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Bleeding umbilicus

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Hey Mamas I hope everyone is enjoying their newborns or will be soon for the mamas who still in waiting.

Our son Abdul-Mujeeb was born 9/18 at 5:10am 7lbs 11oz. So he's officially 2 weeks old today. Things have been so busy(i.e. CRAZY) managing baby and the older boys that I haven't been able to keep up with the group.

I have a serious question about his umbilicus. His cord stump fell off last Saturday, 6days. I did not put any witch hazel or alcohol on it to dry it up. After the stump fell off I noticed their was still some wetness, so I started putting a lil alcohol to dry it up. This afternoon I noticed dried up blood and the umbilicus still seems wet. Do you think I should take him to E.R.?
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Thats completly normal and nothing to worry about. It may do that for a few more days. Just keep it clean and you are doing fine momma.

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Thanks Michelle :-). I needed to hear that. It's so weird, he's baby number 3 yet I feel more nervous than I did with DS#1.
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DD had a lil bleeding after her cord fell off also nothing to worry about. I know what you mean about being more nervous with #3 I am having the same feelings.
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My sons umbilical stump fell off during the first week.. he STILL in week 4 now has some slight bood at the site.. its getting better however.. in fact I noticed less oozing from it finally! my last baby did the same thing.. I have decided not to worry about it.
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my DD had glood on her belly button after the cord fell off and the pediatrician said it was no big deal. But it worried me enough that I did bring her in for the newborn appt (I was going to skip).
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Dd's belly button had some blood last week, about 2 weeks after her's fell off. The nurse said it was being irritated by her prorap and said to only put things really soft against it for a while so we only used wool covers for a week.
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