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three soap mold questions.....

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#1 how do get the soap out of the mold.....might be a stupid question but I can't seem to do it!
It came out easy with the store bought molds, but I couldn't get them out of some of the "household" things I used for molds.

#2 What are some ideas to use as molds......ones that are commom around the house?

#3 I tried to make a "rainbow" soap today and after it dried and got it out of the mold and it had that "line". A line where I added the second and third layers of the melted soap. It didn't blend well!

Thanks for your help
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mold questions

Hi there sweetie!

Let's see, #1 - are they plastic molds? If so, it should be possible to push them out by pressing on the center of the mold's back, which I'm sure you've done. Sometimes when they are hard to get out, they're either still warm/too soft. An easy way to pop them out is to toss them in the fridge for a bit after they've cooled. Or, the opposite, run hot water on the back side of the mold (being careful to catch them if they slide right out).

#2 - Ideas for molds. I find I really like using a long, thin bread pan. I have two and would like a few more. They are longer and thinner than the typical bread loaf pans and they work FANTASTIC to make nice chunky soaps (which are easy to wrap and label, nice square edges). I lightly oil them before adding soap. I have a fantastic mosaic/tiling tool I use to help ease up the edges - it looks like a type of plastic spatula. I think it's original use was supposed to be for spreading grout Mixing my crafts here! But it is bendy but sturdy - I may have to look for more just as a back up. I think I found it at OSH (hardware store) in the tiling section. Putting the pans in the fridge for a bit also makes them easier to pry from the pans. I've also used muffin tins. I've heard of people using the small paper milk cartons - cutting off one top, washing them out, pouring the soap in and then just slicing through the whole thing to cut it into square blocks. Since I don't drink milk, I haven't tried this yet! Sounds like it would work nicely, though your mold is obviously disposable.

#3 - I think I've figured out how to get rid of that annoying line. I can't remember where I heard it, but it seems to work. If I think a layer is drying faster than I can pour the next one in, I have a spray bottle full of witchhazel that I spray it with in a very fine mist, all over the top layer. Then I pour my next one in. That seems to work.

What a great idea for a "rainbow soap". I should try that - I have *lots* of friends who appreciate rainbows (wink, wink)!

I've also bought a stand up mold for soap inserts. It looks like a pillar candle. I found it comes out easier if you oil the bottom section! It was really hard to get out otherwise!
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You're the best!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all your help!

My molds are ceramic.....any advice there?
What is your bread pan made of? I have metal ones that I'll try b/c I want to make the perfect lines and corners!!!

I was wondering about oil. I wanted to try it but didn't want to ruin my soap. I did anyway trying to get them out of the molds...LOL!
Do you use spray oil or what?

I'll for sure try the Witch Hazel thing!

One more question if you don't mind.....you reminded me of it!
If you are making layers when do you pour the next layers??..when the first layer is complety hardened, slightly hardened or not hardened at all?
I poured my 2nd layer in when the first layer was semi hardened and the 2nd layer plunged right through the 1st layer. It was really hot though....I over nuked it!.....but there was still a line....just not the rainbow colors!
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soap questions

I've never used ceramic molds, so unfortunately, I have no advice. Sorry!

My bread pans are metal. Supposedly glass pans do not work very well, maybe because they hold heat longer?

I just use regular vegetable oil inside the molds, though I've used spray oil, too - it's just more expensive and the bottled oil was cheaper. I dry off my soaps after I take them out of the mold, and allow them to dry a good two weeks before wrapping, so they dry out thoroughly. If you aren't certain a soap is dry enough, wrap it, wait four days or so and unwrap it - is it dry or wet and yucky?

I've only made one layer soap, it was a dark Ghiradelli chocolate layer, a white honey & almond layer, and a cappuccino layer. I let each layer harden/cool enough so they are semi-solid before pouring in the next, or yeah, they bleed (melting) together. Use the witch hazel inbetween layers - something in it secures the layers together. If the newly melted soap is too hot, just wait! Let it sit and cool, stirring occassionally to avoid getting that wasteful film on it.

Another thing - save your ends, your shavings, your miscellaneous chunks and slices according to scent and color in labeled plastic baggies. I hate wasting ANY soap, and it can all be re-melted down and re-used in another batch. I have a whole small box filled with "ends" ready to go!
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Thanks again......
I'm going to get some new soap ready for my craft swap so I'll see how my new techniques work!
I just need to practice more....practice makes perfect right?

BTW~~ I laughed when you said let the soap dry for 2 weeks. Mine barely lasts 2 minutes because ds can't wait to use them!!!! He helps me make them and checks on them every 5 minutes. When they are dry he scoops them up and has to go "try them out." All our close relatives always get "once" used soap for gifts..LOL They're cool about it!

Also, did i get it right from the craft thread that you don't know how to use the PM system? Do you want to know how? It's pretty simple and very simple once you've done it once. Just let me know and I'll type you up some instructions.

Or~~if that's not what you meant then I"m an idiot and just shoot me!
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Nope, I don't know how to use the PM to check for messages. Please, enlighten me! Thanks!
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Ok~~ I'd love to help you out! I hope i make it simple sounding.

First, to send a PM:

1. Up in the right hand corner of the screen there is an oval called "User CP." Click on that.
2. Across the screen there are several options to choose from. Click on the one that says "Private Message."``on the far right side.
3. Scroll down the page to the bottom where you will find some more options. Click on "New Message."
4. From there you do it just like a response to a thread.

Second, to read a PM:

1. Go to "User CP"
2. Your PM title/sender should show up immediatly....just click on it to get the text.

Third....PM OPTIONS:
1. There are 2 ways to "know " if you have a PM waiting for you.
If you want, a pop up window will appear on your screen when you get a PM. You apparantly don't have that set up or you would know b/c people have sent you PM's. To set it up is easy: 1. Go to "user cp"
2. Go to "edit options"
3. Scroll down a bit until you get to the section titled
"messaging and notifications"
4. At the bottom of that section you'll see an option
called "pop up a box when you recieve message."
5. Change the option to "yes"
Now a window will pop up....and you'll get an email telling you about the PM...I think..or that might be an option you have to change too. Do you get emails when members have responded to your threads? If not you can find that option there too and change it to yes. You can also change to "time" your computer shows here too!

If you don't want a pop up window...look at the very bottom of your screen (on the main page) and it should show you how many messages are waiting for you and how many are in your mailbox!

Hope this helps.....just ask for clarification!:

BTW...I'm going to send you a PM to see if you get it!
Just going to test you!!!!
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I have a soap question...I've never made soap but am ready to go...got my loaf pan, soap bricks and a cute heart long insert thing to make valentine soap....so if I want that in the center do I pour some clear ...let it harden (?) add insert then add more soap to fill in around it??? I need the experts here!
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Well, I am hardly an expert! And i have never made soap with
something in it!

NO don't let it harden! Put the heart in it while it's still melted.
It should sustain in the middle of the soap.
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LukesMom -

I did exactly what you've described.

I made a red clear glycerin heart log with the stand up mold. I let it dry a few days (trying to keep the color from bleeding), then sprayed it with witch hazel (to facilitate combining/sticking together the two soaps), put it into an oiled bread pan and poured white melt & pour over the top of it. Just make sure your bread pan is deep enough so that the heart is embedded - make a thin layer of white in the bottom of the pan so that the white goes ALL the way around the red heart. And make sure the pan is deep enough so that it's covered by white M/P at the end.

I found two things: the red bled into the white anyway, and the white split slightly from the red hearts.

I gave up on them (didn't like them), chopped them all up and, made nice *pink* heart logs instead!

I haven't been able to figure out how to keep my colored slices from bleeding into the white (regardless of the temps of the soaps).
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