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Kenny's Birth Story

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Ladies . . . oh, it feels GOOD to be home!!!! Okay, can I say that I'm a bit teary-eyed from reading the posts encouraging me forward from my 'Maybe Baby' post on the evening of the 20th. Then, the CONGRATS post (thank you Kristin for letting everyone know - my dh wouldn't leave my side for a minute).

Okay, this is what happened.

Friday, at a 1 and hardly effaced, I spent 2 hours out shopping with my dad and running errands. Came back crampy and sat in the kitchen talking to good ol' mom and watching her cook dinner. Cramps kept getting tougher, but SO INCONSISTENT. So, around 9:30 we decided to watch a flick we rented and an hour into it I couldn't really concentrate anymore. Though the contractions weren't consistent even then, I knew they were going to be. . . thought I could use the rest. Went and gathered my things, calmly set them by the door and crawled into bed.

Laying on my side it didn't take but 30 minutes for me to realize they wouldn't be 'quiet' enough to relax. So, I got up and made sure I had Kenny's bag together. I guess the contractiosn were about 20 minutes apart (if they could be timed).

Around 12:30 my husband came to bed and my parents went to their beds. I told them I'd probably be waking them in the morning to head to the hospital. I told Jeff I needed him to start timing me. At that point everything went so fast. I guess he started timing closer to 1:00 a.m. The first time, 20 minutes . . . then 17 . . . then 15 . . . with each time coming closer and closer. When they were 10 minutes apart they HURT and I decided I'd grab a bath. Jeff ran the water and I sat on the toilet to deal with contractions. THAT DID NOT WORK - I think that was the point I realized I was going to have back labor for the THIRD TIME . . . uggh!

Bath drawn, I crawled in. Well, let's just say - I needed a pool, not a tub. I layed on my side . . . that seemed to feel best, but with one hip exposed, it was only partial relief. Jeff wet wash cloths and layed them on the exposed side, but it didn't help. After 3 or 4 contractions (now 7 to 10 minutes apart), I had to get out. I had one particularly awful contraction in there.

Got out and BOOM . . . they were coming at 3 to 5 minutes apart instantly. I was walking back and forth between our closet and our bathroom, stopping to lean over the vanity and 'rock my hips' back and forth when they hit. I was moaning low, deep and long. It helped me 'center' as much as I could, but with each contraction seemingly hitting a different pain level, I never could completely utilize all that I had read in the labor books about easing pain.

At one point I yelled out to Jeff, I think Kenny is trying to enter the world through my A$$! I also hadn't felt Kenny move and that scared me. I told him to call the midwife. He was trying to be firm in our intial plan and said, "Not yet.", because I told him not to let me call the midwife until I had contractions 3 to 5 minutes for at least an hour or my water broke. I looked at him and said, "This is different . . . call her . . . this is progressing too fast." So, he called her.

When I talked to her later she told me that when she heard me in the background she knew I was in transition. She could here the difference in my voice. She told Jeff to get off the phone and get me to the hospital and she'd meet us there.

That was the single hardest thing to do - get my clothes ON and get to the hospital. Contractions now no further than 3 minutes apart.

Jeff called the lady that was coming to watch the girls, and we let my parents know to get dressed. My mother didn't have a chance to brush her hair, teeth, hardly dress or anything. In fact, when we got in the van and while I was yelling to Jeff 'GO!! GO!! He's COMING!!" - my mother had discovered that she accidentally grabbed and put on my dad's suit coat. This shows how freaked-out she was . . . she is a petite little woman in this grown man's suit blazer coat - and she didn't even notice it until she couldn't see her hands at the ends of the sleeves! That provided about 30 seconds of comic relief until the next contraction! Dad stayed behind to wait for our babysitter.

Jeff ran every red light on a road of about 25 red lights and rushed me to the ER. They put me in a wheelchair and rolled me as slow as molasses down the halls. I was howling (full moon - I had the right). I tried low moans - but louder, more vocal ones felt better.

When I got to the hospital it was about 3:00 a.m. on the 21st. Once in the delivery room I found out I was an '8' and I basically started pushing as soon as they got my clothes off me. My midwife questioned me about when my 'water' broke. We couldn't remember and then we figured it must have been during that short stint in the bath-tub (only 3 or 4 contractions, but I remembered that the intensity changed dramatically when I got out). Kenny was born shortly thereafter with about 3 pushes. In fact, he literally shot out once the head cleared.

The placenta was delivered about 30 minutes later after breastfeeding . . . that didn't feel all that great . . . ha!

He is BEAUTIFUL and since I don't have a digi-cam, we'll scan them as soon as possible. He's got black hair, blue eyes and looks like his daddy (my prayer from the beginning). He was, like Kristin said, 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 21'' long. Head was 14" (pretty average, I believe).

Quick note: GOD BLESS MY MIDWIFE! When I didn't think I could take anymore - I tried to give in to a 'black-out.' She wouldn't let me . . . she worked with my husband to keep me 'there.' She kept telling me how to breathe and my husband was the 'example' - pressing his body against mine so I could 'feel' the pattern. Between the two of them I made it without hyperventilating.

Also, at one point I asked her for something to help the pain and she was firm, but encouraging and said, "Heather, that isn't what you said that you wanted." Later I thanked her b/c I just was wimping out with the pain.

So, it came QUICKLY and it was probably one of the harder things things I've done in a while, but OH WHAT A BLESSING!
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Great Story! Congratulations Heather and Welcome Kenny!

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I'm so happy for you Heather! What a great birth story too. Glad you are home and hope you rest well and have the happiest of holidays.

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That's wondeful Heather! I have goosebumps!

Welcome Kenny! I can't wait to see pictures!
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Oh, Heather!! Thanks for sharing your birth story! Congratulations and Welcome baby Kenny!
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welcome, kenny!

thank you so much for sharing, heather! wonderful story, so glad you are both well. enjoy that babymoon and rest rest rest!

blessings to the whole family.

love, mamabutterfly
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Oh, how beautiful!

Your dh sounds absolutely wonderful.

I am so proud of you. Way to go you super birthin' mama!

Can't wait to see some pics,
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Wow!! Congratulations, Heather and welcome Kenny!! What a great birth story - thank you so much for sharing
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Wow!! That's such a great story! Thanks so much for getting on so soon and sharing it, Heather!!
I'm so thrilled that it went so well. Sorry it had to be back labor, though! But I gather he turned before he came out?
Amazing how these third babies can start with such inconsistent contractions and change so fast, huh?
I can't wait to see a picture of him all wrapped up in his Sugar Peas!
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What a beautiful birth story! Thanks for sharing it!

Can't wait to see pics of Kenny!
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Heather, that is so cool!!!
And my Emma was born Dec 21 (1994) and weighed 8 lb 6 oz and was 21"!!! (or it might have been 22", I'm not sure, but anyway).
Awesome Heather!!! So happy he's here!
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What wonderful news!!

Welcome to the world, Kenny!

Thank you, Heather for sharing your birth story-- I'm so happy for you and your family!

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Well, that story totally blew this week's decision not to add any more wee ones to our family.

Enjoy your new, larger family!
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Congratulations and thanks for sharing your wonderful birth story!
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YEAY! Congrats Heather!!

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Allright Heather!!! Thanks for posting that great birth story! I am so happy everything went well and I know how great you must feel now holding that sweet boy in your arms!!! Congratulations
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Re: Kenny's Birth Story

Originally posted by hlsanders
I decided I'd grab a bath. Jeff ran the water and I sat on the toilet to deal with contractions. THAT DID NOT WORK - I think that was the point I realized I was going to have back labor for the THIRD TIME . . . uggh!
Hugs to Mama
Welcome Kenny!
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I remember them telling me to put clothes on when I was in advanced labor with my first and how I thought that was the most ridculous idea I had ever heard of. I would have gone naked if they would have let me, they did manage to get me dressed enough to be decent but they did not get much help from me.

Enjoy your BabyMoon!
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wow Heather, that was an inspiring birth story. It really shows how doing the majority of our labor at home makes for a quick delivery at the hospital! It sounds like you did awesome!! Can't wait to see pics and find out how your newborn stash is going. You didn't mention it, so I guess breastfeeding is going well? Ihope it is. Blessings to you and your family!

heather and parker 2-28-02

ps. you had us on pins and needles waiting for something!!! It was so exciting and gave quite a few of us the 'baby bug'
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