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i'm beyond frustrated....ds's doc says his mouth is fine, so he wouldn't give us diflucan, but i am so yeasty still and trying everything to get rid of it. the zantac has reduced his wakefulness and the crying/back arching, but he still only eats well when asleep. otherwise he pulls off all the time, clicks, and acts like his mouth is hurting
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Carrie, have you tried anything like Candida Clear from NOW?
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have you tried garlic, it is also helpful for yeast. I slice a raw garlic clove and slightly crush the slices with a spoon or fork and then swallow them whole like tablets with some juice or something. It really isn't as bad as it sounds!

Here's a great article:
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i have tried...gentian violet for us bothwhen we first dx this, caused a sore mouth for ds, nystatin for 2wks, jack newman's all purpose nipple ointment, acidophilus for us both, and grapefruit seed extract. we've had this for a month now, but only treated for 2 wks.

i'm not leaving that dr's office without diflucan for ds in the am. this is so frustrating. will get garlic to take too, thanks for the suggestion.

never heard of the other cream, my mwife seems to think the jack newman cream is pretty strong.
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Should you take the diflucan too?

Be careful wth the GSE on your nipples. It's great at killing stuff, but it can also really irritate the skin.
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i'm already taking the diflucan and taking the gse orally, using a vinegar rinse on the skin
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Just got back from our 2nd ped appointment and had to share--

At 11 weeks, Jonas weighs 15 lbs 2 oz, and is 25 inches long. That's a gain of over 6 lbs from his post-birth low, and 4 inches--yay breastmilk!
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Good job, Jonas!!!! (you too, mama!)
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Hey everybody! It's November, so look for a new chat thread for us here.

Any sugar hangovers this morning? Any good halloween pictures?
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