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Cloth diapers

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Anyone else smelling diapers EVERYWHERE? I cd ds and I feel like my whole house smells like a diaper pail. I never smelled them before and dh says he doesn't smell them. What can I do? I had a diaper champ and the cds don't fit in there. I know it is my pregnant nose, but I can't take it. This must be the torment dogs live with daily. :LOL
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You could try using a scented garbage bag in your diaper pail as a pail liner. Then you could have perfumed poop.
I haven't been too bad with smelling diapers. Luckily, DS is mostly potty trained. What gets me lately is the garbage can.
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I now wash daily or more because of this. I'll stick diapers in with the other kids clothes if it's just a couple pee diapers. Anything! Anything to keep from smelling it! :LOL
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DS is mostly potty trained, but yesterday he had a BM accident and I almost fainted when I smelled it. I had to call DH to change him b/c I just couldn't handle it.

It's funny, I didn't have m/s with #1, and have only felt slightly quesy on occaision with this one. But, that BM, man...it really hit me!!
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I am not in your due date club...........but smells are horrible for me when I am expecting. Just wanted to give you a hug
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We use the bucket that our kitty litter came in- Tidy Cats brand. The top is hinged and snaps on very tightly. It really does the trick for me. We were in the car with it this weekend for 6 hours, and no problem.

For the lovely scent that comes out when we open it, I put a cloth wipe with some tea tree on it. I clean it with a vinegar solution. We also scrape/dump hard poops off before putting dipes in the pail, and we (what am i saying 'we' for!?!?) *I* wash the dipes every 3rd day or so.

I love my bucket. So does ella, who pushes it all around the house and can't get it open!
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