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baby acne???

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is that what it is called?? i remember cassia having it about this age 3-4 weeks. and i remember they all get it. and i think maybe calendula cream is good for it BUT does it go all around the neck and top of the chest too? or just the face? when does the cradle crap thing start?? yikes. i am asking kinda b/c we have excema in the family and i am wondering if avram is normal or if we are moving toward the excema thing. thanks for your input!!
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Yeah baby acne is what it is. My mom said ds had heat rash :LOL I know what heat rash looks and it doesn't look like pimples lol. I don't do anything for it. I hate it because I just love that smooth soft baby skin. Maybe I should try something. Cradle Cap starts at about a mos I think. We have eczema here too and ironically my dd who has it the worst never had cradle cap. My midwife says to get a baby toothbrush and gently rub their head while they nurse. Works pretty good.

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My babies never had cradle cap but they did have baby acne I was tod just to leave it alone and it always went away. My middle son had excema pretty bad but that went away after a few baby massage sessions with Aveeno lotion and then once we got his allergies under control it never came back.
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Baby acne - Coren's face is covered - but I'm thinking it's an allergy/intolerance rather than plain old baby acne. I'm eliminating foods from my diet to see if it helps.

Cradle cap - It's not just babies who get it - children and adults do too, but it's called something else! :LOL It's just not as visible because we have more hair! It's basically when your body doesn't shed the dead skin cells on the scalp. My dd is the queen of cradle cap - she's 3 and has a bad case at the moment (probably because we used horrible blue hairspray on her hair for fun one day and it wouldn't wash out without shampoo - so we used shampoo and she got cradle cap! ... we don't use shampoo or soap in our house!).

One thing we do to aviod skin/scalp problems is to NOT use shampoo or soap. We use baking soda rinse or apple cider vinegar (acv) rinse. DD had HORRIBLE cradle cap as an infant (didn't start until after her first bath - with baby soap) and as soon as we went (sham)poo-free, her cradle cap disappeared.
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Baby acne...Meilana actually had it on her arm. It looked like a bunch of little pimples in a cluster. Probably around day 7 or so...but, it's gone now.

My mom said it was probably heat rash too, but it looked more like acne.
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