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Thank you so much for all the ideas for cream! I will have to try them out.

This sounds really good!!

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

2c yogurt cheese
3/4c sugar
1 1/4c milk
1/4c heavy cream
1t vanilla

Mix it all (I used the blender) then freeze it in your ice cream maker.

Unfortunately, in one of my frazzled mom moments, I was retrieving my toddler from the open fridge, and knocked my cream jar on the floor. It broke, spilling cream everywhere. So, my attempts to use cream will have to wait.

On the bright side, my parents are supposed to be getting a cow this weekend, so I will have lots of cream in the near future to experiement with!

Ice cream, cheesecake, frozen yogurt, .... Keep the ideas coming!
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What's up with xenabyte? Anyone know?
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Hello! I am quite happy to have this thread! I have been NT for almost 2 years, and I have had excellent results with it. I am still working on WAP's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, which is a fascinating read. I used to be a vegan, and managed to stay on that diet for a few years. I probably did my body quite a bit of damage, since I ate mostly junk, as long as it didn't contain animal products. Stupid! My DH also used to be vegetarian, and he is NOT the type of person who should be going without plenty of protein and fat, so I have quite enjoyed putting the glow of good health on his face! We have a 3 month old son, who was born easily and is strong and in excellent health. Thank you, WAP! We just started growing our own veggies and will be getting chickens as well.
There is so much good info on this forum, it will take me a while to read it all. I'm trying, though!
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She was working on a e-book.
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Originally Posted by lao80
She was working on a e-book.
Cool. Do you know the topic?

Edited to add: I did a search and discovered it's a cookbook.
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Oooppps, my mistake.
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No mistake Lindsey. It's an e-cookbook.
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Hey Violet. Welcome to the NT thread. There are many of us with a similar story except for the part, unfortunately, about finding NT before pregnancy.
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Welcome Violet!

I used to be vegetarian too and only found NT after I had problems with pg and my DS... I look forward to learning from you!
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whoa.....we are quiet right now..everyone cooking??
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Sorry I am a bit late on this thread. I have just gotten my supply of raw milk back so am appreciating all the ideas for cream. My kids just like to drink it so it is rare that I get an opportunity to make anything. They were very miffed to have to spend the winter with pasteurised milk & butter! This year I am going to stockpile butter in the freezer so we don't run out.

I have a question. Anyone here know how to make gelatin from stock bones ? I made the kids some orange jelly which they really enjoyed. All I did was chopped up a whole heap of fresh oranges & added some gelatin to set it. I have never seen organic gelatin but I can get organic stock bones.

Looks like a couple of our baby chickens are roos so we will be having roast chicken some time soon. Well in a couple of months probably. Not sure if I am looking forward to it or not.
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oceanmomma (and anyone else interested), PM me your email addy and I'll send you a pdf about how to make gelatin from the Encyclopedia of Country Living.
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OH, that sounds great Toraji, I will pm ya now.
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I am going back to NT way of eating next week... needing to prep everything from scratch this week and do the best that I can with what I have in the pantry. I miss feeling good all the time, I miss knowing that my food is made out of food, and I miss heachache-free days.

Glad to see so many familiar faces.
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Did I kill the thread?

I have a batch of bone broth in the crockpot right now. I've started doing it in there and getting really good results.
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Well, I made butter from Sam's (that's the new cow, she's a Guernsey) cream this week. It was so yellow and good! I'm making yogurt right now with her milk. I can't wait to try it tomorrow. I made pudding earlier in the week; it went very quickly, as the children loved it!

We're getting a 1/4 of grass-fed beef in about 10 days. I am looking forward to trying that too.

I'm going to try some of those cream ideas soon. I just have to get the cream from the farm next time.

What are your favorite non-soup ways to cook butternut squash? Can I use that in place of pumpkins in something like muffins?
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I've had success using it anywhere you would use pumpkin or any other winter squash. I really like it in bread with walnuts.
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My Fav non soup squash idea is to take the baked squash and mix with bitter greens, hemp oil and hemp hearts and serve over steak. Yum.
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Originally Posted by Selu Gigage
Did I kill the thread?

We were really busy around here lately, we had an ancestor party last night in honor of the Halloween/Samhain holiday. Basically you have a potluck where you bring a dish of your ancestors, and memorabilia of your dearly departed which you put on an altar, and go around the table telling stories about your dead relatives. We started doing this last year and had a great time.
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toraji that sounds amazing. I imagine that it is a fabulous time. :
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