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I have the "book" which has all the decorating tips in it. I like some of the organization ideas.

I don't look at magazine, and I also have a love/hate relationship with the pictures (in the book). Everything is so clean, white, blah and pottery barn-esque. My house (over 100 yrs old, with dark wood molding) does not
go with any of this. Ever notice the rooms are HUGE in Real Simple? Show me Real Simple in an 8 by 6 entry way, or no entryway hall coat closet.

Its "Real Simple" when you have a 3000 sq ft house. End Rant.

I also used to subscribe to "Shop Etc"-this was before simplfying my consumerism and going more towards a natural lifestyle. They used to have some awesome "Best Buys" for decorating & clothes, but turned into a "Best buy" for $300. The old issue I looked at (trying to recycle) had a $600 serving spoon. Can you imagine?
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Have you ever read Budget Living? I know it isn't exactly about simplifying, but more about money saving tips. I got a really cheap subscription on eBay and I enjoy it even if some things in there aren't in my budget. I think the writing is very clever. If you pick one up, the letters to the editor section is a must read!

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Originally Posted by Amys1st
My mil would get it for a while and my dh used to call it Real Expensive. Then last year with that whole breastfeeding thing, it sent me over the edge so then I started refering to it as Real Stupid. But since that whole episode, I stopped looking at it.

But I'm glad it works for you.
After the magazine referred to NOT bf as a way to simplify life , I decided not to look at it. I never had a subscription but work in a store where we sell mags . I can get all the old ones for free. I was SO SO irked by this..
I wish i had the article....actually it was more of a blurb

i wrote a letter and emailed it to the mag ....and since then I refuse to read it !
sorry to rain on the parade ...i am not much of a hard ass but this,
i experienced first hand ...i read the article was pissed and made a decision!
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i will never buy it or read it, because of the asinine breastfeeding 'information'

grrr hiss growl, roar!
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I too have had this mag since the beginning and it has changed a lot. Originally it was my DH who subscribed and he thought it had a lot of practical advice, we still use a syryp pourer to hold our dish detergent. Unfortunatly right after a renewed for 2 years while still having almost a year left the whole BF thing came out and I was completely turned away. The my poor DH started to realize it was geared more and more towards women as time passed. I also hated reading about the "poor people" that really had to cut back on their spending since they were going to 1 income of 200K+. Right now we get the mag and it sits in the magazine rack untill the next one comes then it gets thrown out. I like the idea from a pp about making cards with it, I refuse to buy cards and that is great advice. My kids use it for school projects also.
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Yeah, I pretty much Real Simple with a grain of salt. It can be totally commercialized and sometimes a little stupid, i.e. which is the best something or other, paper towel, pasta sauce, etc. And I agree, that make your life simpler by not breastfeeding sure made me cringe, growl and laugh out loud at the utter stupidity.
However, I like the recipes and the images are really nice, and I have seen some great organizing ideas. I use the pages for collages and using them for cards is a great idea.
So, I dont think they totally suck, but just kinda sorda suck.

On another note, I have ran across some great magazines and stuff on this thread! Thank you mamas! And I forgot how much I Hathor the Cow Goddess, so thanks for the reminder!
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