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About OPKs

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Well, I will sign up for the January 2ww, as I am cd1 today, . Oh well, not my month. An October baby would be just fine!!

For those of you who use them, are OPK's very helpful? I can't seem to chart reliably because I work afternoons and often sleep until different times. I was thinking of an OPK as well as the chart, for confirmation. Any recommendations?

ttc#2 cd1
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OPK's seem to work really well for me. They seem to be pretty accurate. I use the Clear Plan ones in the pink box. Good luck!
(I still haven't managed to get pg though....so they may not work at all:LOL)
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opks work great for me. I got pg before using them.
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I chart and have a nursing toddler and broken sleep, so I tried the OPK this cycle and it seemed to work. I liked having the extra info, and it looks like I might actually O one day later than I thought going by FAM, which means my timing could be better using OPKs. I think it's worth a try to see if you learn anything about your cycle.
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Thank you very much for your input, I think I will give it a try this month!

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