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I tested 1 week after AF was due, but I knew in my heart long before then
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Originally Posted by BundleFishMama
I thought FRER was supposed to be the most sensitive by far, but here was a regular "test on the day your period is due" test that gave me a better line than the "test 4 days before your period" kind. Weird. But I'm so happy, I don't care, I've looked at those two sticks and their light but beautiful lines about 8,000 times today!!!
I think that FRER is *very* unpredictable! I had them because they're supposed to be good early, but I also got better results with other brands (and I also look at my postitives over and over ):

10 dpo - took FRER with fmu (-) no line - Wish I would have tried another kind, because I bet it would have been + already...

12 dpo - took FRER with fmu (-) no line again, tho I insist there is the faintest most invisible line which DP says I am making up. So, I try a Walgreens brand test with the same cup of pee... and a clear (+), but the line only comes up at/after the end of the 10 minutes so we are still second-guessing ourselves. That night. I pee on another FRER, and it comes up with a "dotted" inconsistent second line.

13 dpo - took Answer and another Walgreens brand test with fmu - both clear (+)!! Yay, we feel like we can call it pregnant!

Then I also took a digital when af was due, just so I could see the word "Pregnant" come up. :
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4 days after AF was due. Only our third month of charting and since I had only been charting the cycle lengths (I know all the other rules) I had a feeling I had to be pg since it was 4 days past and I'm like clockwork with my cycles.

It was the Equate cheapy test that gave me a positive. I figured I'd go in the bathroom on the fateful morning of Sept. 19th and POAS just so AF could come and get it over with. Little did I know that when I peeked at it 3 minutes later I was going to be calling all the family with the news. Our first pregnancy...I asked my dad what he wanted for this grandchild (my brother had one before he even managed to hit 18) and he just laughed. DH was only the second person I called though because my mom had to hear the news first.
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Originally Posted by loudmama
I hate that my pms symptons are the same as my pregnancy symptoms! Btw, I did test on tuesday & it came back negative. I keep hoping its too early!


I am hoping the same thing - I did a test @ 9 dpo & it was negative - I'm saving the second test for this weekend (or trying to !!) when I will have actually missed AF. grrr...I hate waiting!!
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Hey CaraboosMama,

I just tested today & its positive! So, you may want to test before the weekend! I tested last week & it was negative. I didn't even have to wait the 3 minutes before it came back. I did it with my first pee this morning!

Sending pregnancy thoughts your way.....

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This pregnancy was a little odd for me with how long it took to get a positive. With my first 3 pregnancies (1mc) I tested positive 4 days before my period was due. This time I got negatives until 6 days AFTER my period was due. I have felt pregnant for many days and started testing about 4 days before it was due. I had pretty much decided after taking 5 tests that I must just be going crazy. My husband made me take another test though because of my severe mood swings and this one turned positive!!!
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I tested on CD 35 ..... I had no idea if AF was even late b/c my cycles go anywhere from 28 days to 60+ days!
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I tested two days before (Yesterday in the morning) my monthly with a digital CBE. Testing again tomorrow and making a doctors appointment to verify. It would be heartbreaking if this test was wrong! I don't feel like that is the case at all though.
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