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Rain is here

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I'm finally getting a chance to announce my son's birth. Rain was born at 7:01 am on September 21. He was 8 Lbs 2 oz.

I went into labour about 9:30 on Tues, Sept 20 about an hour after our last midwife appt. Of course, like everyone says, I knew right away that it was the real thing. DH went out to the garage to get plastic for the bed and we called the mw who came over within the hour. My contractions were quite close together right off the bat, though they tailed off after I threw up. We laboured alternatively in bed and in the shower all night. It was always disappointing when we ran out of hot water and I had to get out of the shower.

Early in the morning, our second mw arrived, I was dilated to 8.5 cm and they decided to rupture my membranes. I had one more contraction and then it was definitely time to push. And our sweet boy was born as the early morning sun streamed through the windows and we listened to my specially chosen birth beats mix.

He was placed on my chest and we cuddled him for about 40 minutes. However, the placenta was firmly in place and we opted to go to the hospital to have it removed. This was especially wise as I'd been having some issues with falling platelets. I ended up having to have a D&C as the placenta came away in pieces and I did have a fair amount of bleeding so we stayed in the hospital overnight.

I was so glad to be able to take advantage of the hospital services for this complication but relieved that we were still able to birth Rain at home as we'd planned. It seemed so right that he be born in our home.

Our midwives were fabulous. I had no tearing and I'm sure that part of that is due to their skill while I was pushing. All in all, the birth was an amazing experience despite the pain and we are overjoyed by our son.
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congrats! happy babymoon! come join the vancuover thread on Finding your tribe
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I am so happy you birthed where you wanted and in such peace. Great intuition to use the medical services when they were needed! So happy for you. Blessings
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Welcome Baby Rain! What a beautiful name you have! :

Sorry to hear about the complication with the placenta and the D&C , but glad you got the care you needed.
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Welcome to the world, Baby Rain! Glad you're ok mama!
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What a wonderful birth. Welcome Rain!
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