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Halloween costumes for twins

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Have any good ideas? Do you make their costumes coordinate?
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my oldest girls (identical)are going as thing 1 and thing 2, from the book "The Cat in the Hat"..they have been doing that for years now..really easy to do too! red long underware,socks and mittens, blue hair dye and some felt...sooo simple!

my frats are going as raggety(sp?) ann and andy...a little more complicated but hey its the first year i let them pick their costumes and they picked a cute choice!
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This is the first year they are dressing up. They're going to be 2 black cats. I decided on identical outfits (my twins are identical) because it's just so so cute. I figure this year is the one year I can decide what they'll be & I found the most adorable costumes so I decided that they'd be the same thing. It really is the cutest thing to see them dressed up with their little white ears and black tails.
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I have a dragon for my boy and a unicorn for my girl.
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at 6 months, they were carrot & peapod

at 18 months, they were chinese prince & hula boy

at 2.5 they will be dragon and fireman who puts dragon out

so basically, that was no help

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We always have awesome costumes since my step father is a costume & clothing designer. The first year they were both dinosaurs. The second year they were Sylvester & Tweety. Third year they were monkeys. Fourth year they were both Captain Hook. Fifth year they were knights. Sixth year they were Tin Man & Cowardly Lion (there was also a Dorothy & Scarecrow in the group). Seventh year they were a fire breathing dragon & a ninja. Eighth year they were the mummy & some guy that battles the mummy who has some wierd writing on his forehead. Ninth year they were an Atlantis Dark Magician & Crab Warrior.
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Though it was not intentional, this year we seem to have a 'history of flight' theme.

My daughter will be Amelia Ehrhardt (sp?), her twin brother will be a NASA Shuttle Pilot.
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Originally Posted by hotmamacita
I have a dragon for my boy and a unicorn for my girl.
That sounds really cool!
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The first year they went out they were a cat and a dog. The next year they were a dog and a cat (didn't outgrow the costumes from the previous year). I think it's funny that they picked the animals out and then switched the next year.

Last year they were princesses: E was Sleeping Beauty and A was Cinderella (and dd3 was Snow White). They still fit into the dresses they wore last year and are still obsessed with princesses.

This year will really be the princess parade - the girls are still working out if dd4 will be Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Tinkerbell (who is not a princess, but can fly, so close enough for them).
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So many great ideas here! Funny... I had thought about thing 1 and 2 last year, but I didn't know what to do about the hair... they were very bald then! This year thinking about a couple of fairies, as I could easily make those costumes, but second guessing myself... maybe they would enjoy it more if they were something more recognizable to them, like their favorite animals or something. They will be about 21 mo. then... I guess this is probably the last year that mommy gets to pick the costumes?

When I was about 8 or 9 my best friend and I went as a clothes line! :LOL
We both wore all brown, tied a rope between us, and hung some laundry from it... nobody could figure out what we were because we insisted on standing right next to each other of course!
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