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Frugal Birthday Party Craft/Activity Ideas?

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Hi mamas!

My dd is turning 5 in a week and I need some frugal craft/activity ideas for her party. There are 15 (ACK!) little girls coming. I love the foamies and wanted to do little picture frames with them but even at Oriental Trading it comes out to over $20 for all the materials for everyone, which seems like a lot.

Bearing in mind I have a limited mess tolerance AND we're trying to sell our hosue so I can't have anything that will take forever to clean, any ideas?

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Go to the dollar store! My ds had a party yesterday and I got most of the stuff from there. The Dollar Tree I went to had simple cardboard pinatas - that might be a fun activity. They also have lots of little crafty materials as well
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How about a dress-up party? Pull your clothes/shoes/hats out of the closet and ask the other parents to bring along some interesting items too. Kids love to dress up and they'll probably get a hoot out of wearing their parents' clothes!

Another thing we've found to be a hit around here these days is the little finger games with the paper square that has different items written under the flaps. (Bad description, I know! Maybe you remember from when you were a kid?) The kids can make these with a square piece of paper and a pen/marker. Can't get much easier on supplies than that! I'll try to find a how-to link and post it.
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Check out crayola.com. They've got a lot of ideas on there that you can print out that use household items. Inexpensive and fun. I printed out a bunch of their coloring pages and had the kids make their own coloring books at dd's 2nd bday party. All it takes is printer paper, a few sheets of construction paper, paper punch, random string or ribbon and crayons. Worked for us!
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Along with the dress-up idea, how about having them make princess crowns?

Get your family/friends to save paper egg cartons for you. Cut off the lids and discard. Each egg carton=two crowns. Cut each of the egg cup portions in half the long way, to make a total of four strips of halved cup portions per carton. Take two strips and staple together in a circle to form a crown.

For the party, provide paint, glitter glue, stickers, artificial "jewels" or whatever, and have the kids decorate the crowns.
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Ooooh, great ideas! I love the dress up and princess crown ones, and the make-your-own-coloring book. I think we will do those.

Anyone remember the "suitcase race" game from school/camp? I think you packed a couple suitcases with dress up and each kid had to run to the suitcase, put on the clothes, run back, take them off, tag the next kid who put them on, etc. Is that right? That might be a fun activity too, prizes for everyone of course!
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