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emilena faye is here

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actually she's been here since tuesday morning but i've been lazy about posting. millie was born at home at 8:38am on september 27th after a speedy 3-hour labor and 3 pushes. 6lb 15oz and we're guessing around 20" long, though she hasn't actually been measured yet.

i'll work up a birth story and post it (hopefully) soon!
::: lori
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CONGRATULATIONS on the speedy homebirth!

Welcome to the world, little emilena (cute nickname, millie, by the way!) Post the whole story when you get a chance!
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Yay! Congrats on a speedy homebirth. Welcome to the world Millie!
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Congratulations on the wonderful homebirth and welcome sweet Millie!!
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welcome Millie you and I share a B-day Congrats on such a speedy delivery and happy baby moon
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Comgratulations, Mama! Looking forward to hearing more about your birth! Woo-hoo !

Emilena Faye!!!
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Congratulations! Welcome to Emilena Faye!!
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Congratulations and welcome Millie!
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