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How can you tell your Dh has diapered the baby? - Page 2

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I have to give credit where credit is due. DH does snappi a mean prefold! Usually when all the diaper laundry is clean and ready to use, the only way I can tell dh has diapered Sara is that she's got a fuzzi bunz on. He will do prefolds when that's all that's left but he reaches for a fuzzi bunz first. When we first started though, he usually put them on inside out or backwards and left her coverless(and then put clothing on top of them like they were aio's and we were using kissaluvs!). But he's much much better. He normally leaves her coverless though for whatever reason. He only puts on a cover when I ask him to because we are going out or she's going down for a nap. He's really very good about diapers now!

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My DH HATES covers and lets Camryn go coverless at all times. If I don't watch it, he'll take her out of the house with her clothes over a coverless fitted diaper :LOL He also can't seem to remember to put the dirty diaper in the hanging wet bag. Once I found a dirty diaper in my dd's dresser drawer because he left it out and she's 2 and figured she'd "put it away".
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When the prefold is hanging out of the legs of the cover.

I should be fair, though. DH is really good with diapers. It's just that his prefold-folding skills have not kept up with Julia's ability to wiggle off the bed and run away, so the diaper sometimes looks a little sloppy. Works fine, though.
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He is great with the pf's and the snappi. He always leaves something sticking out of the cover, though. And when he changes ds, he seems to find it necessary to lay lots of extra towels on the changing pad! (I have a changing pad with a terry cover and a waterproof pad on top.) Oh, and instead of rinsing the diaper and putting it in the pail, he puts it on the floor.
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....pigs are flying.....

bless his heart, DH barely gets to touch the baby.

2 12 year old big sisters make sure there's no shortage of people taking care of her. One is especially proud of HER cd ability so she jumps at the chance. (even when I'm taking the lazy sposie way out)

How great is that!?!
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My DH does really well... when I put the AIOs/Pockets into "his Bin" BUt I ALWAYS know he has changed a diaper because he leaves the wet/poopy ones on TOP of the diaper pail for me :LOL Im just happy he changes diapers
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I know dh has diapered ds when he's in a sposie!!! Actually he only does that when the only diapers that he's figured out are dirty! :LOL Everything else he calls backwards...
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(love this thread)!!

I know DH has diapered Teaghan when she has a cover over her AIO.
He just doesn't get them... LOL
But.. I will say he also can snappi a prefold with the best of them!!
He does have the awful habit of laying the poopy dipes on the floor in front of the toliet for me to find... won't rinse one out to save his soul.
But all in all he is a great CD'er!
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yes! to dp there is no such thing as a side snap. they are all front snapping, just some look "weirder" than others when worn. :LOL
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I know DH has diapered Devlin when:

1. he has been put down for the night coverless under regular cotton jammies

2. there is a stack of wet/and/or/poopy dipes on my nightstand or the kitchen counter!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was kidding!

I only use PFs and wool, so there are no pockets/AIOS/fitteds to get confused about, or I assume it would be much worse. He can snappi just fine, but he runs from pins. :LOL
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when the diaper falls off. he never snaps it tight enough.
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1) When the excess prefold is hanging out the top of the cover
2) When I find the dirty/wet diapers on the floor next to the changing table (bleh)
3) When I find a pocket diaper on without an insert
4) When I find the hidden bag of sposies from the back of the closet dug out amid a pile of clothes from the closet and a sposie 2 sizes too small is on dd2 :LOL

And he totally supports cloth diapering! You'd think a surgeon no less would be able to handle the mechanics of a prefold :LOL
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my Dh can do flats with no problem but SS fitteds he puts them on inside out so they are kind of front snapping...

my MIL puts VB pockets or AIO unside out so the pul is against Jaspers skin...

also mika always has a thing that when he changes Jaspers diaper he has to go first and put the diaper in the laundry room before cleaning him...and he always changes him on the bed so im going through sheets all the time because by the time Mika comes back the baby has peed....

and he is slow at folding flats...Good but slow and Jasper rolled off the bed the other day while he was in intense fold mood!!.

ok other then that and maybe a few more things he is great...like he doesnt say anything about the diaper bills!! so gotta love him!! :LOL
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If a diaper is lined with fleece or anything pretty DH thinks its reversable, so I know he;s diapered her when her cover is on inside out. Though once he used a cpf, an AIO and some longies all at the same time. :LOL
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DH is pretty good at diaper changing. After all, we're diapering baby #4

Last time dh changed a diaper, he put a prestuffed FB on DD. When I changed her next diaper change, I noticed that he had put an extra insert on top of the fleece, against dd. So I asked him why he did that. His response was "Well honey, those are such nice diapers, I was worried she'd poop and stain them so I thought I'd add the extra liner so your precious diapers wouldn't get stained."

I least he was being thoughtful :LOL
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Originally Posted by USAmma
When he forgets to put a cover on. :LOL

... or just if ds is leaky and wet in general ... I've done it a few times too though so I guess I can't be too critical
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I know when the side snapping fitted is snapped to the front and inside out, but the wool side snapping fitted is snapped right :LOL

OR when she has on an AIO with a birdseye flat folded up inside
He still thinks all the diapers need "inserts" from her newborn days when I used mainly prefolds ("inserts") folded in thirds and fanned in the back, laid inside covers.

Poor thing he tries but I think he gets overwhelmed, lol! He use to change every diaper when she was a newborn. Maybe I should go back to laying prefolds into covers. :LOL

Or both him and my mother have put her into two fleece covers with no diaper... :LOL
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When DS is in a prefold...with the bikini twist....with his peeter sticking out....Lost of good that diaper does eh? :LOL
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Another inside-out-snapping-side-wing-flapping-dirty-dipes-on-top-of-the-diaper-pail-leaving-aio's-with-no-insert-using wonderful cd'ing dh over here!

ETA: I am seriously considering some aplix closing pockets (prestuffed) just for him to use.
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I love this thread! The only time dh has a chance to change a dipe is when I am not here (not often). The great thing is that he ALWAYS changes her when I'm gone, even if it's for 10 minutes :LOL Maybe he is secretely in love with cloth diapers .

First of all no cover. Second - the diaper is falling off, because he doesn't want to get it too tight (not always, just depends on the diaper).

But, the horrible thing is that he leaves the wet diaper sitting inside the wool : I have explained to him a million times that the wool just needs to air dry, but he insists that it is dirty after just one diaper!!! Um........wool is my life, which he knows
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