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Does anyone else get Real Simple magazine?

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I LOVE these and my favorite part is the new uses for old things sections. It makes me realize that most things (like thinning socks or cd jewel cases) can be thrown away, but not all...reassign them. Old socks can be placed on the legs of a table so as to not scratch the hardwood floor. Jewel cases can be folded backwards and stuffed with your current recipe for easy access. Wine racks can easily become magazine racks. Old pieces of soap can be rubbed across the top of a door that's prone to jamming. Bobby pins make excellent bookmarks. Lint rollers clean lamp shades best and contact lens cases keep daily pills well.

I LOVE this magazine and I thought I'd share.

With love,

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I was disappointed with their little idotic snippet on breastfeeding, but given everything else it has done for me personally I am so not cancelling my scrip. I LOVE IT!
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Ooh, I didn't see that one!

*going to reread now* : I so hope they aren't being like all the other mainstream mags.
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Originally Posted by wynkenblynken&nod
*going to reread now* : I so hope they aren't being like all the other mainstream mags.
I really don't think it was well thought out, but frankly I still maintain the good outweighs that one comment.
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I like it for the articles, but I find some of the items they feature to be so out of my price range! I was excited to read the recent article on tote bags to see their review, since I am so anti-diaper bag, but they were $150 or so! For a tote bag?! But I do agree that most of the articles are worth the price of the mag.
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Oh yeah, there was a

mail organizer I was drooling over early this year but it was like $300! For mail! YIKES! I also get Organic Style and I find that their prices are nonsense as well. I just get good ideas from there and go find my own.
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I have a subscription but never seem to get around to reading it.

My dh did particularly love the advice to check the fuse box before calling an electrician.
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I also love this magazine. I've been trying to learn how to organize / clean / decorate this year, and I find it really helpful and useful. I also like most of the sort of personal stories in it (there is usually one a month or so). But I agree the prices are crazy. Originally this turned me off the mag and I wouldn't buy it, becuase it seemed like a pretty yuppyish version of simplicity to spend 300 on a skirt or whatever. But I do like their ideas, so now I buy it.

I also like Organic Style. I do find it rather ironic, though, that there would be a magazine (ie - paper product) about conserving the environment. Still and interesting and enjoyable magazine, though.
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My mil would get it for a while and my dh used to call it Real Expensive. Then last year with that whole breastfeeding thing, it sent me over the edge so then I started refering to it as Real Stupid. But since that whole episode, I stopped looking at it.

But I'm glad it works for you.
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ITA about the yuppism in that magazine, but I still will look at it in the dr. office where it's free! I also love Martha : so maybe I'm not the most discerning magazine reader.
OT, but will someone PLEASE fill me in on the Breastfeeding situation??? :LOL
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Hmmm.....Hadn't heard about the breastfeeding thing.

I finally just subscribed to Real Simple a couple weeks ago because I keep buying it at the supermarket checkout line (and a kid came to my door selling magazines to fund his school). I think it's getting a little more mainstream than when I first read it, but I enjoy the articles.

However, I really must agree that the tote bag prices were ridiculous. I think the cheapest one was maybe like $75.00?!? I don't think I've ever bought a tote bag in my life - unless you count the one I picked up at a garage sale because I was using it to hold my other purchases. Whatever. I am more into thrift store shopping than the whole mall scene.

But I do enjoy most of their articles and I even made one of the recipes once. Usually, I cook like a mad scientist. I mostly just like some of the ideas for the recipes.
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I've given this magazine a try a couple of times, but I just don't get how buying a load of overpriced stuff is going to simplify my life.
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Yes, what was the breastfeeding deal?
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I didn't really find anything when I searched their

site. I've got a subscription and typed in breast-feeding, breast feeding and breastfeeding. But perhaps it is because I've got terrible spelling this morning and somehow got became sot to these old eyes. :LOL
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OK the bf thing.

It was in the Aug 2003 issue about 20 things you can do to simplify your life or some stupid name like that. It was like you can leave wet laundry in the washer overnight etc. Then it said- Don't breastfeed. They had some stupid head of an OB department say it did not make a difference whether or not you breastfed. That same quack also had huge grants from a formula company. It was just ironic that they had said it was really more of a simple thing to not breastfeed since it would be better to get you a$$ out of bed and sterilize, heat up formula and let you kid wail then feed it or have your mate help you out. Also you could buy all this expensive stuff to clutter you house and make it real simple.

To make a long story longer- the editors had a shake up and there were different names in the bylines after that. I remember it here the huge discussion here and in the mag. Also the magazine got millions of emails as well as the hospital the clown worked at. :LOL including mine and a few of my family memebers and friends.

I'm sure if you did some digging you can find the different threads about this that happened in Aug and Sept of 2003.

But like I said- if the ideas work for you then thats great. I did not mean to hijack your thread and rain on you parade- really!!
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See, I found that link but it have me an html error 404 so I thought maybe because it was old it wouldn't come up. That explains tons! I'm glad you guys made a stink about it! I'm just mad that it couldn't stop all of those women who read the mag and BELIEVED it, from listening. *sigh* That is the trouble with retractions.
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Doesn't it always seem that retractions don't get nearly the space that the originals get? It seems like they're saying "we were wrong, but you have to check really close to find out" The retractions should have just as much space, so there aren't a bunch of misinformed people out there. In my idyllic world it's that way at least....
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Originally Posted by Attila the Honey
I've given this magazine a try a couple of times, but I just don't get how buying a load of overpriced stuff is going to simplify my life.
I don't buy anything from it! It's not a catalog, so I don't understand this attitude? You're not the only one on this thread so I'm not picking on you! I mean hey if you just don't like the mag, that's one thing, but I really don't see them trying to sell stuff.

The articles speak of using washed out jars to store things in attractive ways and they give you pictures. THey talk a lot about using what you have to organize in ways you want-- with pictures, which really helps me out.

I have never bought anything they suggested, really...but I have incorporated a great many organizational details in our home.
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I liked the idea of this magazine, 'life made easier'. I bought one for the first time last month to take on a long car ride to see inlaws after hearing so much about it. After reading through it, I was terribly disappointed. The ads (which support the mag, of course) are for ridiculously expensive items, which is so anti-simple in my book. The idea of 'real simple' in my mind is to reduce consumerism of non-nessessary items, not just reduce, recycle and reuse like we all know. If it wasn't chock full of Cosmo-type ads for pricey designer fashion, accessories, cosmetics, cars and other 'fluff', I'd like it more. By seeing ads over and over again for products like theirs, your subconscious is bombarded with 'branding' and you do remember and actually desire that stuff on some level. And a lot of that fancy crap is made overseas by factories that may be not the most environmentally or socially responsible. Also not 'Real Simple'.

It's an everyday woman's version of Martha Stewart's Living in my opinion. I mean, from the last month's mag, who really uses SO MANY morning cosmetic products that they forget to put on their deodorant or toner for example, so they have to line them up in their cabinet in order of use? The simple solution would be to get rid of all that crap that you don't really need anyway! And who really wants socks on the bottoms of their chairs when you can just cut and glue a circle of felt to the bottom to prevent scratches?

If I want a real magazine about reusing what I have or living simply, I'll pick up Mother Earth News or Countryside (well, i have subscriptions to both, lol), but for a break from every day stress with a cup of tea, this mag is nice. But not at all crunchy. I mean, there was nothing enlightening in there but the pictures are pretty. I wouldn't buy another copy but if my mom drops one off in the piles of mags she buys, I'd probably read it again. :LOL I don't mean to rain on your parade, Wynken. It's a nice mag for what it is. But I don't think it's the panacea we're hoping for.
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