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Anybody else waiting to call Dr./care provider?

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I don't know if I'm paranoid or crazy or hormonal, or what, but I just don't feel like going in yet. I think partly I like the fact that DH and I have this secret. Once I go to the doctor and get the dating u/s (my dates are off, so I'm having trouble figuring it out!) and bloodwork and all, I guess it'll seem more real. Maybe I'm not ready to face up to reality!
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I finally got around to calling for the initial urine test on Friday ... I hit 5 weeks then and figured it was time to get the chart official. So, I go in tomorrow (Monday) morning. But I'm so paranoid that for some reason 3 bfp weren't convincing enough, I'll probably use the left-over 4th one in the morning before I go so I know there won't be any "surprises" when I get there. :LOL I'm guessing they won't do bloodwork - I did have bloodwork done with ds#2 as a baseline because I had had a m/c between my two boys. But, this time around, there really doesn't seem to be any need, at least from my perspective. I'm guessing too that they'll do the u/s for dating around the end of the month, so going in tomorrow for comfirmation should get my in the ob schedule for that to happen.

So enough of my rambling ... I did put off going in a bit ... about a week ... but I decided once I get the positive from the doctor (don't know what that seems so much more official), then I can actually pull out the maternity jeans!!!
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Well, since my conception was via IVF... I'm pretty heavily monitored. I have an ultrasound on the 13th to see if there is one or two, and then sometime after the 9th week (I think) I'll be released to see an OB or MW. Then... If it's twins, i may go hospital birth with MWs or maybe a homebirth.. just not sure.
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I'm waiting, probably another week before I go in for my blood test. I like having my little secret. Plus I'm nervous because last time I miscarried and I don't want to get my hopes up and going to the doctor makes it so real.
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I have agreed to some monitoring at the beginning of this pregnancy due to my recurring pregnancy losses. I have had blood drawn twice and go again this week. I will have an early u/s just for reassurance and then will continue my plan for another amazing homebirth!
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I usually don't go in for an inital appt. till around 12 weeks. I prefer not to expose my developing babe to an unnecessary early u/s, and if I miscarry I prefer to do that on my own as well.
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I want to wait but with my history of loss I can't, I have to start Lovenox injections right away so I have an appt for tomorrow and AF is not even due until Thursday! Last time I waited until 9 weeks and only went in then because I had hypermesis and needed help with it because I was tired of going to the ER for IV fluids. I had planned on doing UC with some prenatel care (at risk for HELLP syndrome again) with the baby I lost this summer, this preg i'm not taking any chances and going the high tech route.
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I'm doing an unassisted pregnancy and birth this time. I don't let them do any tests or exams- not even doppler- anyway so it's kinda silly for me to be paying for the visits. I'll be monitoring my own BP, weight and measurements and testing my urine-- but barring any problems I'll just stay home.
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i went in early with my first one and they did absolutely nothing. it was like they didn't care until i was past the first trimester. so, i figure i will wait until i am past the first trimester...
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