to eat so well. Even though I know everything I eat goes straight to my baby I still find it hard every single meal of the day and every single day.

I read this thread every day for inspiration, you are all such good mamas!
Liane, I've been wondering how you were

I use stainless steel (and have exclusively with DS since he was born, which is why his testing somewhat high in aluminum floored me). Occasionally cast iron.

ARGH re: crockpot!!! I do use our Rival crockpot every once in a while, and to stew DS's lamb, and he hasn't tested high in lead at least.

Thank you for your kind words. Believe me, every day is a struggle here too. I'm sure many of the mamas just starting the journey feels exactly the same way as you do. I often think if I had just wised up long ago, we wouldn't still be here... but you don't want to hear my rants!!
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Originally Posted by zanelee
Well, I just received copies of Nourishing Traditions and Wild Fermentation.
I warned dh last night that our diet is about to radically change! :LOL
Any suggestions as I embark on this long read/journey?
Start with somewhat familiar things... like if you have oatmeal or pancakes, follow the instructions in NT for soaking it first. Make fermented salsa and pickled red peppers.
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DS's snacks: almond cookies or muffins, leftover pancakes/waffles, fruit

My snacks: the above, or cheese, nut butter, fruit, yogurt ... in various combinations and smoothies
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Another fantastic recipe site:

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We use:

Organic Nielsen Massey vanilla extract from Whole Foods (only the organic ... and more expensive version ... doesn't contain sugar)

Vanilla from www.DigestiveWellness.com
I get our almond flour and bulk honey for baking here. (we use local raw honey if it is to be eaten unheated for its benefits).
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