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Can't come up with a middle name.. help please

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Anyone have any suggestions? We're pretty sure dd's first name will be McKenna, but we can't agree or come up with a middle name.

At first we were going to give her my last name as a middle name, but it sounded so long and formal, like 3 last names all together. Then I suggested McKenna Zofia, because I'm Irish and dh is Polish, but he thought it was overly ethnic. I actually like the way it sounds, though.

Then I suggested Mckenna Aoife (Ee-fah) and that got a blank stare. So, I am not sure. Dh hasn't suggested anything, but doesn't seem fond of my suggestions either.

I'm beginning to hate this middle name business, maybe I will just forgo the middle name, Dh and his sister do not have middle names...FIL said it was so difficult coming up with the first names they never got around to the middle.

The last name is one syllabal and begins with L

Thanks for any suggestions or feedback
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How about Lorraine.. I don't know what your last name is but McKenna Lorraine has a certain ring to it.. Well to me anyway.. My boys both have odd names... (Mercury Alexander, and Xavier Kerrclan, and if this next one is a girl she will be Kathleena Maxine, so i seem to like odd names..) I'm sure you'll come up with something... Parents always seem to....

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Hi Lea,
I really like the name McKenna!! I think a 2 syllable middle name would be best since first name is three and last name is one. That would flow best IMO. I like Sophia more than Zofia but either one is one too many syllables to flow well. The other name you mentioned is just not my style - sorry!
If your maiden name is too long, how about your mom's or MIL's first or middle name? Or one of the grammas'?
In general, I like names like Leigh or Rae for middle names if you aren't naming after someone - which is always my first choice for middle names.
Only two syllable name I can think of that seems to work is Nicole.
McKenna Leigh?
McKenna Rae?
McKenna Nicole?
Good luck deciding! And you could always skip it altogether - I don't have a middle name either! It is annoying though - sometimes on forms and such. And some people think your middle name is so bad that you just won't tell it.
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How about Lenore?
McKenna Lenore sounds kind of nice....and Lenore is a fairly classic name.
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well, I'm a little biased, but what about Maeve? If you're trying to stick with the Irish thing....

Then her momogram would be nicely balanced, (don't ask me why I think ths is a bonus, I'm wierd, I guess) and it wouldn't spell anything funky, either.

Or.........Mairead? Um.... Niahm? Maire?

I like Zophia, spelt either way, but don't like the "ah" sound on the end of both names.

I really like the name McKenna, but I'd be a bit worried that it would turn into "Mac".
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Thanks for the suggestions. There's a few there that I am mulling around.

McKenna Lenore was one I had considered. I love the names Lenore, Lenora, and Leanora. I do like it, just not sure how the 2 Ls together sounds. I suppose it sounds alright.

I do like a nice looking momogram too I use my initials constantly at work, so the fact that they're a nice combo is a plus to me. (Except they are KLO, and I'm just waiting for ppl to start teasing me about being K. Lo like J. Lo : )

McKenna Nicole sounds very nice to me, also. Except it reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith I'm sure she won't be popular for long, though, right?

We had a friend named McKenna and her nickname turned into "Mick", Which I like better than Mac. Hopefully, she will not allow herself to become a "Mac" ugh.

I will run them past the family at christmas and see how everyone feels about them


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How about something solid and British, like Anne or Jane? Or are those too ordinary? If you don't have a family name that you like, what about a best friend's name or a childhood palymate's name? How about McKenna Stephanie or McKenna Alison?
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If you like the L names, what about Lhiannan?

It means sweetheart, or lover. Lus y lhiannan is forget me nots. the flowers.
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Originally posted by Lea
I will run them past the family at christmas and see how everyone feels about them
I don't know that I would run anything past anyone - except us of course! There is sure to be someone who dislikes each of your ideas for one reason or another. Guess it depends on whether or not a family member disliking Lenore say (when you like it very much) would keep you from using it. I think it is your child and only you and dh have a say on the name. When something is for sure (I personally will use my dad's first name as a middle name for my first boy - if I ever have one - we have two girls so far but pregnant now) I make that clear so people who may not like that name will hopefully keep their opinions to themselves. I have a friend who felt she had to (and did) name her first child after her husband - who was named after his dad. I think there are literally thousands of names to choose before that one but I think she felt she had to. She told no one before he was born and named. Because I don't think she would have found much support for that name. But after he was named, what were we going to say? He goes by initials though so that is good.
I think Nicole sounds great as a middle and no one will even remember Anna Nicole Smith in a year!
Good luck deciding.
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